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Sustainability Meets Design At Milan Design Week 2019

Milan Design Week 2019 saw many designers making sustainable design the primary focus of their innovations. Brands turned environmentally-conscious and embraced sustainability by either minimising, or eliminating, or rather reusing plastic waste to create furniture. New eco-friendly materials replaced old ones in a bid to take a step towards a future that looks more reliable than the one we are seeing right now.

Here are some designs and innovations that we found really futuristic in their approach towards an eco-friendly lifestyle!

Paving the way forward

Green Smart Living. A sustainable and circular architecture that comprises of a design unit and a garden. Advocating a new, healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. Putting the philosophy of ‘living green’ into practice. Where architecture, design, and technology meet. So that humans finally live in harmony with the environment.

New material like bioplastic becomes popular with designers at Milan Design Week 2019. Material that comes from renewable vegetable sources such as sugarcane. Reduces CO2 emission by about 70% as compared to traditional plastic. Biodegradable, eco-sustainable, and resilient. Can significantly reduce the problem of plastic waste suffocating our planet.

Embracing the same new biodegradable material, Calligaris unveils the Vela chair, consciously called the chair with a green soul. Apart from using bioplastic, the chairs are made from polyprylene that is 40% recycled material from uncontaminated manufacturing waste. The chairs are decked up in fabric that is 75% eco-friendly, produced from post-consumer recycled PET. With this Vela Green project, Calligaris takes a big leap forward towards protecting nature and increasing respect for the environment.

Recycled chairs for the outdoors. Simple sophistication that is also in sync with the environment.

Lemon jelly, the Portugal shoe brand, that has a distinction of making shoes from plastic, unveiled a specific collection where the plastic they use, is 100 percent recycled. This very special collection uses shoe lining that is 90 percent recycled, elastic that is 70 percent recycled, and box that is 100 percent recycled. Consequently they make 0 percent waste and emit 90 percent less CO2 in the environment.

Art strives to drive the message home that a world of plastics cannot serve us. Milan marks a movement towards the natural with this iconic sculpture.

Designers put waste to use in creative ways to make products that stand out. Sustainable designs rule at Milan Design week.

Capsula Mundi explores the theme of death through an egg-shaped container made of biodegradable material, in which a deceased person's ashes or body are placed. The capsule is then inserted into the ground like a seed, and a tree planted above it becomes a place for mourning and memory. By creating a cycle that transfers life from humans to plants, this approach abstracts the boundary between humans and their environment.

Perhaps the best looking storage unit this year? CPUs made into drawers. Reusability comes to the fore at Milan Design Week.

Tiered Kambha Composter. Made of terracotta. Designed by the Indian designer, Poonam Kasturi Bir. Went mainstream with her venture, Daily Dump, and revolutionized the way kitchen waste is managed in Indian homes. This three-tiered compost encourages people to adopt the habit of composting in their daily lives to manage waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Mixtape. Recycled post-consumer cassette tape, postindustrial cotton, wool, linen,silk, and rayon. Brooklyn based textile designer Scott Bodenner uses the now-obsolete cassette tapes to weave lustrous magnetic filaments from them, along with other recycled materials such as cotton, wool, and silk into elegant fabrics. Maybe you don’t make personalized mixtapes anymore but perhaps you can cherish some personalized fabrics!

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Straight from Milan Design Week 2019.
April 9 to 14.
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