Saturday, April 21, 2018

Interior Design Trend Analysis MDW 2018 Report: Day 4 and Day 5

Colours. Change and challenge.

Colours and finishes matter greatly to the interior design and furniture industry, simply because of the large number of uniquely produced elements that come together to make a room beautiful and functional.

When a sofa engages with a handmade carpet, the colour synergy pre-exists in the system. These tones are made to come together by an interior designer or architect on the notion that they present the right picture, for that room. And of course it depends on the skill and effectiveness of the designer creating the ensemble.

We found some vividly established trends, across all segments.

Perhaps the biggest trend is the use of gold, bronze and brass - a vague assimilation of symbiont metallics that is best described as alchemical, or surreal. Legs of chairs, vertical supports of shelving, Richness and class are direct results.

Dark and light - the usage of similar colours in two deeply contrasting tones.
A dark forest green and a lighter, almost desaturated pastel green.
Wine red/burgundy and light pink.
Deep rust/terracotta and a subtle peach.
Royal blue and the baby blue off-tone.

These need not exist together; the colour palette has expanded such that they are seldom used in concert. More often, the darks are used together, as are the pastels. This evens out the context of presentation, in say, for example, a dining space with chairs of multiple colour tones. One thing to note though - the darks work best with single tone upholstery, especially velvet.

These tones are being used in upholstery, laminates, paints on walls and cabinetry, carpets, drapes, wallpaper. They go well with metallics.

Bronze-gold, high gloss black chrome and warm grey metallics are accents that are used for legs of tables and cabinets, small panels, taps, handles and small decorative elements. They are required to add a luxe quality to any ambience.

Warm grey and blue remain primary base colours, and are used on core surfaces - walls, ceiling and floor - setting the stage for class and style easily. Blue, golden yellow and even red maintain relevance, as product differentiators.

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