Friday, May 24, 2019

Workplace 4.0 at Milan Design Week 2019

Workspaces have evolved. They are more flexible, more permeable, and more dynamic, vouching for interaction more than ever now. The Workplace 4.0 exhibit at Milan Design Week 2019 showcased just that; how workplaces are reorienting themselves to the well-being and the privacy of people, even amidst open plans and shared spaces. Versatility and modularity take over as comfort gets more personalized. Office becomes as much a space for self development as for work. Personal well-being is not really a secondary goal anymore as reset places engage community and strive to beat down stress and the subsequent loss of productivity. Workspaces evolve as more collaborative and inclusive places of learning.

Here are a few trends that we came across at Salone 2019 that are redefining the modern workspace!

1. A slice of privacy in a shared space.

Acoustic partition panels. Acoustic chairs. Acoustic lounges. Acoustic tabletops. Technology changes the norm as filtering out all that noise becomes possible, in the literal sense of the word. Sound-absorbing fabrics reign, from discussion rooms to workstations to everything in between. To zone out for tuning in. Into better productivity at work.

Manerba celebrates 50 Years of Evolving Office with the Stem designed by Philippe Nigro, that is a sort of micro-architecture for interiors, that is reflected in a wide range of design solutions like bookcases, wardrobes, partitions, lounges, and acoustic separators.

2. Sustainable elements enter the workspace as curtains prevail over glass.

3. Pastels mark a very strong presence across various elements of a workspace. Arper unveils chairs in a wide range of soft pastels to deck up interiors in a fresh, calming feel. Pastels like millenial pink, burly wood, rose brown, and nude blush. Fading hues of peach, apricot, salmon, and cantaloupe. Very soft crepe, latte, and sepia tones.

Pastels in different shades paired with each other. Or paired with neutrals like grey, ivory, taupe, beige, black and shades of white.

Patsels on chairs, juxtaposed against a table in white, to exude unbelievable softness. Or contrasted with deeper, bolder tones to bring back that striking retro charm of the 50s and 60s. Pastels on the lights, on the drawers, on the partition panels, and on the cabinets to lend an effortless sophistication. And an irresistible appeal.

4. Ceramic tabletops with marble prints take precedent over the glass ones.

5. Flexibility remains the underlying trend across workstations and conference rooms as height adjustable tables and chairs with slimmer lighting elements become a norm.

6. Fixtures and accessories declutter the tabletop to enhance focus and increase productivity at work.

7. Along with chairs, even the storage gets wheels to align with the fast moving pace at work.

8. Lights get fancier. While lighting gets more sensitive, soothing, and amicable for the environment at work.

9. Fixed swivel chairs become a hot trend.

10. Two-tone chairs redefine elegance at work.

Unifor unveils a multimedia installation curated by Ron Gilad at palazzo di brera. Comprising of a giant book that aims to represent knowledge, the striking piece interacts with the surrounding as the bronze statue of Napoleon appears to be reading the open pages. Where Unifor’s 50 year history is proudly illustrated. The idea is to link Unifor’s industrial culture with the educational values of one of italy’s oldest schools, the accademia di belle arti di brera.

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Straight from Milan Design Week 2019.
April 9 to 14.