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From today, we bring you daily reports and analyses of the latest trends and developments in the world of interiors, furniture and design - as it happens, LIVE from Milan Design Week! Here's a brief look at some of the things that we found interesting so far on Day 1 (within, as well as beyond, the domain of furniture).

Milan Design - Simplysofas.in

The turnout on Day 1 was strong. If the visitor numbers are sustained through the entire week, it bodes well for the interior and furniture industries this year, indicating good interest from design professionals and business visitors around the world. Although, we'll have to wait till the end of the Fair for Saloni officials to announce the precise statistics. Time will tell.


A noteworthy development is the introduction of beds and linen by Natuzzi, the world's largest Italian furniture brand. This moves Natuzzi's offerings closer towards a 'total home' concept, making it simpler for designers and home owners to create coordinated, elegant spaces. As research has shown, the value of a well coordinated, beautiful home extends to far more than just aesthetic appeal. The state of the spaces we live in have an apparent effect on the state of our minds.

Leather Sofa - Simplysofas.in

Nicoletti Home's new creations in leather are indicative of the palette we can expect to see trending through 2014.
Recliner Chair - Simplysofas.in

German maker Koinor is well known for exceptionally crafted sofas for living, and of course, their distinctive 'dinner sofas'. Interestingly, Koinor is adding to their portfolio of reclining chairs. You can be sure these will have the same benchmark quality that their sofas have come to be known for.

Adriani and Rossi were as surprising and impressive as ever. If ever there was any doubt, this collection of glittering heels and handbags is proof that, global economic slowdown or not, the Italian passion for innovation in design, and the drive to create something new, is still alive and flourishing.

More detailed analyses and reporting follows from Day 2.
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