Monday, October 19, 2015

Di Milano to India

The designs that took the limelight at this year’s iSalone del Mobile, also known as the Milan Furniture Fair, make their debut at SimplySofas showrooms across India. Being the benchmark event for furniture design in the world, iSalone defines and shapes the future of how we live. The Fair unveiled new materials, colour trends, pioneering designs, and innovation, presenting a host of creatively and exceptionally crafted models. These are now collectively available at our stores, representing the most awaited designs and trends in the world.

The new collection is available to you at a same time as the global launch, meaning that when a stylish, handcrafted leather sofa makes its home in a living room in Milan, it could make its home in yours as well.  The key participants at the Fair include NicolettiHome, Koinor, Fama, Calligaris, ALF, Tonin Casa, Leolux, and Bonaldo, through their latest creations that were showcased during the Fair. The 2016 Milan Collection comprises of sofas, chairs, recliners, armchairs, sectional sofas, dining tables, dining chairs and more.

Quite aside from the remarkable workmanship and quality that these products deliver, you also take home the pride of owning a novel design admired by a conglomeration of the world’s leading designers, architects, and interior decor professionals.

Highlights of the Fair were the colour and material trends that play an enormous role in determining the furniture trends at a global level. The designs displayed a fusion of colours ranging from marsala, blue, yellow ranging from golden yellow to deep yellow, dark orange, dark pink, purple, lemon green to chartreuse. These are quite evident in the latest 2016 MilanCollection. For instance, NicolettiHome displayed a new design, fancy, an orange sofa which is exclusively available in our stores. Some of the trend colours are also found in our latest collection of Fama and Koinor products.

Likewise, material trends played a significant role. One of the major highlights this year was the smoked eucalyptus as the newly-favoured wood finish. Toned steel, marble, metal, wood, and glass were other combinations that enjoyed contemporary design expression on tabletops and in accessories. Spanning from classic ebony and oak, wood remained the favourite. You’re sure to find these material and finishes in our brands like Calligaris, ALF, and Tonin Casa.

One of the most innovative ideas in the Fair included the freedom to choose your personalized designs that can be custom-printed on fabric upholstery. Fama’s ‘Helsinki’ was one of these products that was showcased in Milan, and right now displayed at our showrooms.

Quite like getting the latest dress from the designer’s closet before the world has it, the feeling of owning the latest from the 2016 Milan Collection is purely for those who appreciate the value of exceptional design, craftsmanship, and enduring comfort.

Visit us at our showrooms in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Kochi and Pune to explore and experience the wide range and the latest trending collection from Milan. Also visit our website: for more information. 
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