Friday, April 20, 2018

Milan Design Week 2018 Report: Day 2 and Day 3

There's so much happening at the Milan Design Week that we have covered both Day 2 and Day 3 in this article. We've been touring around different brands, exhibitions, and art installations and here are some trends and new designs that caught our attention.

Day 2
Easily seen is the technology driving new innovation in furniture. Sofas with 360 degrees movement, seen in Koinor's new design 360° sofa, it moves to whichever angle you want. Each seat can be adjusted to any angle and allows you to relax in a comfortable posture with adjustable headrest and footrest. The coffee tables are no longer fixed, they open out when you need them, with a single touch.

From living, you will see new technology entering dining space. Inspired by the tech culture, the new Lab dining table by Calligaris extends with a touch of a button. It keeps the legs on the perimeter for maximum comfort. The table contains experience, craftsmanship, and the latest technologies of living. Lab is equipped with safety control system and a rechargeable battery that guarantees long life.

This year when it comes key trending materials brass tones and natural woods in contemporary forms mark a strong new trend. Brass tones were also seen in Molteni&C's cabinetry. The secondary trending materials include glass, metal, and stone on tables across most brands. Marble seems to be disappearing in this year's collection.

Velvets in different tones have surfaced as the defining upholstery material of the year.

This year the walls have caught our extra attention with intense colour schemes in kitchens, bathrooms, living.

Day 3
This year transformation, motion/movement, and flow seem to be the primary ideology behind the cutting-edge designs. One of the noteworthy mentions is the Blossom table by A. Casati. Parts of the table open up like curtain bringing surprise as an emotion at the very heart of the design. Movement is also very clear in Calligaris' table and the coffee table we mentioned earlier.

Our visit to Salone Satellite was quite interesting with young designers having recognised and won the Red Dot award. Natalia Wieteska's Brinkk sideboard is a storage solution inspired by the sculptural forms of contemporary architecture. The seemingly gravity-defying, monolithic, block of timber with its incision is an exercise in precision and perspective. The full collection consists of a range of sideboards and bookshelves which use this approach as inspiration. This product has won the Red Dot Award for Design Concept. Cecilia Xinyu Zhang is another young designer whose works - The Fifth D Clock and Equant Suspension are worth mentioning as well.

When it comes to bathrooms, Cleanet Riva shower toilet is something new with the sensor based washer. A design by Laufen.

Another exciting design was the Dornbracht’s “Aquamoon,” created in collaboration with designer Michael Neumayr. It consists of the four different shower rays, which in combination with the different light scenarios make showering an experience for all the senses.

Keep watching this space for more. As we cover trending colours in our next article.

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