Thursday, February 28, 2019

Last Few Days - The Great Sofa Sale

Here's your last chance to own the sofa of your dreams. The Great Sofa Sale. Up to 35% OFF for last few days. The offer is valid on living, dining, bedroom and home theatre seating.

Our collection comprises of some of Europe’s best furniture brands - from Italy, Germany, Spain, Norway and The Netherlands. Some of our designs are winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Interior Innovation Award, Good Industrial Design, Design Prize Switzerland and Chicago Athenaeum Award. The collection is marked by original work from some of the world’s finest furniture designers and architects. Crafted by some of the most innovative designers from brands where cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship came together to deliver products that are comfortable, functionally flawless and are built to last the rigours of daily life for years to come. All the products are put through the most stringent tests that exist in the industry - over 400 quality checks and 30,000 cycles of impact testing for sofas. Utmost care is taken in choosing the best quality leather/fabrics that complies with the most demanding international standards.

Our range varies from Coordinated Living Rooms, Dining Room Ensembles, Harmonious Bedrooms to Personal Recliners. We provide customisation option with over 425 shades of genuine European leather and over 325 shades of fabrics in flat woven, velour and microfibre to meet all your special requirements. Designed and crafted by some of the best European designers like Roberto Paoli and Alessandro Busana whose works have been responsible for innovations that have redefined furniture industry, time and again.

You can customise your product according to your special need. It is our constant endeavour to help you choose your perfect design that suits your personal style from the vast collection available. All our products come with a warranty and we take utmost care for your scheduled delivery. We make sure that each of our customers’ expectations are met.

So, don't miss the chance of getting the world’s best from Europe at 35% off. Visit a Simply Sofas store near you today. Offer valid for last few days.