Thursday, April 16, 2015

Milan Fair 2015 - A Sneak Peek

Welcome to the world’s largest destination for the latest and finest design and furniture trends- Milan Furniture Week 2015! First impressions usually make a lasting one, so we pulled all trend setting designs or models together to give you a better picture of the highlights and events that took place during the last two days. 

Past dawn as the doors flinged open, the most awaited furniture and design fair was unwrapped for designers, architects, furniture retailers, interior decor professionals, and driven enthusiasts to explore and experience the novel trends in furniture and design. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi made his way as an early visitor and spoke about the event at the inauguration. 
Eye Catching booth at Milan

Euroluce held its opening ceremony celebrating its 28th edition and the International Year of Light proclaimed by UNESCO.  The installation “Favilla -To every light a voice”, by architect Attilio Stocchi explored the essence of light making it a centre of attraction. When art and culture take centre stage alongside furniture and interiors, one can see that it reflects on the streets of Milan which makes the city come alive during the Milan week. Accordingly, the biggest exhibition on Leonardo Da Vinci at Palazzo Reale by Pietro C. Marani and Maria Teresa Fiorio was declared open showcasing the extensive work by the genius. Besides, Workplace3.0 with a new concept for work spaces called, “The Walk”, organized a talk on ‘Environmental quality in the workplace’ with multiple speakers to share their insights on the subject. SaloniSatellite presented design talks on ‘Nesting Nature’ based on the theme for the year ‘Planet Life’.

On the streets of Milan

Another intriguing part was the launch of the new app which gives a comprehensive list of exhibitors and their catalogues, location of the stands, floor plan of the Fairgrounds, schedule of events and all the information facilitating to the fair visit.

Nicoletti Home launched its new design sofa stealing your living room with a fancy orange shade that blends design with comfort. Additionally, the colour trends seep in with the two accessories making one element through an expression brought to life by light. The blue glass top and champagne gold support that displays an umbrella -like lamp, added to the emerging colours at this year's Milan.

Two accessories (Left), New Design Sofa from NicolettiHome (Middle), Umbrella-like Lamp (Right)

A few other booths and stores also made a noteworthy presence because of their unusual and eye catching designs. A good example was the chair seats wall that made design larger than life.

Unusual design included the chair seat wall

Calligaris takes a centre stage in innovative designs with dining tables that showcase a trend of space saving retractable mechanisms, which are easily movable, giving a slimmer, smarter look. When it comes to style in the living and dining room, ALF, known for its innovative design for contemporary lifestyle, displayed a bar cabinet that augmented a trend. The cabinet featured a beautiful veneer on the outside and a bold monotone on the inside, making it a great piece of furniture to add to any contemporary living space.
ALF bar cabinet (Left) and Calligaris retractable slimmer dining table (Right)

Material trends are a vital part of the fair, with toned steel, marble and glass making trends, allowing for more design innovation possibilities. The ceramic vases and the soft art deco carpet made their presence felt as well.

More designs and trends to turnout in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates and LIVE coverage on

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