Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Milan 2015- Colour and Material Trends

Though the Milan Furniture Week is brief, this year’s fair left a remarkable impression on the minds of the furniture enthusiasts who flocked there in large numbers. Apart from the novel designs, innovative furniture, installations and accessories, the colour and material trends played an enormous role in the fair.

Last year, blue and orange were the trend colours, but orange played a greater role. Besides, deep yellow, lemon and mustard were highlighted in accents, accessories and upholstery. This year, the furniture colour trends displayed a fusion of colours including marsala, blue, yellow ranging from golden yellow to deep yellow, dark orange, dark pink, purple, lemon green and chartreuse.

The colour that clearly played a significant role at the fair was blue, when it comes to furniture and décor. The overwhelming colour set,spread from royal blue to light blue-grey to sapphire blue. Fabrics, plastics, walls, lamps, doors, chair – the colour was everywhere. Apart from furniture, blue is evident in fashion too, setting a trend in the fashion industry. The colour yellow remains strong in home and workspaces, along with pink and orange creating a great combination. Mustard yellow and lemon yellow play a smart, vibrant and glowing manifestation being used increasingly to add flavour and give a contrast look to the room. The purple hues ranging from orchid to plum purple could be sighted in living spaces as well as in workspaces. 

Marsala that appears as a red wine tone has strictly left a mark in the furniture spaces. It also makes its presence felt in accents and other accessories. Other colours that took centre stage in accents include deep yellow to dark orange, also reds, and magentas, pink and purple. Orange is also explored in the new design furniture from NicolettiHome. There’s Louis Vuitton that presented a range of unique pieces at the Milan Fair, which were themed on travelling and exhibited in orange making it a celebration of the colour. Bright pink is again largely used in furniture and accessories like lamps. While lemon green and chartreuse are also around, they are largely being expressed through the usage of foliage in interiors and exteriors.

When it comes to material trends, one of the major highlights was the emergence of smoked Eucalyptus as the newly-favoured wood finish. Toned steel, marble, metal, wood and glass are the combinations that enjoy contemporary design expression on tabletops and in accessories. Wool and felt are used in upholstery and innovative coverings opening a door for new design possibilities.  Wood plays a superior role in outdoor furniture when it comes to fireplaces. There’s the resilient ceramic on tabletops as well as in ceramic vases, and metals used in tables with a range of table tops like marble, wood and glass. Additionally, plastics remain dominant for chairs, while coloured glass is in style again. Spanning from classic ebony and oak, wood still remains the most loved and accepted material even till this day as it gives way for plenty of innovation at low cost.

On an ending note, the colours appeared bold, strong and bright this year and the materials were confined to new innovation providing space for creativity with the flavour of contemporary design. 
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