Monday, January 06, 2020

You'll See These Colours In Interiors in 2020

A roller-coaster ride of the new decade has just begun, it's mature to keep up with the trends and say goodbye to the past trends and welcome the new ones with glee. After all, the very nature of the furniture world is keeping tab of what's trending and what's not. From rich, moody hues to elegant neutrals, here are top colours you should imbibe in your decor without holding yourself back.

Classic Blue
This rich, dreamy, dark and beautiful shade reminiscent of the night sky stirs up excitement and a sense tranquillity. It's relaxed and restful nature, allows one to pair it with neutrals like white or pastels. Bold and beautiful, this hue is here to stay for a long time.

Pantone announced Classic Blue as the colour of the year

Twindy from Fama

This hue has been replacing grey which has been dominating the world of interior design for quite some time. As much as this  colour creates a calming environment, this natural tone also makes the room feel warm. You can get creative and play around with metallic accessories like gold and silver to give the room a twist.

Champagne colours in a Reflex living setting

Lemon Yellow

The generation Z seems to be loving the brighter shades. According to designers, the younger generation prefer bright colours over neutrals or bold hues. From vibrant yellow to orange hues, this hue sprinkles happiness and liven up the room and adds a refreshing ambience.

Use Lemon Yellow in sofas or accessories

Olive Green
Inspired by nature, olive green does bring in a touch of opulence. Timeless and chic, this hue has dominated the interior world for two years now. Mixing this hue with whites or other light colours make it a bold move. As always this colour ushers a serene environment.

The walls speak green

Olive green sofa

Light Pink
Popular since the 2016 as millennial pink, this hue offers a calm and composed look and is a refreshing alternative to white or beige. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens. It complements any space and flows well with other colours. Much more interesting than pink is the very soft hues of nude and peach, chosen by several designers in Milan. This colour can be mixed with warmer jewel tones to give the room a chic feel.

Millennial Pink or pastel pink, whichever you prefer

Dark Red
Dark and rich reds add sophistication and warmth to any room. You can use it as an accent colour or as a predominant colour. It can easily be combined with other tints or shades of red to create a beautiful atmosphere. The reds vary from burgundy to pumpkin reds.

Deep reds on walls and in furniture

A substitute for black, charcoal is a very chic and intimate colour that can be used in almost any room – bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. Charcoal can be used on an accent wall or can be the main colour in a room. It pairs perfectly with other shades of grey, adding visual interest and depth to the space. This hue can be paired with jewel tones adding a calm and invigorating effect.

Charcoal with metallics

An energetic hue, Mango adds more fun to the space, whether it is living, bedroom or kitchen. Like most bold colours, mango can be used as an accent colour in living rooms or dining rooms. It can also be used to accessorise a room – cushions, throws, armchairs – anything goes. It brightens up a room, and a little goes a long way.

Mango on upholstery or accessories

Mango is the only way

Mango outdoors

Burnt Orange
Burnt orange and rust shades add an invigorating pop of colour to any space — just make sure to use them in moderation. Maybe use it on your front door or in the bathroom.

Burnt orange every where

Mint is mainly a mixture of blue, green and yellow. Green is associated with nature. Therefore, it provides calmness and relaxed vibes to the person looking at that colour. Yellow emits positivism and happiness. It makes you feel at ease. Meanwhile, blue is all about trust and reliability. All these are mixed with green and you get the perfect cocktail. Mint interior colour trends 2020 have good effects on human physiology.

Mint blue

A mix of blue, green and yellow

Mint hues used in furnishings

Whether your style is modern or traditional, minimalist or extravagant, imbibing these colours to your decor adds a fresh look and also helps you keep up with the trends.