Tuesday, February 11, 2020

10 Love Seats Any Couple Will Enjoy

When couples are at home, they apparently enjoy doing a lot of things together, for instance- watching a movie, reading a book, browsing through their phones or working on their laptop or even enjoying a nightcap or two. Well, you'll be surprised, we have sofas that go with your every mood. Whether you're in a mood to sleep, relax or read, there's a sofa you will very much relate to. Time to browse through the list:

First let's explore the most versatile sofas ever from our collection. Wondering why? Because you can arrange them at will and configure to match your needs.

1. Mood: What are you in a mood for? The Mood sofa by NicolettiHome. This versatile sofa is designed to meet your changing needs throughout the day - from a sofa to a chaise longue to a bed. The best part is that you can get this sofa in the colour you like from our wide range of fabrics. The movable backrest gives you the lumbar support you need for longer sitting.

2. Bubble: Just like the Mood sofa, Bubble too has the same functions except that it comes in a dual colour look. The seating height is lower compared to the Mood. The cushion is the middle acts as an armrest as well as a throw pillow. The backrest cushions can be adjusted to one's comfort level. Available in a wide choice of colours and upholsteries. 

3. Lazzy: Another versatile design from the brand Koinor conceived by Stefan Heiliger. This sofa features cushions with integrated rotary fittings that allow them to be bent or turned and placed in the position you need them in. The cushions can be kept together or apart for personalised comfort.

4. Maxx: You can configure Maxx the way you want depending on what you want to achieve. From a sofa, one can arrange it to a chaise longue, a bed or even seating for a movie night along with cup holders on the sides. The two pieces are independent allowing one to move and arrange into a desirable configuration. Innumerable ideas for couple who like versatile seating. Maxx is all about creativity and comfort harmonised in every composition. From the brand W.Schillig

Maxx by W.Schillig 

The next batch are sofas that couples will love to unwind on or enjoy a movie with a tub of popcorn.

5. Brio: This sofa gives the ultimate relaxing experience with its reclining feature supported by sensor buttons. Not only does it usher unparalleled comfort, whether you want to watch a movie, relax or converse, this is the apt piece for your living room.

Brio by Natuzzi

6. Moonrise XL: Looks dainty at first sight, but is spacious for a couple who like to enjoy their relaxing moments together. The reclining system works with a remote control and can be stopped in different positions. It reclines to the sleeping position as well. It has two independent adjustable headrests. This recliner leaves one puzzled with whether it is a small sofa or a big chair.

Moonrise XL - Made in Spain by Fama

Here are sofas for couples who enjoy being together as well as like their individual or private space.

7. Edit Free Motion: Designed by Tamara Harty for Koinor. This sofa offers two highly functional individual seats. Both rotate, move laterally, and come with adjustable headrest and automatically adjusting back and footrest. While one person is watching is watching TV, the other can move sideways and indulge in one's own personal time. Light, floating, and seemingly weightless, this sofa goes well in wide settings.

Award-winning design from Koinor

Sofas that are basically known as Loveseats and allow the couples to unwind however they choose to.

8. Helsinki: The two of you can cuddle and enjoy Helsinki's classical style and straight design lines that make it a timeless model, with generous proportions that are well complemented by its generous comfort.

Helsinki by Fama

9.  MyApple: A loveseat for the couple who likes to be in each other's company. Inspired from the classical loveseat but designed for modern living settings. With the versatility of a chaise longue and the comfort of a personal armchair, it's in a league of its own.

MyApple by Fama

10. MySoul: An amazing double chaise longue with a gentle rocking motion, MySoul is the perfect spot for a restful snooze or a time well spent with the soulmate.

MySoul by Fama

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Wednesday, February 05, 2020

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