Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Preview: Top Events of Interest at MDW 2016 for Architects

Every year at Milan Design Week and Furniture Fair, there are numerous events that go on alongside the main iSalone furniture fair. It isn’t uncommon to hear visitors gush that there’s so much to see and so little time. Fortunately, help is at hand: throughout MDW season this year, we’ll be covering the most important and interesting news, with a focus on subjects of special interest to architects and interior designers.

In this post, we take a small glimpse at some of the most relevant events, outside the main iSalone event. This year, two things that catch our attention the most are exhibitions at the Triennale Design Museum, and an interiors-focussed event in the Brera district. Of course, the Salone Satellite is always very exciting, but given its scale, it’s an event that deserves a special section on its own. We will bring you a richer report in the coming week (you can subscribe for updates here).

In the meanwhile, you should know about “ROOMS. Novel Living Concepts”, an exhibition which examines how we spend our lives in these partitions within interior spaces. Eating, sleeping, working, resting, relaxing, thinking – rooms are expected to facilitate every aspect of human endeavour.  Held at the Triennale, this exhibition starts with a look at rooms through history, and goes on to feature works by renowned architects on their approaches to room design, ranging from the practical, to the purely conceptual.

Carlo Ratti's 'pin room' on display at the Triennale can be endlessly customized.
The other significant event is at Porta Nuova, and is aptly dubbed, “space&interiors”, as a showcase of the latest trends in the world of finishes. Here, you can expect a novel multi-sensory experience that immerses you in breakthrough materials, components, and ideas, covering everything from glass, floors, doors and handles, to windows, surfaces, facades, and even home entertainment.

A glimpse of the space&interiors event. Image credit: Migliore+Servetto
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