Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Furniture inspired by Art. Now in India.

In the medieval ages, paintings were often used as a means of communicating religious sentiments or dogma. But over the centuries, this form of art has come to be a reflection of people’s lives. Furniture too has its roots in art. In fact, the contemporary furniture designs of today are evaluated and judged just like higher forms of art. Leolux, the Dutch furniture maker, is synonymous with the concept of artistic furniture design. With their unique, multi-faceted collection, and art as their inspiration, Leolux furniture is one-of-a kind. 

Design and art
If you think of your home as a canvas, Leolux is the art that adds life to your decor. At Leolux, art, design and craftsmanship closely bind and work inseparably in every detail that goes into crafting their furniture. The Leolux way of collaborating between craftsman and artist drives creativity. The craftsman inspires the photographer, the artist influences the designer, and the interaction between the disciplines inspires and motivates. Even Leonardo Da Vinci talked about how creativity and craftsmanship are inextricably linked with one another when he said art is a higher form of knowledge that is founded on craftsmanship.

Personalized furniture
Just as every person is different, each Leolux piece is also unique in its own way, since each one is produced to order. Bringing people from all kinds of creative disciplines together - craftsmanship, artists, stylists, and photographers collectively work with a vision to give shape to their dreams about living thus creating a product as unique as you.

For over 80 years, Leolux has built quality into every prototype, from indestructible frames, to foaming, cutting and designing each detail to craft a robust piece. High-tech and pure traditional craftsmanship are critical, with all manual work delivered flawlessly. 

Clear vision
Since its flagship store in the Netherlands, Leolux has become a household name synonymous for distinctive designs. Besides, Leolux is known for long-term values where sustainability is a high priority and thus produces timeless products with a long life expectancy.

Leolux Collection
The Leolux collection is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who find characterless mass-produced furniture not an option. The range includes designer sofas, corner sofas, armchairs, and footstools. A Leolux sofa is also produced specifically for you with the loveliest materials, for years of enjoyment. The Leolux mission of “making sitting a pleasure” is fulfilled with craftsmanship and finishing that provokes through its design and internals produced with innovative techniques and high-quality materials. Lovely from the outside, smart from the inside. Authentic products where experts combine know-how and craftsmanship, made to order for open-minded people with their own dimensions and taste.

Simply Sofas is pleased to have this trademark as a part of its series of distinct furniture brands. Visit our showroom to experience the extensive designs. Also, test drive a Leolux by sitting on one, and you’ll feel for yourself how the Leolux process comes together to create fantastic furniture. 

Come, Fall in Love with Bonaldo

Every brand at Simply Sofas has a story to tell and the newly launched Bonaldo, an Italian brand, has something that makes it unlike any other.

Since its conception 8 decades ago, Bonaldo has evolved from a craft-based business specializing in metal work, to one of the foremost names in Italian design and production, as well as a leading producer of high-end contemporary furniture.

Creativity, elegance, innovation and quality have always been values that defined the Bonaldo DNA. Each piece is unique and the final output reflects Italian design and flamboyance unique to Italy that cannot be reproduced elsewhere in the world. Distinguished for its versatility and eclecticism, Bonaldo products are designed to accommodate the demands of a dynamic and international market.Their high-tech approach, combined with hands-on craftsmanship, exemplifies the best of Italian design.

Bonaldo has transformed ideas into designs that generate excitement and inspire love at first sight. You’ll know when you see one. Emotion and soul are both Bonaldo’s mission and a vital part of the experience. Each design expresses a different emotion. Through emotions and design, they have successfully interpreted the requirements of the contemporary world.

Bonaldo’s “design à porter” philosophy means that practical functions and aesthetics are equally important in every project. 25 Italian and international designers contribute to interpreting the eclectic Bonaldo spirit. These synergies have led to the creation of complex projects, distinguished by a rigorous simplicity, pure silhouettes and different materials. Through its designs, Bonaldo creates modern products, giving each piece its own identity.

From tables and chairs to consoles and accessories, each piece embodies the company’s commitment to deliver high quality standards. To create the perfect furniture, every product goes through cutting-edge processes, with attention to every tiny detail. The use of modern fabrics, materials and techniques makes Bonaldo the right choice for contemporary homes. Their modern furniture collection is a real treat and will work wonders in any interior setting. Their award-winning designs add a layer of elegance and sophistication to any décor program.

To experience true Italian contemporary style, visit our showrooms and fall in love at first sight.

Friday, September 18, 2015

6 Reasons to Consider Before Buying a Sofa

For most people, furniture is the most considered purchase they make, after a house and a car. The fact that the furniture market has expanded dramatically in recent years, means that you have a lot more choice than ever before – and a lot of these options conceal poor quality beneath looks that are skin-deep. This makes the task of evaluating and choosing good furniture, even harder.  Worry not. With the help of this guide, you should confidently be able to choose a quality sofa.
Know your size: Before short-listing the kind of sofa you want to buy, make sure you’ve measured the size of the room you need it for, as well as access doorways, stairways and elevators leading to that room. The last thing one wants to discover is that the beautiful sofa selected after hours of thought, can’t make it to one’s living room because it just won’t fit through the door! Once you have all the relevant dimensions, store personnel should be able to advise you on the feasibility of transporting the sofa to its desired location in your home.
Typically, the space you’re considering for a sofa should offer a minimum clearance of 30 cm on each side, and 150 cm at the back, especially if the sofa has a reclining backrest. Once a size range is clear, the next most crucial thing to consider is configuration. How many people would you ideally like to accommodate? Will the space be used for more formal seating, or will it see more of casual gatherings? The answers to these will suggest whether the best suited configuration. An L-seater that allows people to sit closer together, for instance, can be slightly more casual and intimate, than a standard 3-2-1 configuration.
While on the subject of space, another aspect to keep in mind is that rooms with low-ceilings (less than 8 feet) are better served by low sofas, which help give the impression that the ceiling is taller than it is. Likewise, if a ceiling is at a height of 12-13 feet, a high-back sofa would suit that space better. For compact spaces, consider a sofa with low arms or no arms - it’ll make the room look larger.

Space saving: People seldom have this in mind as a prerequisite when choosing a sofa, but space saving features can be exceptionally hand in a pinch. For instance, a swanky studio apartment would do well to have a stylish sofa bed. Some designs also feature built-in storage, such as armrests that can stack DVDs, or ottomans that conceal quite a lot of storage.
Frame: Whatever the size and type of sofa you’re considering, it’s the quality of the frame that will determine its durability and build quality. To make sure the frames are durable, sit on a sofa and move around on it to test its sturdiness. Any squeaks or creaks might be an indication of a poorly constructed frame.
Good quality frames are typically made of kiln-dried solid wood, or in some cases, metal. While it’s usually not possible to actually inspect a sofa frame since it’s concealed within, most reputed manufacturers do list the material and construction details in the specifications sheet. Brands like NicolettiHome, Koinor, Becker and Fama, for instance, specify warranties on the frames, in addition to the overall sofa.
Upholstery: More than any other element, the upholstery you choose - whether fabric or leather - will affect the appearance and comfort of your sofa, as well as its price. Both leather and fabric have their own set of advantages. Leather is easy to clean, breathable, durable, and more resistant to spills and dust. Fabrics, on the other hand, offer more variety in terms of textures, are washable to an extent, and allow a great degree of personalization through custom prints. Although it does cost more than fabric, good quality leather will always endure and age far more beautifully, and can prove to be exceptional value in the long run.
Determining the quality of leather is quite a detailed subject that merits a guide of its own. It’s also an ability that can only be cultivated with experience, so generally, you’re safer sticking to a proven, reputed brand. If the price of a sofa seems too good to be true, it’s usually because the quality of leather is poor. Ultimately, the decor of your home may play a large part in determining the type of upholstery.

Colour: Colour selection defines the essence of your decor. Neutral sofa colours like black, brown, beige, navy blue and cream commonly suit most wall colours, but if you want a bold look, bright colours can make a visual impact in your room. Also, it’s good to keep in mind usage scenarios - if a sofa is in a high traffic space, or likely to be around young children, light and pastel shades are better avoided.  
Testing: For the final verdict on your sofa, “test-drive” it for yourself. Lounge, recline, lie down - a store should allow you to test-sit a sofa. In fact, at Simply Sofas, we encourage customers to spend as much time on a sofa as they possibly can. Check whether it’s comfortable, matches your decor, and suits your lifestyle. Choose deep or shallow seats depending on your height. A taller person will need deeper seats so that the backrest provides enough support, while shallow seat depths are more comfortable for shorter people. A good test is, if you find it hard to rise from a seated position, try a shallower seat. And finally, when you’re done testing, take your time to think and decide what suits your decor best. Remember, a good sofa is will become part of the family, giving your home years of enduring comfort..
Check our sofa collection here: http://simplysofas.in/ sofas or simply drop into our showroom and get acquainted with the sofa you’re planning to buy.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Benefits of a Massage Chair

Recent research shows that massage regulates the well-being of body and mind, providing several benefits.  In fact, the benefits are abundant - it increases blood circulation, relieves stress or fatigue, helps improve posture, enhances sleep, improves concentration, and alleviates migraines, headaches, back pain, muscle tension, and sports injuries - to mention but a few. What if you could enjoy all these benefits just by sitting on a chair? Well, science and technology has worked together to create chairs that can deliver precisely this. Say hello to the massage chair.

What’s more interesting is that you can enjoy all the health benefits in the privacy of your home, whenever you wish. Reading a book, watching TV, or even as doze off to blissful sleep. Surely, a more convenient way of enjoying a massage than having to book a spa appointment and drive through traffic.

Some of the massage techniques used by masseurs include pressing, rubbing, and working on muscles to give you a soothing and relaxing experience. Thanks to recent strides in technology, some of the advanced massage chairs emulate the motions and techniques of an actual masseur.

Some of the most common types of massages include deep muscle, sports and trigger point massage. Massage chairs like the one designed by OSIM amalgamate most of these techniques to deliver an effective massage. These feature a full range of motions including pressing, sweeping, patting, rolling, and rotating movements, such as found in the uPilot massage chair, which is quite effective at relieving tension in specific muscle groups. It also gives you full control over your massage, positioning it exactly at the desired spot, intensity, speed and action.

Others movement types, like long gliding strokes and kneading motions, which foster strong circulation, are characteristic of uDivine S. Then there’s uSpace that is clinically proven and combines five distinct features to stimulate your body, helping you sleep, recharge, and harmonize, with the added benefit of its mood light and music. 

Massage chairs developed by OSIM, Asia's leading maker that creates, designs, and develops massage chairs for well-being and healthy living. With a striking feature set, each model works in ways that are suited to your different moods. 

Getting regular massages is clearly a great way to improving health and well-being. Why not check out the range of some of the world's most advanced massage chairs at Simply Sofas?

Friday, September 04, 2015

10 reasons why you should buy Fama

If you’re looking to re-arrange your home furniture or enhance your decor, Simply Sofa’s Fama is the best option to consider. Certainly, you wouldn’t be convinced with just this statement, hence we have pinpointed the reasons below so that you know why we recommend it.

Colourful: Colour is a vital principle when it comes to foundation of any décor. If you have the right tone of colours distributed to your room then you can be sure your décor has succeeded in giving a pleasant feeling to your home. Fama for that matter is a colourful product with countless shades to choose from.  For instance, Arianne Love. This modular has extensive range of single units that can be joined to make it a sofa, along with table and footstool. Most striking feature of this sofa is that it’s colourful. This mean you can use it accordingly to whichever corner or space you think suits well along with the wall paint. For instance, if your wall paint is white then maybe you could choose an Arianne Love with light blue to give it a contrast. 

Functional: Functionality is the focal point of any home as the furniture you are planning to buy should meet all your needs so that at the end of it, your decor gives an aesthetic appeal. Most of Fama’s armchairs and sofas are versatile. This means they can fit in any place or space. Also, you could even change the position of the sofa or chair as and when you like. Consider MyClub. It’s a square shaped armchair which can be set up at a corner of your room or wherever you like it. Because of its shape, it usually looks good in corners of your room. Along with its in-built music player feature it sure is a great asset for music lovers. Another sofa, Arianne Love comes with a table which has a top that can be raised so you can store things in the space. Also, Bolero, a sofa cum bed is a space saving furniture that suits your living space. 

Range: Fama’s range is enormous from sofas, chairs, armchairs, recliners, sofa beds to tables. To add to it, we have host of colours, style, odd sizes, collection of fabric and leather and flexible features to choose from. However, with their custom-printed upholstery option, you’ll be mesmerized with the massive range you can choose from colour and style to get the perfect furniture that suits your decor. 

Fabric: Whether it’s a fabric or leather, beauty is common to both. But, Fama is the ultimate specialist in fabric upholstered furniture. The precaution taken to create flawless furniture is something Fama can flaunt about. Before cutting the fabric, it is extended automatically to detect possible flaws in the material. After which, the striped or patterned fabrics are cut with a machine through an optical system to match the patterns automatically. This indicates that the fabric upholstery is manufactured with utmost care and pretension to produce the final quality product. Nevertheless, you can easily maintain them by dry cleaning or washing your fabric covers depending on the symbols on the label or the guarantee certificate.

Quality: To substantiate quality, you’ll know it when you are sitting on one of Fama’s creation. Besides, our showroom has Fama collection so that you can test them and find out for yourself.  In addition, selection of raw materials is certified by AENOR IQNET. In fact, Fama is the first manufacturer of upholstered furniture in Spain certified the ISO 9001 quality standards by AENOR. This ensures that all production stages are well controlled and audited. All raw materials are first quality. Fama guarantees the frames for life and as unbreakable. In addition, the seats do not collapse; their suspensions are guaranteed for 10 years. Along with technology, colour and distinctive style, Fama is all about quality and craftsmanship. 

Comfort: Research says that comfort has a positive effect on your body promoting a sense of well-being and vigour. All of Fama’s products are designed aesthetically to offer well-being for your body and mind so that you can relax for longer hours. For instance, Roxane is a great armchair specially designed with a footstool to unwind long hours. Similarly, even Volta armchair with its quirky design provides amazing comfort in all positions. 

Style: Style has a deeper philosophy when it comes to decor. Knowing what style suits what kind of element in the decor is important. It also depends on whether a person wants a traditional or contemporary look. If you like colour, symmetry, fabric, refined and welcoming look, Fama is a good option. Synonymous to style, this furniture is pleasing to the eye and can give a blend of looks to your decor with its mix and match option. Besides, most Fama products have an eccentric and colourful look that accentuates your decor. 

Design: What adds more worth to your furniture is the way it is designed.  Every Fama product is designed by a team that develops all the sofa´s prototypes from new and original ideas. Thus resulting in a product that’s perfect and gone through all the stages of production whether it is wood cutting, foam cutting, frames, suspensions, fabric cutting, sewing and finishes. What really matters is the Craftsmanship and passion that has gone into each product to make it one-of-a kind.  The L-seaters like Madison, Opera and Manacor gives you various positions to choose from to set up your furniture. Also, the one product that makes use of this feature at maximum is Arianne Love because it has a mix and match of combination that can set be set however you like it.

Personalized: Most furnitures today are ready made thus eliminating your need to choose from the patterns or colours you like. Fama works on a different tone altogether. Its app provides you with a visual stimulator through which you can choose wide range of colours of the furniture you desire, material, sizes, flexible features, see them in 360◦ or have your custom image ideas printed on the upholstery.

Technology: Thanks to the innovative designs from Fama, as most of the products have a technology driven feature that make them functional in most ways possible. Technology aligned with ergonomics to suit any posture, in-built music in the furniture, recliners to relax in a comfortable position are some of the technology features that Fama aspires. Some of the features can be found in products like Kim and Moon.

Apart from these, Fama’s 45 years of craftsmanship and its reach to more than 60 countries, speak for itself. The range we’ve mentioned here is just a smaller portion of it but there’s more to explore. For which you can visit our showrooms near you to feel or experience it; Fama is synonymous to this concept of feel and touch. With its array of colours and mix of elegance and modernity, Fama epitomizes comfort and practicality to accentuate and usher a new twist to your decor.