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15 Glass Dining Tables that Work Wonders in Every Setting

Though glass tables have been around for a long time, some people are still reluctant to buy them because they believe that glass breaks easily and is hard to maintain. Yet, they know not about the fact that modern technologies in furniture manufacturing have developed so rapidly that all the above statements are now myths. Modern glass tables come in tempered and other types that are robust and resilient so much that they can withstand heat and scratches. One of the greatest benefits of glass tables is that they can be bent or moulded to any size and shape thus making them more flexible than other material tops.

The advantage of a glass-top dining table:

  •  Robust and tough
  • Easy to maintain
  • Withstands moisture and heat
  • Protect against harmful UV rays
  • The reflective surface works to make a space look a little lighter and brighter
  • Creates an illusion of space and makes a room appear larger and more airy 
  • If you have a really interesting-looking base, glass showcases it instead of hiding it unlike the non-transparent table tops
  • Tempered glass is resistant to scratches and heat and won’t shatter if knocked
  • Works well with many decor themes, be it classic or contemporary
Here are 15 stunning glass dining tables that suit any setting:

Venezia: This plush dining table by Tonin Casa has a base that reflects the ancient Venetian know-how. Along with its ornate design, the glass top adds a grounded presence to your living room.

Tonin Casa tempered glass dining table

Greeny: This dining table expresses the harmony of natural elements. An oval shape glass table by Bonaldo, it pleasantly reveals personality synonymous to its name.

Bonaldo Greeny

Gaya: Simple and balanced, this fixed glass table by Tonin Casa has a Tecnoril base made of a new generation acrylic stone that guarantees high resistance and superior quality. The glass elegance and refinement of new materials make it perfect for homes with contemporary taste.

Tonin Casa Gaya

Arpa: This fixed glass table with an aluminium track, glass top and unique base goes against all conventional designs. It gives an optical illusion from the front.

Tonin Casa Arpa

Butterfly: The glass table is supported by thermal bent plywood made to look like its name butterfly. While elegantly merging wood and glass it gives the table an attractive look. The audacious design blends with the classicality of glass to uncover a table with an inimitable design.

Tonin Casa Butterfly

Eliseo: The Round Dining Table exhibits a minimalistic design that can be paired with a variety of seating styles to complete your modern space. This fixed table in tempered glass top has base in curved and lacquered metal that defines higher quality and refined beauty.

Tonin Casa Eliseo

Tokyo: Fixed glass table with a base in agglomerate marble that features a stunning design in an X shape. This contemporary and chic dining table by Tonin Casa is sure to be an ideal focal point in your modern living room. Minimalist in design, this table has an ability to blend into your already established modern home decor while still exuding beauty and sophistication with a timeless design.

Tonin Casa Tokyo

Wave: A true symbol of contemporary furniture design, the Wave dining table by Tonin Casa presents a spectacular amalgamation of high quality manufacturing and extraordinary detail. This modern and refined glass table has a sinuous and solid base made of Baydur that recalls a wave. This table brings to into the dining room a passion to welcome and the vocation for a refined elegance.

Tonin Casa Wave

Tokyo: The round tempered glass top rests on an extremely attractive rounded frame, made of solid wood, with splayed legs joined by a metal insert. It takes its names from the forward thinking Japanese metropolis, Tokyo combines a sleek glass top and swooping formed frame to create a striking modern profile. Elegant and airy, this table is by Calligaris. It has a slender design that is perfect for contemporary kitchens and dining spaces. Its smooth glass surface allowing the beautiful walnut frame to shine through.

Calligaris Tokyo

Orbital: Glass table cannot be extended is now a myth. Calligaris Orbital dining table has a pedestal base and elliptical tempered glass top with an automatic extending system. Thanks to one fluid movement of its metal arms, the two extension leaves slide out from underneath the glass top and simultaneously position themselves at the same level, maintaining the table's elliptical shape. A locking device prevents accidental closure. It is a high-tech, design savvy extending table, a scenic presence in your domestic ensemble, the true protagonist of your dining room.

Calligaris Orbital

Mille: The beautiful dining table by Bonaldo breaks all the conventional style of four legged table to a cluster of chromed legs grouped together that are bonded to the glass top. According to the designer Bartoli Design, the base provides maximum stability and is designed to look like trees in a forest. The fixed table has all the harmony and dynamism of a transparent body in motion. More than any other top, glass gives visual consistency from every angle.

Bonaldo Mille

Vanessa: A sculpture dedicated to everyday activities, an object capable of adding intensity to the domestic setting, that's what Vanessa dining table is all about. The multi layered walnut sculpted legs and transparent glass top combine to create a functional yet beautiful piece of furniture. The base is designed to reflect the wings of a butterfly. This striking table by Bonaldo is ideal for any contemporary setting.

Bonaldo Vanessa

Capri: This fixed table by Tonin Casa tells an all-Italian story with its structure and design. The metal base holds the transparent glass top like two crisscrossing bands of energy, and is balanced by a polished marble at the table's foot. This table blends metal, glass and refined marble to form a perfect beauty that stands out in classical yet modern setting.

Tonin Casa Capri

Colosseo: This fixed table by Tonin Casa was inspired and got its name from the Colosseum monument. The base has wood blocks combined to make it look like the monument and the glass top valourises your dining room making it the perfect furnishing with a touch of style and personality.

Tonin Casa Colosseo

Firenze: An original and elegant design, this fixed table has a glass top with a base of wood strips combined to form a spiral sculpture or helix. The table by Tonin Casa is named after the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence. Firenze combines precision, warmth, sobriety and inventiveness to stand out in your dining setting.

Tonin Casa Firenze
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