Monday, August 17, 2015

The Simply Sofas Guide to Buying Dining Tables

Ronald Reagan once said that all great change begins at the dinner table. While that’s as may be, it’s unarguable that a good dining table can make the difference between being absorbed in conversation, and wondering when you can move some place more comfortable. Choosing one that ticks all the boxes, however, can be a challenge - you want something that is functional, stylish, durable, stable, well-suited to your decor, seats the right number of people…
This guide will help you filter the choices to arrive at the table that’s right for your needs.
The first thing to determine is the largest table you can comfortably fit in the space you’d like to place your dining table. This is to establish a set of “do-not-exceed” dimensions - anything smaller is never an issue.
The best way to do this is to leave about 44 to 48 inches of space from the walls of your dining area, on all sides. This is required to allow people unhindered freedom of movement around the table. If there is other furniture or a door in the dining space, then this clearance should be maintained from the furniture or the open door. If you’re considering an extendable table like that of Odyssey by Calligaris or Tokyo by Tonin Casa, then you should ideally maintain the clearance from the fully extended configuration.
For tables much smaller than the area of your dining space, you can use 36 inches as a minimum width - this typically allows enough room for place settings and food. Of course, as table length increases, so does width, proportionally. A good rule of thumb is that each person needs at least 2 feet of space to sit comfortably without bumping elbows.
If you anticipate having to squeeze in an extra chair at the table fairly often, then consider a model with a pedestal base. These ensure that table legs don’t obstruct the chairs, but some base designs can restrict legroom, so it’s good to strike the right balance.

Once you have a size in mind, the next most important factor to consider is shape. Generally, rectangular tables are most efficient at seating more people, while square and circular tables work best for more intimate settings. Also, consider the shape of your dining space: rectangular tables are the most practical for long, narrow rooms. Alf’s Garda and Tonin Casa’s Wave are ideal rectangular tables that accommodate more people.
For round and square shapes, the wider the table, the harder it is to reach across the table or pass things around. On the plus side, round shapes do take up less space, and can also help visually in a space with straight lines and edges like that of Tondoby Koinor which is apt for such necessities. For circular tables wider than 5 feet in diameter, a lazy Susan feature can make it easier to keep things accessible to everyone.
If you like the modern appeal of a square shape, but also want something that seats lots of people when required, consider a square table that is extendable. Extension leaves enable a square table to transform into a larger rectangular one. Omnia byCalligaris features a square glass top and wooden frame that extends with an opening mechanism. Oval shapes can offer the best of both worlds - the visual appeal of sleek curves, and the convenience of long tables. (Some oval tables also offer extension features.)
1. Rectangular Table 2. Round Table 3. Square Table 4. Oval Shaped Table

Material & Finish
Clear on shape and size? The next thing to decide on is material and finish. Your choice of material impacts not just the aesthetics of your dining space, but also carries many implications for ease of use and practicality.
Solid wood is of course, a timeless classic, and when crafted well, a solid wood table is exceptionally enduring. Prince by Calliagris is a rectangular table that can accommodate up to 8 people and is entirely made of wood. Materials such as metal and glass have a distinctly contemporary feel, while stone tables can vary widely in style depending on the finish.
When choosing a type of finish, keep in mind your tolerance for wear. High-gloss sheens and dark surfaces are the most stylish, but tend to show scratches easier than, say, distressed finishes in light colours. Clear glass and chromed metal tend to show fingerprints, while frosted and brushed finishes hide them.
The table below to compare characteristics across materials and finishes.
Testing Your Table
Before you buy a dining table, it’s important that you actually try it out. Sit at the table, and check for comfort and stability. Make sure it’s the right height for you. If you’re choosing chairs separately, table height is a factor to account for. (We’ll post another guide on chairs, soon!) but isn't too big for passing dishes comfortably. Leaning on the table at different spots - especially the corners and sides far from the center in rectangular tables - helps to check that it is stable.
With those few tests done, you’re all set to acquire your stylish new dining table. If you have any other questions, do let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The Simply Sofas Sale (or, an excuse for you to get the World’s Best)

Furniture that offers a lifetime of comfort is always a worthwhile investment. For the love of fine furniture, for the love of design, and for the love of our customers, we have announced the first ever SimplySofas Sale. With 30% off on our entire range of furniture, exceptional craftsmanship meets exceptional value.
In case you haven’t already heard, here are 10 reasons why you should visit a Simply Sofas showroom and check out the sale:
  • Most renowned European brands from German, Italy, Norwegian and Spain
  • Our collection ranges from sofas, dining and recliners, home theatre seating, study or office chairs, cabinets, side tables, centre tables, coffee tables, carpets, accents, crystal ware, mattress, massage recliners, foot massagers, massage chairs, back massages and more
  • Products with highly experienced craftsmanship of more than 60 years
  • Cutting-edge technology that changes form and size at the touch of a button
  • Comfortable and durable furniture that stands the test of time
  • Fine European leather and fabric that goes through 400 quality checks and over 30,000 cycles of testing
  • Over 2,000 shades of leather and over 400 colours of fabric to choose from 
  • Innovative features such as recliners designed to give you zero gravity comfort, dining tables that extend with a simple mechanism, and spine-friendly ergonomics developed through years of research
  • A range that includes 2, 3, 4 and 5 seater sofas; sectional sofas with L-shape, U-shape or J-shape that suit any space; and motion sofas that can be adjusted according to your posture. With design and functionality from turning a sofa to a bed to the alignment with your body movements to offer uber levels of comfort
  • Our newly launched brand Fama – the ultimate specialist in fabric upholstered furniture - offers the option of custom-printed upholstery, which allows you to choose any designs you like to be printed on your furniture.
And of course, as we always say to all our customers, pictures don’t tell the full story - the only way to experience furniture is to try it out in person. So drop in, test drive models across our massive range, and get acquainted with your favourites.