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Leather Editions by Natuzzi

As usual, Leather Editions by Natuzzi struck a chord with the range of new designs and innovations. With high-quality craftsmanship at the core of its ethos, Editions does much more than just make a statement. As the name suggests, the brand, is all about leather, and no wonder, given its lineage.
    Entering the Editions booth is always a pleasure, especially if you are fond of books. The booth is designed around the theme of - well - ‘editions’, with a seamless graphic that depicts a gargantuan library holding volumes and volumes of books that work as walls.
Sectional Sofas, L shaped sofas -
Sectional Sofas                                                    

Reflecting the colour trend of the times, the compact blue-grey leather upholstered sofa that sits as you enter the booth is one of the new models. Although without any motion features, the design reinforces the fact that perfection is really all about ratios and simplicity. The white contra stitch defines and refines the form of the sofa, including the cushion layer made for lower back support. The steel legs are bent at two angles. Similar legs are found on the new off-white, L-shaped contemporary sectional with adjustable headrests. What’s special is that the headrests in the corner are adjustable from both sides, which means ‘feet up’ lounging can be in any direction.
Contemporary Sectional Sofas -

Of the notables is the push-back chair, which is a Recliner dressed up as an elegant armchair from an era gone by. Pinched cushions resonate with the period style of the Chesterfields and the elongated sides along the headrest enhance the privacy of the chair. The simple mechanism means that your feet go up as you push backwards, taking you from absolute formal to absolute relaxation in one swift motion.
 Space-saving solutions are a necessity in today’s urban scenario, worldwide. Compact sofa-beds are a grand answer to the problem. But most sofa-beds look like sofa-beds, and that is not the Editions way. Slim cushioned armrests, piping along the edges, full back support, and a high back to rest the neck, make for a truly stylish sofa, for any kind of decor. Concealed within, by the smart design of the Natuzzi-Editions design team, is a comfortable bed that opens out in a simple motion. Editions have many new sofa-beds as part of the range.
Contemporary Sofas -

Dual motion systems make all the difference in the world when there are various sizes of people using a sofa. In this brown leather sectional sofa, the seat moves forward and so do the headrests. At the same time, the height and depth of the seat make for easy, comfortable living, family or entertainment room seating. The design is available in almost any configuration, and the pattern on the armrests, reminiscent of elbow guards on sports blazers, is memorable. Yet another notable new design was a brandy toned L-seater sectional. While the sofa looks harmless and stoic, with its cosy form and exposed contra stitch, the open base motion comes as a pleasant surprise. There are 2 buttons - one apiece for controlling the motion of the headrest and footrest. In the two seater, only the headrest is equipped with motion.
2 & 3 Seater Sofas -

Truly unusual to the eye, though, is the Ribbed sofa. In effect an electrical recliner, touch sensitive buttons make the footrest come up to give you full-bodied, relaxing support. The headrest is adjustable, and the thin, chromed legs, add sophistication to the design. Also one of a kind in the collection is the dual colour sofa with the adjustable headrest and large, plush seats that provide for supreme comfort.
Contemporary Leather Sofa -

Displayed amidst the unique settings were elegant coffee tables concealing a fair amount of functionality. The table houses an alcove within, accessed by sliding the top. This allows for convenient storage of various things, and also makes the table wider. The tables come in different shapes and finishes, from walnut to black glass. There are also new wall units, a complementing addition to the Editions range. SS

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