Thursday, December 29, 2016

10 lamps to brighten your New Year

Enter 2017 with a fresh take on light. Give your home a big makeover with small changes that highlight what you love most about your home. Here are 10 iconic lamps that will set the tone for the new year at home.

The Ageo E Filo from Tonin Casa is a contemporary lamp that diffuses a soft light and is particularly suitable for lighting up the living room of your home. It  is available in chrome with a red cable and cotonette lamp shade. Also available in hanging or freestanding versions.

The Ovo from Tonin Casa is a hanging lamp, created by the combination of Murano glass bowl, chrome and silk. Perfect for the living room and the dining room. Available in two different versions.

The Oriani from Tonin Casa embodies an essential and modern design that allows to furnish any room at home. Available in 2 or 3-light bulb versions.

The Santena from Tonin Casa is a suspension lamp adorned with appliqué crystals and topped with a chrome finish. Available as in shapes of oval or round in hanging or table lamp versions.

The Muffin lamp by Bonaldo Muffin lamp is inspired by the simple geometric shape of the famous American cake mould. The lampshade features a beguiling drapery effect that generates a bemusing game of shadows, giving the light more depth. It is available in matte white.

The XXLight by Bonaldo is an iconic lamp consisting of a white polyethylene stem and a white polycarbonate lampshade. Owing to the light source fitted, XXLight lights its surroundings and diffuses light delicately upwards.

The Pom Pom by Calligaris is a extraordinary table lamp with metal frame and white acid-etched blown glass shade. It is inspired by the botanical study of a number of exotic plant species. Available in suspension and floor versions.

The Baku by Calligaris is a table or nightstand lamp with its frame and shade made from sheet metal. Inspired by the ‘60s, Baku is a compact lamp with sinuous lines. Available in several different colours, it casts a direct, muted light.

The Allure by Calligaris is a conical-shaped table lamp with a fabric shade and metal frame.
The fabric shade diffuses a soft mood light. Compact and versatile in its use, the Allure lamp integrates easily into the living and bedroom areas. Also available in a floor version.

The Andromeda by Calligaris is a table lamp with a fabric shade on a matte finished metal base.
The fabric shade uses a combination of cotton on the outside and PVC on the inside. The design of the shade creates harmonious effects of shadow and light. Available in various colours.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

15 Cosy Sofas that go well with the Festive Theme

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you’re all set for the jolly holly Christmas. You’ve decked your home with boughs of holly, Christmas tree, crib, decorations and miniature lights. While you do all that, you’ve probably turned your home into a cosy haven to warm up in this cold winter, it’s quite obvious that you’ll spend most of your winter on: the sofa. We’ve picked 16 sofas that go well with the Christmas theme or for that matter any festive theme so you can arrange them to suit your décor needs. 

1. MyApple loveseat by Fama calls for an uninterrupted snuggling time. It has curved contours and soft fabric upholstery that makes you want to linger longer. With the versatility of a chaise longue and the comfort of a personal armchair, it's in a league of its own.
What to do: Deck this loveseat with pillows and settle with your thick warm blanket.

2. Puzzle is a playful sofa by NicolettiHome which can be re-arranged in many ways to suit your needs. With the aid of rotating adjustable backrests and removable armrests adapt the sofa to your comfort level and enjoy being enveloped with cosy elements.
What to do: With Puzzle there are endless possibilities for re-arranging to match your comfort. From two-seater to three and the configurations are never-ending. 

3. The inviting Francis sofa by Koinor is a three seater with a chaise lounge. It features adjustable armrests, backrests, and headrests to help you experience exceptional seating and lounging comfort. 
What to do: It’s snug time on this sofa with your blanket and unwinding in your favourite position. The adjustable armrests, backrests, and headrests should ease you into any position you love to relax.

4. Arianne Love sofa by Fama is soft, cushy and makes you fall in love with it. It’s possibly the most versatile sofa ever made and lives up to its name with its inviting design and endlessly extendable modules. When it comes to colourful comfort, you'll be hard-pressed to beat this sectional.
What to do: The seats are spacious and robust. You can gather your blanket and relax peacefully or even perhaps go into hibernation. 

5. Herman sofa designed by Studio Memo for Natuzzi is named after the author of Moby Dick, Herman Melville. This is a modular sofa that combines harmony, design, and craftsmanship. It features a fin-shaped metal exterior that envelops the backrest and the seat.
What to do: You can stretch yourself on the chaise lounge and watch TV or you can warm up in the high armrest corner of the sofa.  

6. If it’s something unusual, it’s a MyClub sofa by Fama. With an unusual configuration it allows you to recline in more than one way. It has a secret inbuilt sound system with Bluetooth that allows you to relax and enjoy peacefully. 
What to do: The MyClub sofa is as distinct as you. You can sit, sleep or lie in a comfortable posture and enjoy how the sofa envelopes you when you sit back. While you’re relaxing, you can also listen to the sweet melodies with its Bluetooth enabled music system.

7. The welcoming Gynko sofa by Leolux is clearly endowed with soft, round forms, lovely details, and clever dimensions. The function of the seamlessly adjustable arms allows you to fold them completely up and lean comfortably against them or fold them right down for a tidy look.
What to do: Gynko offers countless distinctive possibilities with its distinct shape. You can choose to sit between the chaise lounge side of the sofa and the normal armrest corner.

8. Koinor’s Patch sofa has a cosy look to it and comes with extra cushions to deliver exceptional ergonomic support. This high backrest sofa ushers lumbar support.  
What to do: Indulge in binge relaxing on this sofa and choose between sectional and two seater options. 

9. The fabric Bora Balanza sofa by the iconic brand Leolux has a slender frame, elegant aluminium legs and contemporary dimensions for unrivalled comfort. This sofa is inspired from the successful Bora series of the 1980s and is adapted to meet the expectations of today.
What to do: Sit in a snug corner of the sofa, with a pile of cushions and relish the truly comfort experience this sofa offers.

10. Pacific modular sofa by Fama has six different independent units that can be assembled into a variety of combinations for your comfort. 
What to do: This sofa is available in curved modules with extra cushions so you can enjoy the cosiness this sofa has to offer. You add more throw pillows and make it look tranquil. 

11. NicolettiHome’s Mood is a fabric sofa designed to meet your changing needs through the day - from sofa to chaise longue to sofa-bed. The backrest cushion adds elegance to the look of this sofa. 
What to do: This soft cushy sofa can be arranged in many ways and the only limit is your imagination. The removable backrest cushion can be used on the floor so you can sit on your carpet and relax. 

12. MySoul sofa by Fama has a double chaise lounge with a gentle rocking motion so you can lay back and have a beautiful time. 
What to do: You can cuddle under your blanket and relax on MySoul and watch TV or even snooze.

13. Easy sofa by Koinor has a velvet touch to it with cross stitching that accentuates the contours of the arm and backrest. Both the ends have loose cushions and comes with a variable head support. 
What to do: You can surround yourself with more lush pillows and enjoying the reclining feature Easy has to offer. 

14. Fama’s Josephine sofa has curved contour, scattered cushions that make it extra cosy, and soft padded backrest. 
What to do: Josephine adds youthful appeal to any space.  The soft fabric upholstery is so inviting, you can add more throw pillows and make it extra comfortable. 

15. Koinor’s Rosa fabric sofa makes an impression with its clear design, adjustable armrests and extra-large cushions.
What to do: Rosa envelopes you with comfort so you can snuggle during the cold nights. 

While your decking your home for Christmas, may your days be merry and bright and the New Year 2017 delight. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

10 ways to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Celebrate the season of joy and happiness by filling your rooms with the magical touch of fine detail. Transform your interiors with these 10 ideas to make your home ready for Christmas.

It’s the best time of the year to get together and dine with family and friends. Bring elegance into your dining room with accents of cream, gold and silver.

Joy to the world. Bonaldo Doppler Sideboard. Bonaldo Tratto. Bonaldo Note.

Let the merry sounds of Christmas carols bring cheer to your home.  Create the perfect ambience to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Entertain spectacularly with uniquely designed sideboards that can house your home entertainment or a Christmas buffet.

Warm the cold winter air. Calligaris Lift. Calligaris Glenn.

Bring home the smells of Christmas with simmer pots and trays. Create the fragrance of the holiday season with a choice of potpourri, scents, fresh fruits and plum cake.

Blink a bright red and green. Bonaldo May. Calligaris Alvin. Calligaris Conner.

Green and red are the merriest colours of this season. Use the colours of Christmas with gloss and matt finishes that blend beautifully with the season, bringing your living space to life.

Frost and cheer. Mario Cioni Dondolo. Mario Cioni Nettare Divino. Mario Cioni Harry’s.

Nothing says festive like the clinking of glass. Raise a toast to the festive season with crystal glasses that are handcrafted in Italy. Decorate your home with frosty crystal centrepieces that invoke the wonder of winter.

Carols by candlelight. Calligaris Cathedral. Mario Cioni Candelalbero.

Spread warmth into your home this Christmas with the warm sounds of carols by the soft play of light. Candles are a classic way to bring home the festive spirit. Place candles around your home to spread warm tones of light and make your home cozy this winter.

Spread love and light. Calligaris Phoenix. Calligaris Andromeda. Calligaris Allure.

Set the tone for the festive season at home with beautiful lamps to adorn your living rooms and doorways. Bathe your interiors in their warm glow of ambient light this Christmas.

Walk in the winter wonderland. Hands Urbane. Hands Nouveau.

Stay warm this winter with hands beneath your feet. Exquisite carpets and rugs, hand-crafted with delightful detail. Choose from a wide range of colours and patterns to adorn your home.


Where heaven and nature sing. Calligaris Kork. Calligaris Tivoli. Bonaldo AX250.

Keep it simple by using elements of the natural world to decorate your home. An adorned Christmas tree, burlap, and cork trays will bring nature into your home.

The joy of giving. Tonin Casa Ross.

Celebrate the joy of giving with gifts wrapped in colourful paper. Stack them on a trolley or under the Christmas tree and come Christmas day unwrap them with your family.

Visit our accessories page to find the perfect accessory to adorn your home for Christmas.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

8 Interior Design Trends at Milan Now Seen in Our Bold New Collection

Every year the world’s most happening fair in the world of furniture – Milan Design Week highlights the latest in colour trends and materials. This year too a fusion of colours and new materials surfaced awakening the fervent designers and architects who are always on the lookout for the latest in the realm of furniture. If you wish to be attuned with the latest and new designs, Simply Sofas has the bold new Milan collection that displays new materials, trendsetting colours and pioneering design. The collection comprises of the most awaited designs and trends in the world.

Blue, which is the pantone colour of the year, creates the tranquil feeling. It flared up to be the dominating colour at the Milan Deign Week.  The shades from dark, royal tones to light ice blue were seen in accents, surfaces, upholstery. NicolettiHome Virgo, NicolettiHome Celine, Koinor Lazzy, Leoluxl Guadalupe, Bonaldo Hulahoop, Tonin Casa Michaelangelo all have a blue hue and are now available in our stores. You can mix blue with pink and neutral colours such as white to enhance the look of your space. The darker the blue the more it delivers a luxurious sentiment.

Yellow is the trending colour after blue at the design week and appeared in a lot of new different shades. It largely surfaced in upholstery and accessories. Koinor Houston, Calligaris Dafne, Bonaldo Owen Ego are some of the products in different shades of yellow. This colour can be used to exude a sense of happiness making your ambience look lively.

Warm grey was largely a new tone this year at Milan. This neutral tone goes along with only a few set of colours. This colour was seen in accessories and minimalist furniture and also on permanent surfaces such as floor and walls, and even upholstery and wood finishes. Shades of grey are seen in products such as NicolettiHome Puzzle, Koinor Francis, Leolux Ysolde, Calligaris Tivoli, Calligaris Sipario. Use grey to balance or tone down a bright coloured space.

Deep red was another colour seen at the fair which is derived from marsala in a parallel tone. It is an intense colour that could spice up your home into powerful sensation. Some of brands have deep red tones like Bonaldo Ketch, Koinor Jojo. Pastels and multi-tone colours were other colours appearing in most designs.

Here’s what you can do with these colours: Brights can be quite alarming and can put off those who’re used to a more neutral colour base, but they’re a huge trend and can look really effective. A top tip is to contrast bright feature pieces against neutral colour palettes and against natural textures. This is a trend that was noticeable in a variety of different designers’ works and something that you can incorporate into your home in as big or little capacity as you like. A statement bright yellow sofa like the Koinor Houston sofa looks great positioned against the warm tones like that of a walnut coffee table. You can introduce bright colours on a smaller scale by accessorising with bright lamps or vases.

Be it over-sized coffee tables or extendable dining table, the fair showcased wood as the major trending material. Oak, walnut, eucalyptus, and ebony finishes in high gloss, laminate and matte were prominent on dining and coffee tables. Using full-plank wooden topped tables with metal bases is a good idea. You can also use two tones of wood on flooring, doors, windows and panels. This trending material is now seen in our latest bold new collection of dining and coffee tables - Bonaldo AX 250, Bonaldo Frame, Alf Accademia, Tonin Casa Matrioska, Tonin Casa Rizoma.

Marble has moved to centre stage, adding a hint of glamour wherever it goes. It appeared with fluid patterns, throwing up to 3-4 tones, the range of colours being – whites, browns, peaches, blush pinks and inky black. It’s time to break the monotony and add flavor to your décor with marble. Calligaris Orbital, Tonin Casa Capri, Tonin Casa Firenzi, Bonaldo Hulahoop, and Bonaldo AX 250 have marble on table tops.

Metals will stay with us into next year. Metals in the warm grey tone, with a high-gloss or copper cast, are also popular in tables. With its growing usage it’s one thing you should look for in your latest furniture. Some of our new tables with metal base include Tonin Casa Matrioska, Bonaldo AX 250, Tonin Casa Capri, Calligaris Tivoli.

Heat and scratch-resistant Ceramic table tops were spotted in the fair too. It’s wise to get over with flimsy delicate tops and go on to a durable one like ceramic.

Duotone Motifs was another key feature noteworthy at Milan. It was seen from upholstery to cabinet fronts. Fama Urban, Tonin Casa Colosseo, Bonaldo Doppler are some of the new collection with these motifs. To match the duotone patterns in your décor have curtains or carpets with these elements. This will unify the look of your space instead of introducing an abrupt mismatch in your décor.

Compact living: Multi-functional furniture is getting popular because of the room size getting tighter or that the people want more. Most of these furniture come with an extra feature like extensible or camouflaged storage. Compact living has become a real focus of high end interior design. So if you’re short on space, it’s essential to know that space efficiency is a new trend that is important to designers who create timelessly stylish pieces. This is evident in the sleek design of the Fama Pop. Renowned for their clever thinking and affordable design, it has the perfect proportions for modern living and is extremely durable with its solid top in various finishes. Calligaris Tivoli, NicolettiHome Puzzle, Natuzzi Ido, Leolux Gaudalupe were other furniture with the functional aspects that make them more appealing than others.

Eventually, most of the trending colours and materials will stay with us till next year; it’s a great opportunity to imbibe them in your interiors and to bring back the charm.  Good luck on that.

View our Bold New Collection here.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Meet the Milan 2017 Collection

We are back from the world’s largest fair in Milan with a brand new collection of luxury furniture. Since 1961, the annual Milan Furniture Fair has showcased the latest in fine European furniture. Crafted by the world’s best furniture makers, the Milan collection sets the highest standards in design and comfort.

Featured here are some of the stars from Simply Sofas Milan 2017 collection:

Beginning in 1934 with its promise of “making sitting a pleasure,” Leolux is known for regularly winning prestigious international design awards.  The brand collaborates with international designers to create quirky, lavish and stylish furniture. This year’s collection was at its vibrant and colourful best.
Guadalupe sofa by Leolux
Guadalupe by Christian Werner for Leolux  is the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2016. It is available with add-on elements, in different colours and upholstery choices.

Parabolica upholstered chair by Leolux
Parabolica by Leolux, in an exclusive edition by artist Coen Blanwaard.

NicolettiHome is an important player in the minimalist sofa movement from Italy. With design at the heart of its ethos, the brand is all about ratios, proportions and straight lines. This year its collection evolved further, with a focus on “comfort design” and the use of “collaborative colours.”
Virgo sofa
Virgo by NicolettiHome. With adjustable headrests on tapered chrome legs.

Since the last 60 years Koinor, an award-winning German sofa-maker, has pushed the boundaries in furniture design to new heights. At Milan this year, the brand showcased furniture that challenged common notions with better technology, design, and ergonomics.
Fellini two-seater sofa
Fellini from Koinor is supported by a metal frame with adjustable headrests and armrests.

From the last 93 years, Calligaris has defined what the world sees as Italian furniture design. One of the largest and most progressive Italian furniture brand today, Calligaris always makes a strong presence at Milan. This year the brand combines modern elements with tradition, creating a warm, comforting and natural style.
Palm bar stool
Palm from Calligaris is available in a range of Skuba leather colours, with legs in solid wood or lacquered finishes, in two different sizes.
Volo dining table with glass base
Volo by Calligaris is available with Natural Oak, Dark Oak or Walnut table tops, supported on a transparent “S” shaped glass base. Available in two sizes.

With its exclusive design team, Tonin Casa’s contribution to Italian furniture has always been significant. This year the brand made use of wood, marble, glass, metal, and composites in synchronised harmony, aiming for elegance and functional simplicity.
Firenze dining table with spiral base
Firenze from Tonin Casa features a perfect helix base and a grey porcelain onyx-on-glass top, with the Sorrento creased leather upholstered chair.
Colosseo dining table

Colosseo from Tonin Casa. Patterns on the sideboard are etched using a special laser tool.

The Bold New 2017 Milan Collection is now exclusively available at a Simply Sofas stores near you. Visit to get a glimpse of our new collection. Visit our stores at to test-drive the new collection.