Friday, May 13, 2016

4 Factors to Consider before Buying Home Theatre Seating

If you’re planning to call your friends over for a Live screening of a football match or a blockbuster movie Blu-ray release on your big screen, you would want them to enjoy the home theatre experience and make sure that everything goes smoothly as planned. Before you do so, you need to check everything from the big screen, lighting, sound to home theatre seating. Just as comfort becomes an important of any setting. The home theatre seater on which your friends and family will seat needs to be comfortable so that your guests don’t have to change their posture to make themselves feel at home. Planning a recliner or theatre seating requires some research. But, with a Stressless home theatre you don’t have to. Here are some good reasons why it’s the best in home theatre seating.

1. Adjustable Recliner: While watching that big game or movie on your home theatre system, you are likely to change your posture 300 times in a normal chair or sofa. But, with a Stressless Home Theatre seating, the recliner responds to your slightest movement so you can enjoy movies or shows back to back for hours. Stressless upholstery is made from top grain leather which is available in different colours and materials. Each seat is adjustable to your posture, thanks to the perfectly balanced Glide system that automatically adjusts to your body weight, with no buttons or levers to pull. Also, the Plus system automatically provides correct support for your head with its height-adjustable headrests and lower back support. The function is double-sided for maximum stability, functionality and lifetime use. With these advantages you can spend hours in front of the big screen without having to worry about changing posture or getting comfortable.

Home Theatre seating by Stressless
2. Happy feet: The unrivalled comfort on the Stressless home theatre seating is incomplete without the ottoman or footstool which is ingenious in many ways. Comfort and functionality comes in perfect harmony with the Stressless double ottoman and Stressless oval ottoman. The Stressless double ottoman ottoman offers ample space to rest your feet and a storage space hidden by the tabletop which is fitted over the ottoman. The tabletop serves as a handy beverage holder. The Stressless oval ottoman has a removable pillow that doubles the space as a convenient table. The pillow can be stored underneath the tabletop when not in use.

3. Room for food, drink and remote control: The sector table is upholstered like the sofa and hides a storage space under the top of the armrest. The sector table is treated as a fixed unit along with the recliner seating. The corner table is free-standing allowing you to re-organize the furniture when needed. Together these keep everything you need at arm's reach. Your remotes, popcorn, drinks or snacks can be placed on – or in the neat storage places that also function as tables.

Functional Footstool and Sector Table
4. Customised home theatre seating: Stressless home cinema solutions can be arranged in such a way that it suits any size and living space. All models can be arranged in varies set ups, and each models’ measurements vary from the others. Some of our Stressless home theatre seating collection includes - Stressless Arion, Stressless Wave, Stressless Space, Stressless Legend. These recliners are available in a three seater, two seater, and single seat to create your perfect home theater solution. They also come in high and low back editions. The brilliance lies in the flexibility of the modules.

You can visit a Simply Sofas showroom near you, test drive your favourite Stressless recliner, choose the size and colour and at the end of it you’ll get a top notch customized home theatre experience. Now you can enjoy the sights and sounds of home theater in amazing Stressless comfort every day.

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