Wednesday, April 24, 2019

EUROLUCE 2019: Lighting as flexible as light itself

We were at the world’s biggest International Lighting Exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019, reporting LIVE from the Rho fairgrounds. As avant garde as the biennial exhibition usually is, this year’s display has exquisitely upped the ante. Designers are innovating futuristic solutions that actually bear the power to catapult the entire lighting industry to defining its next stage in its constant metamorphosis.

Seeing things differently

Lighting transcends form at Euroluce 2019. Unprecedented designs stretch from walls to the ceiling. Hang mid-air in eccentric shapes like an art installation. Flex over furniture, halfway across the room, to make a style statement. Materials like LED tape, electric cables, leather straps, and aluminium are invading the lighting space to garner more flexibility to the design. Modularity takes over to offer lighting units that can be seamlessly expanded, extended, and adapted. Technology and materials are creating design that can flourish across multiple physical spaces. Lighting objects are evolving, turning into systems rather than singular entities, to adopt countless number of configurations, to meet endless desire.

Here are a few of the designs that really lit up our world at Euroluce 2019!

Lighting under the spotlight: The best of Euroluce 2019

Light in many forms.

All things big and beautiful.

Enchanting hanging lights.

Lines make light. The need to create differences out of the ordinary grows.

Lighting straps, not cables.

Ceiling lights or wall lights? Everything has changed.

Original lighting designs by Michael Anastassiades. That are as much fun as unconventional. The flexible design lets the individual lighting pieces be arranged in endless number of combinations. Design that thrills and can be played around with. Presented by Flos.

What switch? The future of light is here.

App control.

Artemide goes app. Membrane lights.

Slamp at Milan Design Week.

Ross Lovegrove for Vista Alegre. Lighting as physics.

Art Deco lighting meets marine life.

Decorations dominate the new lighting design trends.

Light as an art installation.

Nautilus. Many makes one. Lighting innovation at Milan Design Week.

Light and fabric.

Light itself (and not the device) as a design element.

Marble and single point LEDs.

A vision to connect people through light. Nothing does that better than this breathtaking installation - Breath of Light. Just breathe and experience the sound and light effect. Design by Preciosa.

Carousel of Light. As you wander through, the lights above light up, fading away as you move on. The platform under the lights is rotating and moving people. Once a visitor sits on a horse and starts rocking, the installation will respond to this action. This installation is composed of nearly 8000 spheres in opal, amber frosted, clear and pink frosted hues stretching eight metres in diameter. The spheres are hung in groups of four, almost 2000 suspensions in total. The goal is to connect people and bring about emotions through the light. A joint design by Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug

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All reports straight from Milan Design Week.
April 9-14
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