Friday, April 22, 2016

Milan Design Week 2016: Office Space Trends

It wasn't just the turnout that was unprecedented at this year's edition of Salone del Mobile - it was also the degree of focus in emerging trends. As we mentioned earlier, the convergence of colour and material trends at MDW2016, was sharper than ever. This was seen even in the innovation for office spaces, with balance between "me" and "us" being a key theme.
Workplace 3.0 is the biggest event specifically focussed on offices. The exhibition hosted "The Walk", an installation by Michele De Lucchi, that explored how offices of the future need to shed convention and breed innovation.

The installation showcased four zones, focussed respectively, on interpersonal communication, balancing solo work with collaboration, special events, and actual creation with the tools of one's trade. All four zones are surrounded by greenery, providing the best setting for people to produce inspired work.
This need for balance between collaboration and individual work was evident across several other exhibits too.

The "Boring Collection" was one instance that offered discreet, unobtrusive but elegant furniture as one way of allowing people at the workplace to stay in a comfortable and visually positive environment, while also not being distracted by overly flamboyant furniture.

Another exploration of balance was this acoustically limiting discussion area, with proportions and fabric that makes it work just right. Better than glass, flexible and colourful.

Community design seating is important always. "River Must Flow" brought together modules in various colours and angles to accommodate seating that's comfortable and aesthetic.

Polish designer Agata Nowak's 'Offline Chair' featured a special design to cut out ambient noise, so you can hear yourself. A special pouch insulates your cellphone from signal. No ringing, no beeps. Just your whole human self again.

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