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Across the brands and exhibitors at Saloni 2014, one sees a renewed attention on upholstery. Rightly so, since even the most comfortable, perfectly crafted sofa frame and internal amounts to nought if poorly upholstered. One manufacturer that has this focus particularly strong is Editions - which is now NatuzziEditions!
New leathers and new qualities of leather add to this Italian maker's impressive upholstery portfolio. Much like skilled woodworking artisans who strive to bring out distinctive grain patterns in wood, NatuzziEditions' masterful tanneries have dyed leather in a process that brings out the beautiful natural features of fine leather - wrinkles, creases, and differences in tone and grain.

Leather Quality -

A major point of interest is the Omega Configurator (below) showcased by Koinor, the inventor of many benchmarks in furniture. This innovative system enables never-before flexibility and control, allowing you to set your sofa up perfectly to your satisfaction. Koinor offers L-seater, straight sofa, single, swivel and other variants with the Omega system, making for maximum play and coordination.

Sectional Sofas -

In another display of technological and design brilliance, Calligaris grabbed attention with an extensible table (below) that's bound to leave every single house guest impressed! With their latest creation featuring a ceramic top and a sophisticated yet effortless retraction mechanism, the 90+ year old Italian firm reinforced the notion that few can match the style of a Calligaris extensible table.

As booths go, Olivari has created one that stands out, with a simple simple contra design which proved to be a smart outlier amidst the strong play of colours at the Fair this year.

Milan Fair

And speaking of colours - yes, we have been keeping a keen eye on the palettes showcased across the numerous exhibitors. Stay tuned for our detailed report on the new colour trends that have emerged at Milan 2014!
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