Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Design Manifesto - Milan Design Week, Day 1

Good design is the product of reason. This simplified notion is at the root of the attitude driving the spurt of new design at the Milan Furniture Fair this year.

The design community seems to have come out in force to make a statement that new ideas are the way to go, despite the changing geopolitical landscape across the globe. For over 50 years, iSaloni Milano has always been the birthplace of design and innovation in interiors and furniture. This year, we see numerous new materials, colours and concepts coming into vogue. While some of these have gained momentum from previous years, fashion trends have also entered mainstream interiors.

Most important though are the new design ideas that have risen from three things:

The past, a retro idiom of reinterpretation
Combination of pre-existing elements
Alternative materials being used
Manufacturers have integrated varied design philosophies and broken old rules.

‘Emotion’ is the core of the Milan manifesto this year. This is relevant at a time when much of the world is facing a demographic shift, and people from all over connect at will. Emotion is at the heart of the changing nature of furniture and that remains the basis of great design.

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