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How to Maintain your Sofa

You might have spilt some coffee or food on your sofa and are not sure how to remove the stains. This blog will give you a complete guide on how to maintain your sofa the right way. Remember that maintenance is not only necessary but it’s the basic precaution you need to take. Once you give proper care and attention to your sofa, you can be sure it stays in top notch condition and is able to look after you for a very long time. 
Here are some basic tips to maintain your sofa whether you have a leather or fabric:

First and foremost maintaining the colour of your sofa is essential whether it is a fabric or leather. To meet this, it is best not to expose your sofa to direct sunlight or any heat source to avoid from fading or discolouration by all means. If it’s a leather sofa, too much sunlight can cause the leather to age and crack much faster by drying it out. Besides, direct sunlight is also the bitter enemy of your fabric sofa. Not maintaining it can result in fading, and weakening of fibres. So, place your sofa two feet away from any heat source including air conditioners and heater vents. 
When re-arranging your furniture, do not lift your sofa by the cushions sewn to the frame or move your sofa by dragging it around. The best way is to lift it from the base.
Armrests and backrests are not designed for seating. They can withstand only the weight of your arm and not your body. Sitting on them may result in deteriorating in the well being of your sofa. 
For even wear and to avoid forming wrinkles, crease or stretch marks, you should alternate your choice of seat.
Following these basics will ensure the longevity of your sofa. Here are tips for maintaining leather and fabric sofas in detail.

Some basic tips to care for your sofa

Maintaining a leather sofa

  • Leather furniture ages with style and grace. Owners can help keep their leather furniture looking rich and supple by cleaning the dust and dirt regularly. Doing this will help the leather look vibrant rather than dingy, and it will prevent dirt from being worked into the creases. 
  • Dust your leather sofa weekly using a vacuum cleaner, a soft brush or with a clean, dry and non-abrasive white cloth. A vacuum cleaner is a useful tool for maintaining leather furniture because it can reach crumbs and other debris hidden in tiny crevices. Dust the sofa thoroughly. Pay special attention to the spaces between the sofa's seat cushions. Doing this from time to time will dramatically increase the life span of your sofa. 
  • Sofa owners should be diligent about quickly cleaning any spills on their leather furniture or else the fluid will penetrate into the material and leave spots. So, blot the fluid as soon as possible. Do not wipe it though; it may spread the liquid and stain the surrounding area too.
  • Dry stains can be removed by an extremely soft brush. To remove all kinds of other stains and spills, do not use strong detergent soaps, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners, bleach and ammonia-based cleaners or harsh cleaners that can easily ruin your expensive sofa. Although leather is a durable material, it is porous in nature. Instead we recommend Leather Master, a water based solution that eliminates unwanted stains, protects and rejuvenates the leather to ensure it remains supple. Before using the solution, make sure you test it on an inconspicuous spot than on the entire sofa. Use it by dabbing a small amount of the product on the leather, and you can see the effects without being apprehensive. 
  • Blot the surface by dabbing the solution carefully with a paper towel, do not press hard as this could push the stain into the pores of the leather. If you are using this product additional treatments for stains are not required.
  • Keep your leather furniture covered with light weight sheets when not in use, so that it won’t need to be dusted or vacuumed as often. This will also prevent unwanted spills and keep sunlight off the furniture, which can dry out and crack the leather over time. 
  • Owners who would like to begin maintaining their leather furniture can start by collecting all the necessary tools. You can ask your sofa manufacturer or the sofa store from where you purchased to suggest you the cleaning products. 
  • While cleaning it is recommended to start from the outside of the stain towards the centre and to clean entire panels of your sofa rather than undertaking spot cleaning. While doing these, ensure that the leather is not wet and the solution dries naturally.
  • After the leather is clean and dry, it should be protected and moisturised to replenish any oils that were lost over time or removed during the cleaning process.
  • Also while cleaning your furniture, you can check for the tags attached to your furniture, these generally provide information tips on cleaning. Read these closely, as they will advise on the right kinds of products to buy and the right method to use. If your sofa has removable covers, you may even be able to zip them off and either machine-wash or dry-clean them.
  • Cleaning your leather sofa regularly will help the leather breathe and last longer. If maintained with proper and consistent care your leather will look great every year and age to perfection. Though it’s known for its durability and opulence, maintenance shouldn’t be underestimated but an inevitable part of your sofa. 

Easily remove stains with Leather and Textile Master

Maintaining a Fabric sofa

  • To maintain your fabric sofa, you need to vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment, using low suction to remove dust that has settled on your upholstery. Leaving the dust unattended may result in penetrating into the fibers, acting like sandpaper, causing the material to wear out much more quickly.
  • Remove all the cushions and clear away anything that’s fallen in between. Now use your vacuum to clear away any dust and surface dirt from your sofa. Use the specialist vacuum attachments to get inside the crevices, and ideally use the soft brush attachment to be as gentle possible on your sofa’s upholstery. Work in a systematic grid across the entire surface of the sofa to ensure you don’t miss a spot. 
  • If your sofa has removable covers, you may even be able to zip them off and either machine-wash or dry-clean them.
  • If your sofa covers aren’t removable, one method of cleaning them is to use a steam cleaner to deep-clean your sofa and its cushions. Make sure to let everything dry completely before you put the cushions back on the sofa. Just be sure to consult the manufacturer’s manual to check this is a suitable method for the type of fabric.
  • Dry cleaning is recommended every 6 months to help remove dirt and soiling and to maintain the look of your sofa.
  • Do spot cleaning wherever necessary. Pre-test the cleaning method on a hidden area of the sofa. Do not continue if there is an adverse reaction such as discolouration. Apply the solution gently with a clean, damp cloth. Use a stiff-bristled brush to break up the spots and vacuum up the released dirt. Do not get the sofa over saturated, and do not rub the stain as this may make it more difficult to remove. Rinse the area by using another clean, damp cloth, and then let it dry naturally. 
  • Avoid over-wetting as this may result in a water mark. Blot the cleaned area with a clean cloth to help dry the area. Allow the fabric to dry in a well ventilated area. Do not spray spotter directly onto fabric. Stubborn stains may require a second and third application. Allow the area to dry between attempts. 
  • But if your sofa has cushions that are all the same size and shape, the center one can be regularly rotated to the ends, greatly extending your cushion life.
  • Clean spills or marks immediately, as stains are harder to remove when they are left unattended. Use Fabric Cleaner on spills and marks, as general household cleaners can damage fibres and discolour fabrics. 
  • Always refer to your fabric care label attached to your sofa. Preserve the furniture tag as it contains some useful information about the upholstery including care and maintenance. Make sure you read the directions and guidelines before cleaning your sofa. 
  • Prevent sharp objects such as rings or buckles from coming into contact with your furniture, as they may cause pulling or tearing of fabric. 
  • Organise an annual professional clean by upholstery cleaner to maintain your sofa's condition.
  • These tips will make it easy to clean your sofa and rejuvenate its look, in turn an inviting look to your family and guests.
  • These do-it-yourself tips on maintaining your leather and fabric upholstery are easy and ensure that your sofa looks best and retains its value. In some rare circumstances, if you really feel you cannot get those spots out of your upholstery then it’s advised to have them cleaned by a professional rather than ruining the material with experimental methods. 
  • That being said, these tips are not only applied to sofas but also to chairs, recliners, sofa beds, armchairs, sectional sofas, home theatre seating and the like depending on the material. 
  • At the end of it, whether yours is leather or a fabric, you want to make sure that your favourite furniture is rich in colour, look and feel so that your guests can have an enjoyable time.  And that maintaining is a great investment not only for its longevity but also as a means of perking up your décor. 
To know more about what sofa care and maintenance, click here.

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