Friday, June 29, 2018

What Does Your Sofa Sitting Position Reveal About You

Of course you have heard about IQ tests, memory tests, vocabulary tests, Rorschach inkblot test and the like. Well, here's another personality test that is pure fun, but also has its roots in body language. Let’s say there's a lot more to sitting on a sofa than meets the eye. Body posture and how we really carry ourselves says everything about us. So read and find out what your favourite sitting position on a sofa is and what it reveals about your personality. 

Below are 8 statements. Select only one from the eight which best suits your behaviour or sitting position. 

1. You sit in a drooping position with your head positioned lower than your sofa's headrest.
2. You keep your feet up in a lotus position on the sofa.
3. You cross your legs and sit on the sofa.
4. You occupy the entire sofa by stretching your legs.
5. You turn upside down and sit.
6. You keep your legs up and hug yourself and sit.
7. You keep one leg down and the other on the sofa.
8. As a couple, you have your feet on the partner's lap.

Tastes and liking differs from person to person. If your sitting position is not mentioned here, it is fine. There are many such positions that are more usual or unusual than these. You may have more than one behaviour of the above and that is absolutely fine, but to take this test you have to choose only one option which suggests your most usual behaviour. 

After choosing one statement from the above (selecting one that suits your personality), match the selected number from the above statement to the below-numbered personalities. For example, if your answer is 'yes' to the statement No. 2 which you think is your usual sitting position then your personality is that of No. 2 - 'The Mindful Yogi'. 

1. The Blatant Leaner

Sofa position: legs spread, sitting at the edge of the sofa, head and neck resting on the inside of the sofa

What it means: This position indicates that you are bored. It could also probably reflect being as content as a baby and dealing with life’s stresses with ease.

2. The Mindful Yogi

Sofa position: sitting Buddha-like lotus position on the sofa

What it means: It indicates that you feel open, agile, and carefree. The flexibility it takes to sit this way indicates that you’re emotionally flexible, as well.

3. The Proper Poser

Sofa position: somebody sitting all the way the back - ramrod straight with his/her legs crossed  

What it means: If you're sitting straight, comfortable then it indicates that you’re confident. It also means you’re a strong and reliable person, and everyone turns to you when they need help or comfort.
If you often cross, then bounce or shake your legs, it means you’re an organized and timely person. 
Just sitting straight and keeping your legs crossed can either mean you're insecure or very bold.

4. The Whole Hogger

Sofa position: somebody who comfortably settles on the sofa, just his/her elbows supporting him/her into a half-sitting position

What it means: Taking up this much space is a dominant way to sit on a sofa, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you are dominant in general. As you’re the most likely to have an active social life and the second most likely to have lots of friends, this is probably showing more of a quietly confident and contented sitter.

5.  The Jolly Oddball

Sofa position: somebody maybe bent over with face tucking into the sofa

What it means: It is the total opposite of how most people would sit on their sofa. This shows that you are a rule breaker, unusual, or like to be different in your own way.

6. The Blissful Hugger

Sofa position: sitting with arm around the knees and feet up on the sofa

What it means: Hugging yourself and sitting means that you are defensive or protecting yourself. You will take some time to get to know a person and will not accept someone with the first meet. It could also mean you are trying to relax. 

7. The Graceful Stork

Sofa position: sitting with one leg down and one leg crossed on the sofa

What it means: This indicates that he/she feels very comfortable with you and is interested in what you have to say or getting to know you better. Usually, women are more likely to sit like this than men. It also says that you are comfortable in your comfort zone and do not like taking risks. 

8. The Cuddlesome Two

Sofa position: either of the two has their feet on the other person's lap. 

What it means: A popular sitting style among the couples when it comes to watching a TV show. It is a sociable, warm and happy relationship, with a shared humour. Besides, it can also be interpreted that the lady wants a foot massage from her guy.

We hope you had fun with this personality trivia and what it reveals about you. Do share your thoughts in the comments. 
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