Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Milan Design Week: Day One

The 58th edition of the Milan Design Week kicked off this week in the design capital of the world and we are there to witness the ‘Design In Concerto’. 

We can see the city’s centrality and creative capacity reflected in all things design. 

This year’s focus is on ‘ingenuity’ of design. Designs that are aesthetic as well as capable of being put to imminent use. Designs that are game changers. The Rho fairgrounds wear a colourful and exciting look, flooded with new materials, the latest interior design innovations, sustainable design, pathbreaking furniture design, workspace advances, and lighting breakthroughs. 

This year promises a riot of colour with brighter interiors and bolder prints. This year promises designs for a changing world.

We have been touring the grounds all day long and here are some of the designs, art installations, and exhibitions that caught our eye.

Sofas sport richer and more evocative prints. 

Blush tones and gold accents come back as trending colours in vogue. 

Pastels get a warm welcome back as favoured colours across fabrics and furniture upholstery. 

Gilded accents complement fabrics to set new exhilarating material trends.  

The regular snooker table gets a makeover with the new felt colour adorning the tabletop that now comes with a foldable cover.

 New materials find their way to the fore of the design world as Calacatta marble prominently decks up many tabletops. 

 Tabletops also find quite a fascinating expression in marbled ceramics. 

Stone is yet another favourite with tabletops and an extra large dimension heralds a new scale of dining statement.

 Wood and metal see a resurgence across furniture and wall accessories such as clocks. 

 Leather, wood, and metal come together to offer a rare elegance to the dining with an ‘Art Deco Minimalism’. 

Velveteen upholstery replaces traditional leather-bound furniture across many brands. 

This year, brands also make a noteworthy push towards sustainable design. There has been a conscious usage of sugarcane and other organic materials in the making of furniture, that is quite pronounced across a number of designs. 

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LIVE now from Milan Design Week 2019. 
April 9 to 14.

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