Monday, April 11, 2016

A throwback to the Last Milan Fair

Last year our brands presented a host of new products at the Salone del Mobile Milano. Some of them really took everyone by surprise, while others brought freshness even within the framework of their design style. Here are a few of the eye-catching and products that stole the show include:

Alf Italia: With many innovations, vast collections, beautiful high-gloss finishes, wood at the core of its legacy, and a blend of neo-classicism with contemporary, Alf settled on its true sensation of luxury elegance through made in Italy. Along with dining table, beds and side table, the bar cabinet amplified the trend with its respectable veneer on the outside and a bold monotone on the inside.

Calligaris: With dining at its centre stage, there were other solutions that reflected new ideas and concepts which include study tables, storage and display, lights, mirrors, coat stands, light storage and accessories. Some of the noteworthy collections include Damasco mirror, bookshelf, Kioo mirror, cathedral, Basil barstool, Flow coat stand, Baku table lamp, Tender side table, and dining tables like Cartesio, Levante and Status.

Tonin Casa: Known for its technical breakthroughs in Italian design and innovations, the brand displayed an infusion of Venetian metal art, laced with middle-eastern influences. Their expertise in dining furniture is evident from the materials that define fine Italian living. The last year’s collection ranged from intricate metal base of a dining table to the combination of classical bronze metal with marble and glass. The Venezia dining table, the Honey side table with chest of drawers, the Ventaglio console, the Rafaello coffee table, the spiral base Firenze dining table, the Colosseo dining table inspired by the Colosseum, and Capri glass dining table were some of the collection that took the crowd by fascination.

Koinor: The brand is well known for its German heritage in sofa making, and a better understanding of human behavior and design. Last year Koinor broke the predictive trends. One of them was an exclusive selection of high-grade upholsteries. Some products came with 5mm leather, which is meant only for certain products and requires extraordinary know-how to use. The products that made a noticeable appearance include Joleen (recliner), Patch (sofa), Neil (orange leather sofa), Cosima (sofa), Silencio (recliner), and Igor (chairs).

NicolettiHome: Adept in designing the perfect sofa, Nicoletti is all about motion, quality, comfort and aesthetics. Sofas like Mood, Serena, Sharon, Itaca, and Tesla were some of the sofas that caught people’s attention last year. Mood and Itaca were talked about most because of their their functionality and explosion of colours.

Natuzzi: During the fair, the brand exhibited many new products at the Total Living concept. Six new sofas were shown at Salone del Mobile that include Long Beach, Svevo, Holly  Iago, Philo and Aplomb. Others include the bed collection had a new model Fenice, the new Accademia table and the Sonata chair were introduced together with a new collection of table accessories. The other two Natuzzi product lines: Natuzzi Revive and Natuzzi Editions also showcased their new offers at the Salone.

Fama: The brand which is known for its colourful products had host of products unveiled at the fair, to name a few - Madison, My soul, Madison L seater, Roxane, Moon and Lenny. This brand managed to arrest the crowd’s attention with its custom-printed upholstery feature. Technology meets self-expression in Fama's innovative digital printing fabrics. This not only made a statement at Milan but also changed the way furniture is seen.

Every year the fair keeps getting better and takes the audience by surprise with the new designs, materials, technology and innovations across different brands. From tomorrow (April 12, 2016) Simply Sofas will be covering the Salone del Mobile 2016 Live. Get the latest all at your fingertips by visiting: 
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