Friday, March 23, 2018

How to Bring Indoor Comfort to Outdoor Living

Summer time is when we invite many outdoor activities. You may fancy a roof top restaurant you saw somewhere or an open air pub or a gig. But, you can enjoy the same entertainment at your home by taking the amusement to your backyard, balcony or patio. It is easy to do it in style and comfort with the right outdoor furniture. Our finest collection of outdoor furniture will fulfil all your Al fresco fete.

Arianne Garden

Arianne Garden by Fama is one such piece that matches your needs if you are looking for a weather resistant and low maintenance product. The fabric is waterproof with a polyethylene base. The modular system allows it to be placed together, individually or creating different shapes to adapt to your needs. The back folds down to create a table and at the same time encases the cushions so that they are protected from all weather conditions, family pets, and the like. The base is available in seven colours. Inspired by nature, this sofa offers great comfort and versatility.


If you're thinking of putting up a dining show in your backyard garden space or in your spacious balcony, we have a wide range of dining tables, coffee tables, and chairs to spruce the setting. There are few tables we like to mention, both functional and flexible. TheDuck by Bonaldo is a coffee table with a duck-like base, making the ideal piece for an outdoor setting. Matrioska by Tonin Casa is an unconventional coffee table with storage units. Other worthy mentions include Tonin Casa's Amira, Bonaldo's Planet, Orion, Kadou coffee and Assemblage.

Outdoor furniture by Calligaris

When it comes to chairs, we look for only one aspect – comfort. Bonaldo's Eddy chair designed by Alain Gilles and Swing rocking chair are a recreation of rocking grandpa/grandma chair as most people call it. If you have a brighter side to your personality, we are quite sure you prefer colourful furniture. Our wide range of outdoor chairs that can be used in living and dining as well are durable and do not require maintenance. Some of the worthy mentions include Calligaris' Ice, Hero, Area 51, Wien, Bonaldo's Birba, Pebble pouf, Tonin Casa's Batik stool, Aria, Hole, Sorbona, Zar.

Outdoor chairs by Calligaris

If you are not the chair type and prefer a classic style bench, our Becker bench will do the trick. The most surprising thing about this piece is that it swings or rocks (however you want to call it). We also have a dining set that goes along with the bench set up. Classy and trendy.

The Becker outdoor bench

And of course, summer is the apt time for rooftop, parties, lounging by the pool, entertaining friends, and BBQ's. Tonin Casa's KOS and IOS are the perfect additions to your pool side set up or garden setting. Both these tables have a storage unit for drinks and have the option of LED lighting for the base which makes a one-of-a-kind.

KOS by Tonin Casa

For cocktail, mocktail parties, Bordbar's bar cabinets are quite essential and useful for your liquid retreats. You can not only store bottles, but keep them chilled.

Bar cabinets by Bordbar

You may have many ideas for your dream patio or backyard soirĂ©e and we have a plethora of outdoor furniture options to customise and fulfil your summer dream ecstasy. So you can sit back and enjoy the moment till the summer lasts. 

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