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17 Most Functional Dining Tables for Any Setting

Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party, or having a family get-together, or catching up with old friends, we’ve picked 17 dining tables that will make every gathering a memorable one. The collection includes tables of different sizes, unique bases, style, extendable or fixed, wide array of materials and finishes.  From look to feel, we have a table for every diner, so you can enjoy your meals and conversations.

Cartesio: A wooden top and a metal matt grey base in a V-shaped design makes it an iconic table suitable for a contemporary or classic look. The V-shaped base gives more leg room for people to change their seating posture easily. The rectangular top can seat up to 12 people. The top is available in wood veneer finish or slatted oak. Cartesio is a design by Calligaris.
Details: Total height: 75 cm Width: 250 cm Depth: 105 cm (available in more sizes)

Calligaris Cartesio
Eliseo: A fixed table with a curved base in lacquered metal. The top in tempered glass electro-welded with UV rays onto steel plates for higher quality and refined beauty. This chic looking table is suitable for a décor with a contemporary setting. The table is available in different sizes and finishes. Eliseo is a design by Tonin Casa.
Details: L 260 x p 120 x h 75 cm Big Eliseo rounded corner; 200 x 105 x h 75 cm oval Eliseo (available in more sizes)

Tonin Casa Eliseo
Arpa: A fixed table that looks simple but has more story to it than meets the eye. A design you can choose with a top available in glass, wood and marble. The base made of multiple curved heat-treated wood (plywood) and covered in canaletto walnut or dark oak. A design by Angelo Tomaiuolo for Tonin Casa. This contemporary table is available in different finishes, colour and extendable version. Arpa is suitable for a traditional to modern setting.
Details: height 75 cm, width 200 cm, depth 100 cm. (available in more sizes)

Tonin Casa Arpa
Ventaglio: A table with a fan shaped base, an inspiration pulled from Italian history where decorated handheld fans were a symbol of prestige and etiquette through the turn of the turn of the 19th century. Tonin Casa pays homage to this truth in its foundation of a Ventaglio table. The top available in wood or glass and the base in bent metal available in different finishes (matt white, matt black, matt beige or matt orange colours). This rectangular table comes in fixed or extendable top. Ventaglio is suitable for an oriental, Mediterranean and ethnic set up.
Details: 200 x 110 x h 75 cm Ventaglio fixed; 200/300 x 100 x h 75 cm Ventaglio extendable (available in more sizes)

Tonin Casa Ventaglio
Wave: It’s a modern and refined table with a base resembling a wave. The base is made of baydur aluminum, with a glass top, allowing full visibility to the beauty of the structure. Top is made of tempered glass; spaces between top and base are made of polished aluminium. Available in fixed or extendable version with variety of finishes. Wave is apt for a décor with a contemporary setting. A table by Tonin Casa.
Details: height 75 cm, length 160 cm, depth 90 cm. (available in more sizes)

Tonin Casa Wave
Big Table:  A table that suggest a game of balances. An optical path that leads from one element to the next, from one colour to the next; the tilt angle of the legs suggests dynamism; the linearity of the table top adds greater visual stability. The distinct base with a scratch resistant top is designed by the Belgian designer Alain Gilles for Bonaldo. The laser-cut steel legs are available in a range of colourful combinations. The top offers fixed and extendable versions, in an array of finishes. Big Table has won the Good Design Award 2009.
Details: 200 x 100 x h 74 cm (h 76 with solid wood top) Big table fixed; 200/300 x 100 x h 74 cm Big table extensible (available in more sizes)

Bonaldo Big table
Mille: A glass top table with a number of chrome-plated steel legs that vary according to the size of the table and are glued to the top using steel plates. Instead of the usual 4 legs, the cluster of chromed legs were designed to look like ‘trees in a forest' according to the designer Bartoli Design. There is no vantage point from which to see the best side of Mille; whichever angle you look at it from it is a very special table. Mille is a fixed table with a transparent glass table top, available in different shapes and sizes. The chromed steel legs, available in variable quantities depending on the size of the table top, provide maximum stability and visual consistency. A design by Bonaldo.
Details: 180 x h 75 cm Mille round; 240 x 100 x h 75 cm Mille rectangular; 210 x 120 x h 75 cm Mille elliptical (available in more sizes)

Bonaldo Mille
Octa: Order in disorder, lightness, a filigree pattern - these are some of the characteristics that come to mind when thinking about this product, which is designed to be unusual and elegant. The name Octa derives from the Greek word Octo: eight, the number of legs that make up this table designed by Bartoli Design for Bonaldo, made of bent and welded metal rod. Inspired by the game of Mikado pick-up sticks, the Octo legs lend the table an unusual visual lightness, in addition to great solidity and stability. The welded metal base finished in chrome, black nickel or matte paint. The top is available as round, and fixed or extendable rectangular versions, in acid-treated, extra-light glass, or transparent glass. Octa has options for a fixed or extending table. The Octa table by Bonaldo has been awarded within the furniture category the prestigious 2013 Good Design Award, an international design award which is assigned to the most innovative products in the year.
Details: (Three sizes) 200 cm l x 100 cm w x 75 cm high; 250 cm l x 100 cm w x 75 cm high; 300 cm l x 108 cm w x 75 cm high (available in more sizes)

Bonaldo Octa
Prora: This table unveils distinctive nuances in the form of its powerfully expressive sculptured legs reminiscent of a ship’s hull or epitomizing a deconstructed bow (tie), which is also the meaning of Prora in Italian. Designed by Mauro Lipparini for Bonaldo. Prora is a table available both in the fixed or extending versions. The top and base come in different style and finishes. The two independent side extensions make it possible to increase the length of the table top easily, while retaining ultimate stability and solidity.
Details: (Three sizes) D100 cm x H75 cm x W200 cm; D100 cm x H75 cm x W250 cm; D108 cm x H75 cm x W300 cm (available in more sizes)

Bonaldo Prora
Still: It is a collection of six tables in different shapes, sizes and finishes. All have a common base which is characterised by conical cement legs supporting the fixed wooden top, which is available in a variety of finishes. Still is a table by Bartoli Design for Bonaldo. Awards received: Good Design Award, Red Dot Design Award.
Details: 150 cm x 150 cm x 75 cm high – Square; 160 cm across x 75 cm high - Round (available in more sizes)

Bonaldo Still
Vanessa: It is a fixed table characterised by a transparent glass table top, available in different shapes and sizes.  The base with the evocative butterfly shape in walnut-painted wood is made of multi-laminar wood veneer glued to the glass top with steel plate. Vanessa is a table by Bonaldo.
Details: 120 cm wide x 280 cm long x 75 cm high – Rectangle; 120 cm wide x 220 cm long x 75 cm high - Oval (available in more sizes)

Bonaldo Vanessa
Venezia: Named after one of Italy's most unique and romantic cities, the Venezia table from Tonin Casa.  Each leg of the Venezia is laser-cut to perfection, revealing an ornate design that elegantly plays with low passing light. Additionally, Tonin Casa presents a masterful walnut or oak veneered table top that adds a grounded presence to your living room. Available in wood, glass or glass ceramic inner tops; as well as in different finishes, size; whether fixed or extendable. Venezia suits décor or setting with ethnic or oriental look but contemporary is never less.
Details: height 75 cm, width 160 cm, depth 90 cm; height 75 cm, width 200 cm, depth 110 cm (available in more sizes)

Tonin Casa Venezia
Firenze: Named after the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence, the Firenze table draws upon classical Italian architecture while staying true to modern design ideals. The perfect helix (wood strips combined to form a spiral sculpture) of veneered MDF wood blocks composes the base of this glass table, while the chromed foot plate reflects the spiral from below. The glass table top in available in clear or extra-clear versions. The base is available in Canaletto walnut finish or white lacquered. Designed by Nicola Tonin for Tonin Casa.
Details: height 75 cm, 120 cm of diameter (available in more sizes)

Tonin Casa Firenze
Capri: This table evokes Italian history and the evolution of classical Greco-Roman belief. The metal base holds the transparent glass top like two crisscrossing bands of energy, and is balanced by polished marble at the table's foot. Capri is a fixed table with the metal frame and marble base in different finishes. Designed by Angelo Tomaiuol for Tonin Casa, Capri comes in round and oval shape.
Details: round: height 75 cm, 140 cm diameters; Oval: height 75 cm, 220 x 120 cm. (available in more sizes)

Tonin Casa Capri
TL Kayla: A dining table by Bonaldo. The central leg has two inclined elements which, with the table top, form the letters T and L. Clean-cut shapes create strong visual impact, and the top is available in wood, glass, or ceramic. TL Kayla is available in the fixed and extending version and it stands out for the extensive range of finishes that can be combined: the base can come in painted metal and with copper, brass or pickled effect.
Details: Available in different sizes

Bonaldo TL Kayla
Colosseo: A fixed or extendable table that is inspired by the Colosseum monument and hence the name of the table. This piece evokes Italy's love for ancient Roman architecture. Like the classical arena, the Colosseo base balances structure with spacious gaps to reveal a composition as hardy as it is elegant. The fixed is available in round or elliptical solid wood base with marble or glass top and the extendable is available in elliptical, solid wood base; with aluminum guide bar; tempered glass top. Designed by Nicola Tonin for Tonin Casa.
Details: round: height 75 cm, 140 cm diameters; Oval: height 75 cm, 220 x 120 cm. (available in more sizes)

Tonin Casa Colosseo
Siena: It is the definitive example of Alf's ability to combine classical and contemporary, with a high-gloss black finish and sharp design lines. The table is finished with a glossy lacquer coat. Siena can be extended from a 6 seater to an 8 seater.
Details: L196 cm x p108 cm , h 78 cm for normal; L 160 cm x P 100 cm H 77 cm for extendable (Extends to 250 cm). (available in more sizes)

Alf Siena
We hope you enjoyed our list of handpicked dining tables to make your everyday dining at one of these a enjoyable one. To know more about dining tables read our blog on The Simply Sofas Guide to Buying Dining Tables.

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