Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Materials Trending at the Maison&Objet 2016

Maison&Objet, the renowned French trade fair and among the world’s three most important interior design events, recently concluded its first edition of this year’s bi-annual tradeshow. As a benchmark for global industries, the fair offers a multifaceted glimpse into excellence and innovation in the world of luxury, design and interior decoration.

The highlights of this year’s Maison& Objet include innovative surface treatments and finishes, with materials poised to be one of the most exciting areas for 2016.

The fair showcased a wide range of cutting edge materials for the first time, which is a twist in trends seen in previous years. Even tastemakers were astounded by the surprising materials that made this year’s fair distinct from the rest. Designers no longer adhered to the conventional means of using materials that were already available. In fact, they took a different approach and produced their own raw materials. Naturally, new looks and applications were key components of the fair.

Here’s a quick re-cap of everything you should know:

Jonas Edvard’s Gesso project. Edvardunveileda collection of side tables and lamps made from limestone. With his basis in practicing design and material exploration, he previously pioneered the production of chairs made from a mixture of Danish seaweed and recycled paper, as well as lamps made from plant fibres and mushroom mycelium, a particularly useful form of fungus. This year for Maison&Objet, he unveiled a composite of limestone powder mixed with an Eco binder, and obtained a biodegradable material that he calls "synthetic, recyclable stone," which is hard enough to make any type of furniture, in any given colour. He has molded it and used it in smoothly-polished side tables to show the diversity of its texture. His main aim here was to minimize ecological footprint and take sustainable measures with these unorthodox materials.

Bonaldo Medly (left) and Bonaldo Greeny (right)
Heard of wealth out of waste? “Newspaperwood” is similar. This material is prepared by gluing newspapers together and then cutting them to reveal lines that are similar to a wood grain or the rings of a tree, resembling the aesthetic of real wood. The newspaper log can be cut, milled and sanded into boards just as any type of wood. As the grey of the paper mixes with the colours of the prints, the surface takes on a soft pastel tone, and the thin layers evoke the texture of wood grain. Dutch design studio Vij5, along with Dutch designer Mieke Meijer developed this idea and presented this wood-like material made from recycled newspapers in its tabloid desks and tables.

Another material trend made its presence evident in a collection of screens, tables and planters woven with strips of chestnut bark launched by a French company. The feel and look of this material is visually graphic but also textured.

Vintage, stonewashed stainless steel showcased the interests of Japanese exhibitors Tsubamesanjo as they presented it in their range of tablewares. Other brands also launched collections with the same vintage finish, making this an emerging trend that may last for some time to come.
Other materials that were a highlight in the interior realm include the iridescent finishes with mysterious and light-reflecting qualities, seen in a range of decorative vessels.

Tokyo by Tonin Casa (top) and Canova by Alf Italia (bottom)
When it comes to tables, a range of marble tops made a striking appearance at the fair bringing a distinctive, contemporary aesthetic to the timeless material. Handcrafted techniques were used to combine selected marbles in a striking and graphic pattern. Bases are powder coated in colours from the palette and combined with precision machined brass feet, hand brushed and finished by craftsmen.

Maison&Objet has clearly offered the trends in material and the unearthing of new products. A platform where multi-multicultural crossroads met and showcased their excellence and innovation in contemporary living that will soon appear in the homes of France and around the world.

Friday, February 12, 2016

10 Ways for a Couple to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, which means florists will be swamped, card stores jammed, movie theatres houseful, shopping malls crowded and restaurants overbooked. Take a road less travelled, a different approach. Make your partner feel loved by decorating your space with quirky accessories or upgrading to new furniture. These additions can make your home the most romantic place to be on a Valentine’s Day.

1. The cosy Loveseat: They say three is a crowd, that’s when a loveseat came into vogue, just for the two. An ideal spot for you to cuddle with your partner and watch a flick or two, or have breakfast together. Our loveseat collection includes Fama MyApple, Fama Helsinki, Fama MySoul, NicolettiHome Mood and more.

A loveseat for just the two

2. The fun Throw Pillows: You can add throw pillows on your sofa or carpets as they make your space look cosier. Pillows are not only meant to be lying around on your furniture but can be put to use in various ways like for instance cuddling the pillow while having a conversation or making conversations more fun with a pillow fight. Sounds romantic eh?

Romantic pillow fight with your partner

3. The cinematic Home Theatre Recliners: Why fret about not getting a movie ticket when you can enjoy your favourite movie or a movie you’ve longed to watch on your wide screen. Enjoy a romantic movie and get the cinematic experience at your home. A cup holder, remote holder, popcorn holder and reclining technology make the recliners functional as well as ergonomic. are bonuses along with these home theatre seaters. Explore our Stressless and Becker Home Theatre recliner collection here.

Romantic movie on your Home Theatre

4. The relaxing Massage Chairs: You may think that giving a massage to your partner is a great idea especially on a Valentine’s Day. But the effect might not be the same as that of a masseur or you may feel tired doing it yourself. Massage recliner is a better option for both of you as you will get individual attention without any time constraint and the touch of a masseur. OSIM massage recliners have an intelligent and precise massage system based on the human body contours, combined with a strategically-positioned system of airbags, kneading discs and automatic body detection. Moreover, an effective full-body massage helps you relax well, sleep well, recharge well, harmonise well, and massage well. Explore our OSIM massage recliner collection here.

Robot Massage for the two of you

5. The swanky Mattress: Why have beds decorated only for occasions like weddings and honeymoon? Valentine’s Day is also a great opportunity too. Make your partner feel pampered and loved by decorating your bed with pillows, cushions and rose petals and your imagination. And of course, you need a stable mattress that gives you both uninterrupted sleep. Modern mattresses like the renowned Simmons have developed a Pocketed Coil® technology, Beautyrest® Dream Marvel that is truly a dream for that good night's rest. The Do-Not Disturb® benefit minimizes the motion transfer between two sleeping partners as the coils are individually wrapped, thus delivering a higher level of uninterrupted sleep. Take a peek into our mattress collection.

A mattress for a sound sleep

6. There’s something Outdoor: There’s nothing more romantic than sitting together for a tea, listening to the sounds of the city, the nature, feeling the cool breeze, trees and talking about how the other defines. Calligaris has a wide range of chairs and tables suitable for outdoors. To know more about our collection click here.

Outdoors is always romantic

7. Dinner by Candlelight: These never go out of fashion. Candlelight dinner makes your evenings even more special and romantic. It brightens your mood and stirs up an endless conversation reminiscent of your old memories together. These candle lights provide a classic retro look. Besides we have an extensive range of dining tables and chairs that compliment whichever setting you desire. Think of a Calligaris Cathedral candlestick sitting on a Tonin Casa Colosseo dining table. A perfect setting for a romantic date-like dinner. Explore our dining collection here.

A candle lit dinner you always wanted

8. Glassware, Trays, Bottlerack: Special occasion calls for a drink. Glassware is handy when you want to have a drink together. Whether it’s a wine or champagne, Mario Cioni has a wide collection of glasswares, for example Mozart glass wine comes in different shapes of stemware with a stone engraving.  To rest your bottles and glasses, or preventing accidents, we have trays that will fit a bottle and two glasses perfect for the couple. Calligaris Damian is one such piece. Calligaris Arsenal Bottleracks is another space saving accessory. Store all your rare collection of favourite wines and drinks in it. Easy storage and easy for you to pick whenever you wish to have a drink or two together. Check out our accessories.

Special occasion calls for a drink

9. Lamps and centrepieces. Lamps can be used to give a filter to your living space or bedrooms, making it look appealing and cosy. Lighting affects your mood and state of mind. The more it is diffused, the more of inviting and comfortable your room looks. For instance, Bonaldo XXLight, Bonaldo Muffin Lamp, Calligaris Pom Pom lamp adds aesthetic to your space and makes it look appealing. While centrepieces make your living space look special, adding petals or other elements to the centrepiece makes them steal the show. They play a role in making the space look inviting and homely. Centrepiece collection includes Calligaris - Glenn, Lorraine, Margo, Donut and more.

Lamps and centrepieces adds romantic touch to your space

10. Accessories and gifts: Some of the side elements that could be used as a gift or to add personality to your space are Calligaris Quant photo frame, Calligaris Silver mat for dining table, Mario Cioni Spa Origami which you can use to put your spa solutions, Calligaris Elliot, Utility, Connor storage basket to keep magazines or coffee table books and vases to adorn your space with a fresh look.

Gift your partner with any of these
These are gifts that won’t just make your partner feel special but also last across the years and create memories.