Sunday, August 14, 2016

10 Sofas for Any Setting

We see it often. A customer wants to pick the perfect sofa, but end up thoroughly confused, and unsure on how to shortlist their favourites. Help is at hand. Here are 10 popular sofas that combine sophisticated style and comfort to suit just about any decor.

1. Newman: Simple and uncomplicated, this Koinor sofa looks charming at first glance and convincing at second.  The upholstered leather along with decorative seams that emphasize the contours makes it an exceptional piece. 

Newman sofa
     2. Azzurro: This two seater has a patterned design which makes it the most prominent furniture in your living. Azzurro is loaded with detail and comfort. For those who like armrests and distinct design, this Leolux sofa is definitely for you. 

Azzurro sofa
3. Serena: This sofa is full of surprises and at the same time joyful to sit too. You can manually adjust the backrests and armrests to suit your body posture. All the more it is trendy and is available in fabric and leather upholstery with option of colours.

Serena sofa
4. Easy: This inviting Koinor sofa has soft upholstery and a compact form when it comes to backrests and armrests. The loose cushions make the sofa look chic and appealing. This sofa reclines with intent to provide a relaxing position or for your long awaited marathon movie time. Adjustable armrests and backrests are other features. Easy is available in sectional style too.

Easy sofa
5. Fame: A contrast of classic and modern is what defines this Koinor sofa. It has an intricate design with an exceptional charm and noble look. It offers loose cushions, headrest and optional LED lighting making it a special sofa. Fame is available in sectional style too.

Fame sofa
6. Newton: Experience the soft side of this two seater and a balanced look that brings harmony to your space. Simple and understated, the high quality material used in the sofa is available in various colours and materials. 

Newton Sofa
7. Etoile: It is a modern open base sofa with an adjustable headrest. The softly proportioned lines and a simple metal foot detail extend and integrate elegantly into the armrest. Accentuated stitching and piping detail adds a touch of style. This sofa is available in single, double and sectional style.

Etoile sofa
8. Domus: What makes Domus exquisite is not a singular element, but a combination of design, simplicity and elegance.  It features adjustable headrests and super sleep, ski legs fit for contemporary living rooms. The dynamic design, armrests and adjustable backrest to ensure maximum comfort. NicolettiHome’s Domus is available in sectional style too with a wide range of material and colour options. 

Domus sofa
9. Numo: This eye-catching Koinor sofa has cubist aesthetic that makes it a stylish addition to any living space. The yielding cushions make it just as comfortable too. Expressive character, striking seams and armrests which angle to the outside adds personality to this sofa.

Numo sofa
10. Ramon: This sleek designed Koinor sofa accentuates your living space making it a very interesting piece of furniture. Its clear lines and sense of lightness draws everyone's attention on it. The adjustable armrests and backrests with reclining option makes it a functional piece. The sofa is available in various colours, materials and LED lighting option. 

Ramon sofa

These models are just a fraction of the vast array available at our showrooms. Need more help picking? Perhaps our sofa buying guide would be useful. And of course, as always, feel free to get in touch with any questions - we're always happy to help.
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