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10 Floral Inspired Designs You Should Introduce In Your Decor

Thanks to the Milan Design Week, what's trending comes right out from the horse's mouth. The realm of infusing floral or botanical patterns in your decor is now the latest trend in the world of interiors. Florals have really evolved over the years. It’s probably why they never really go out of style. Besides using wallpapers, curtains, carpets and furnishings to instill a floral look, here's a new side you should explore - printed upholstery.

The Coco lounge chair in three different colours brings out style and elegance through a collection called Blumarine introduced by the Blufin group for Calligaris. The rose, the flower emblem of love and beauty par excellence, takes centre stage in Anna Molinari’s collections. Drawing inspiration from the fashion, Coco exemplifies comfort and style.

Characteristics: Romantic and feminine.
Pairs well with: Stripes or neutral background

Coco by Calligaris 

Arianne Love
This modular sofa is inspired by the 60s design. One can arrange the modules with wide options such as straight modules, chaise longue, straight puffs, modules curves, round puffs, two different corner modules, and tables with a lift lid and chest. The possibilities are endless, the only thing left is your infinite imagination. The floral print on the fabric upholstery allows for endless ways to design your space.

Characteristics: Colourful, playful and charming.
Pairs well with: Country, Victorian, and retro styles. Blends well with contemporary setting if executed well.

Arianne Love by Fama

Inspired by the 50s design, this oval shaped bench is part of the FIFTIES collection featuring a slender four-leg metal profile, combined with the classic and refined velvet, leather or the faux leather upholstery with its silky and soft feel, all characterised by warm shades. The botanical print makes the bench look elegant and grandiose in any environment.

Characteristics: Tranquil and suave
Pairs well with: Geometric patterns

Fifties bench by Calligaris

The Astoria armchair is distinct with its amazing comfort and elegant design provided by the chesterfield backrest inspired by the armchairs of the 50s, in combination with its soft curves and modern style. The printed upholstery uplifts and reinforces its looks.

Characteristics: Avant-garde and soothing
Pairs well with: Bold colours and lively ambience

Astoria by Fama

La Caracola
This armchair is so versatile that one can use it as a reading table, telephone table or hall chair. Upholstered in printed patterns, this chair blends well with any contemporary setting. The arm table gives it a great functionality, as well as an attractive and very special look.

Characteristics: Savvy and bohemian
Pairs well with: Art Deco style

La Caracola by Fama

Inspired by the furniture of the 70s with rhombus capitoné on the back, Simone is captivating with its high back that offer an exceptional comfort. Playing with Renaissance paintings, Simone armchair is simply irresistible.

Characteristics: State-of-the-art and freshness
Pairs well with: Rustic and classical look

Simone by Fama

A high back chair that goes well in the living or bedroom. Stylish and functional, the chair comes with a storage space under the seat. The cupid print on the chair makes it attractive from any angle.

Characteristics: Adds visual freshness, dynamic
Pairs well with: Vintage or contemporary setting

Galan by Fama

Designed to please the contemporary taste, Marlene is inspired by the 19th century "bergère": an armchair that ensures comfort by its deep seat and wrap-around backrest. The floral patterns make it stand out in  any setting.

Characteristics: Old-fashioned and sophisticated
Pairs well with: Geometric patterns such as checks and polka dots if they’re in the same colour or hue.

Marlene armchair by Natuzzi

Josephine and Pauline

Josephine is a sofa, while Pauline is a chaise longue. Plush and ergonomic both deliver unprecedented comfort. Both are available in printed upholstery, but if you already have other components in your decor dressed florals then you can opt for this sofa or chaise longue with throw pillows in floral patterns. This balances the look.

Characteristics: Energetic, passionate and peaceful
Pairs well with: Urban Modern, minimalist and chic.

Josephine sofa by Fama

Pauline chaise longue by Fama

Whether your space is classic or modern, you can incorporate florals or nature-inspired patterns into the most settings. The trick is understanding how to work with them in terms of pattern, colour, texture and scale. Besides, there are two ways to go about using floral patterns: big and bold for a statement look or smaller flowers for a more accented look. Imbibe these tips in your decor and you'll feel the difference. 
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