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The Complete Homes - Avant Garde Furniture For Every Room

Finding the right furniture for every room in the house can be a daunting task as it involves multifaceted decisions on areas concerning aesthetics, functionality and availability of space. For those who seek to go bold and express their personality, taste and style, welcome to Simply Sofas, where we engineer stylish furniture to suit your home and every corner.

Living Room - Rendezvous for Formal or Casual Setting, Family or Personal Relaxation
For grandiose evenings with big gatherings, our large sofa sets can make evenings larger than life. Modular and symmetrical, sofas like Cava, Selva, Campus, Arianne Love will do the trick whatever the space and corner.

For family and casual seating, sofas with chaise longue or reclining feature are good to unwind on, where everyone in the family gets their share of unprecedented comfort. Sofas like Sofextra, Serena, Herman, Omega, Avalon are a great option.
If you're someone who likes to binge watch TV or read a book in a comfortable position whether lying or throwing your feet up, then modular sofas with versatile backrest is an option to consider. Maxx, Mood, Puzzle, Bubble are your accomplice.
Have unannounced guests or friends who are likely to stay overnight? Considering a sofa bed is a great option. Alcova, Notturno, Dali are few options to ponder on.
Choosing to have a personal or odd chairs along with your setting makes it look aesthetically pleasing. Whether you plan to have a high back wide armchair or just a wide chair with an ottoman, the choice is yours. But, be prepared for compliments, neighbours or guests are likely to be amazed.
And of course, if you're a couple, you can be closer or apart with the Epos and Edit Free Motion sofas. Besides, if you really enjoy each other's company and like to get cosy, MyApple, MoonriseXL, Helsinki, Brio, Philo are some of the options.
Accessories such as coffee tables, lamps, vases, carpets, clocks, coat hangers, bind together the look of a room. Choose from our extensive collection to enrich your living area.
Fine Dining, Lounge Dining, Easy Dining and Everything in-Between
A place where family gathers for brunch or dinner or for grandeur celebrations, whatever the need there's a table and chair to match every occasion. Fixed dining table for smaller gatherings and extensible for bigger ones. The extensible ones can double up for more people from 4 to 8 people and from 6 to 12 people. This feature allows you to be prepared for unexpected circumstances. Likewise, when choosing a finish, whether glass, wood, marble or ceramic, it all depends on the kind of people and situation that span over a period of time.

Having children around may require choosing scratch resistant and a non-glass table. Having a classical setting, may arise a need for a wooden table. If you want to make your space seem larger, you may might want to opt for a glass table. Therefore, it is not just the gathering, but other aspects such as the need, situation, people, lifestyle and aesthetics. Size matters! Round, square or rectangular, we have it all. Chairs in myriad colours, texture and material. Mix and match. When choosing a dining set, you want something that is functional, stylish, durable, stable, well-suited to your decor, seats the right number of people, and as just about choosing one that ticks all the boxes. In addition, our fine collection of cabinets, sideboards, bookshelves, and entertainment consoles will suit any interior style and are available in a range of finishes, materials and sizes.

Bedrooms, and The Accents of Limitless Joy
A place to rest. A place to dream. A place to get all dressed for work, parties or otherwise. Shouldn't it be elegant, comfortable and inspiring? Finely crafted beds from world famous furniture makers like Natuzzi, Alf, Calligaris, Bonaldo, and Tonin Casa. Available as double beds and single beds in a choice of fine upholstery.

Mattresses designed to give your body the best rest and weal. High-quality cabinets and dressers with robust storage systems - everything you need for a perfect bedroom.

Entertain In Absolute Comfort With Home Theatre Seats
Small, medium or large, whatever the size you need for the recliner in your home theatre room, we have it. The seats recline and can be adjusted according to your posture. Some even offer you a your favourite chilled drink, with an inbuilt chiller. Some have a lazy susan to hold popcorn and a case to hold your drink. Take time off for the most comfortable cinema experience ever, with our range of home theatre seating.

The Little Stylish Things
From clocks with exquisite serigraphy, to accents with head-turning aesthetics - and lots besides. Our range of accessories ensures that the options to personalise are limited only by imagination. Mirrors, clocks, vases, coat hanger, coffee or centre tables, side tables, carpets, lights and much more.

For Nightcaps and Moments That Call For Toasting
Modern and contemporary, our selective collection of bar units and trolleys are perfect for displaying your favourite spirits, wines, and drinkware, while entertaining in style. An essential addition to your stylish home bar or cocktail bar.

The Great Outdoors
Here's what you will need for your next soirée or pool party. Attractive outdoor furniture that sets the mood, offers unparalleled comfort and complements the space. For home, office, commercial space. Chairs, loungers, tables, daybeds, umbrellas, pergolas, divider panels and more.

Over 360 innovative designs at any given time. Choose off the floor or order to meet your unique needs. There’s something for every corner, and every space. Showrooms in 4 cities, delivered anywhere.

Saturday, May 02, 2020

The Little Stylish Things of Joy

Turning a blind eye to details is a mistake most people do when it comes to accentuating their space. No matter how big or dainty they may seem, details are essential. Add these exquisite and stylish accessories to your home that bind the look of the room together.

1. Calligaris Magazine
Great for the odd space, Magazine is made of tubular metal with a top in wood or marbled ceramic resting on a gilded frame with a leather magazine holder. This table conveys sophisticated stylishness that whispers rather than shouts.

2. Tonin Casa Chèri
A Tosca Design, Chèri boasts elegance. A crystal glass showcase, with mirrored backs and decorated with thick leather details designed to enrich any living area with a touch of style.

3. Calligaris Damasco
Refined silk-screened arabesques create a graceful, delicate design on this timeless mirror by Calligaris. Damasco is available in 3 colours and sizes. Each size comes with a distinct decorative pattern.

4. Bonaldo Tree
One cannot miss this beautiful coat stand, inspired by trees, and made of coloured polyethylene; thanks to its resistance to atmospheric agents, it can also be used outdoors. Tree is available in a wide range of colours.

5. Reflex Hanami Buffet
The chic and strikingly attractive Hanami Buffet Sideboard has two sliding doors which are covered in etched glass with a digitally printed Deco art. The legs are available in transparent glass or in brass or titanium finished metal. Designed by Reflex Angelo.

6. Alf Vega
The Vega centre table by Alf is seen here in the Rim surfaced oak and Concrete surface. Goes with any classic or modern setting.

7. Tonin Casa Wood
Wood is a coat hanger and a console table at the same time. Seen here in Canaletto walnut and an Agata pink lacquered shelf.

8. Natuzzi Silo
Inspired by rustic influences, most notably the landscape, architecture and lifestyle of apulia, Silo fits the most discerning classical setting. Designed by Marcel Wanders, Silo is available with a padded seat for use as an ottoman or pouf, or with a wooden tray top for use as a coffee table with storage option.

9. Bonaldo Summer
Do you want summer to last forever? Bright and colourful, Summer makes one wonder whether it is a bookshelf or a sideboard. It stands out for its vertical trapezium shape and features a drawer and an open compartment.  Designed by Gino Carollo.⠀

10. Tonin Casa Albatros 
Angular yet elegant, Albatros multi-shelf bookcase with lacquered metal shelves and wooden wall support is perfect for a functional and design work environment.

11. Tonin Casa Matrioska 
A bold new way to perceive everyday spaces, the Matrioska coffee table with a wooden storage top and metal base.

12. Calligaris Bluma
The sophisticated design of this ceramic vase resembles the shape of a flower bulb. The Bluma ceramic vase is perfect for enhancing a corner of your house or simply for holding flowers. Available in different colours, it will also be much appreciated when received as a gift!

13. Calligaris Pom Pom
The Pom Pom lamp by Calligaris is the result of the botanical study of some exotic plant species. The two glass lighting elements develop symmetrically and harmoniously on the frame, which is softened by a soft touch finish. The frame is made of metal, while the base is in cement and resin.

14. Tonin Casa Alga
Defined by soft, quiet lines, Alga is a metal structure that culminates in elegant, round coat hangers. Designed by Davide Bozzini for Tonin Casa.

15. Tonin Casa Nota
A metal wall bookcase inspired by a musical note. Nota is practical and designed to give your books a proper movement. Designed by Michele Scarpa.

16. Tonin Casa Tiffany
The very chic Tiffany, is an upholstered side table with a Canaletto walnut finish in a rhombus patterned Ottanio leather.

17. Bonaldo Muffin
The familiar shape of the famous American cakes adds a touch of sweetness to every setting. Muffin can be used either as a coffee table or a seat. Available in an array of colours.

18. Bonaldo May
May is a new concept of an object within an object, a range of shelving units with a strong personality. A bold design and innovative modularity. Not just a bookcase, but an object that lends itself to personal usage interpretations. Both the frame and the shelves are made of matt painted metal available in a wide range of colours. Can be used along with April and June or individually, adapting to any interior décor to perfection.

19. Tonin Casa Winderly
Winderly is an unusual mirror designed by Davide Bozzini. The mirror rests on a wooden structure, whose simplicity is embellished with a gorgeous black tassel. Available in three sizes.

20. Tonin Casa Pangea
Islands, metal and wood cubes nearing and melting, to create a continent-library that can host books and various objects. Pangea is developed in modules, which means it can occupy a whole wall, or it can be an icing on the cake, following your very own taste and balance.

21. Tonin Casa Log
Log is a coffee table with three ellipses revolving on three different levels, composing the innovative and elegant line. The combinations of colours and materials, offered by marble, and lacquered wood tops, make it the perfect focal point of your living-room.

22. Tonin Casa Macrabè 
Macrabè has a melted glass casting that dresses a square or rectangular mirror with elegance, to give a touch of luxury to your home. Available in two sizes.

23. Tonin Casa Marguerite
A peculiar cut and a unique shape, breaking to add a new space - other than the mirror - to the structure's pattern. Wood comes out enriched, and its marriage with bronzed, or silver mirrors, makes Marguerite a one-of-a-kind piece.

24. Calligaris Memorabilia
Memorabilia is a coat stand with wooden frame. Made entirely from solid beech-wood, the shape of the stand evokes a tree with roots, trunk and branches. The central column rests on a triangular tripod base, while the upper part of the stem has 2 pairs of 3 hooks: the first ones are small, while the second ones are large and equipped with a special rounded coat hook. A practical and light-weight furnishing that is perfect for the entry way or bedroom.

25. Tonin Casa Dreamy
Dreamy just looks like a delicately composed dream-catcher. Designed by Davide Bozzini, this hanging lamp, comes with a chromed metal structure that surrounds a fusion glass light-diffuser so that light can spread softly and warmly through your rooms.

Friday, May 01, 2020

6 Soothing Colours to Use at Home

When it comes to choosing colours for your interiors, you may have grey areas on which colours to use and which ones not to. Don't bother. We are here to help you make good decisions so that your home can be an oasis of calm and a soothing place to abide in.

And of course, we won't be suggesting you old-school white or shocking pink, but some muted and pastel colours that have an enormous impact on you, psychologically, emotionally and even physically as well as hues that make your space seem more expansive and cosier. All you have to do is know what kind of feeling you want in the room. If relaxation is your goal, these are definitely the colours to consider.

1. Sky Blue
When we are down in the dumps we always turn to nature and we subconsciously look for blue, like blue skies or beach or ocean on a beautiful day. A gorgeous, cool colour for your interiors is sky blue. Studies say that looking at the colour blue can produce chemicals in the body that promote a calming effect. Sky blue hue induces tranquillity, comfort and serenity, use this colour to add cooling and soothing effect in your rooms. It is also ideal for bathrooms, because it is associated with water. When used in bedrooms, it induces sleep by calming the mind. Peaceful, calm and gentle, blue has tremendous power to manage stress. It's a very soothing colour that helps calm your mind, slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety. This hue makes your room look bigger than its actual size. Soft, light shades of blue bring an airy, relaxing vibe to a room and also provide a calming atmosphere that is subtle and effortless. Whether on the walls or as an accent colour for furniture, the colour gives a very summery, fun vibe to the whole interior.

2. Butter Yellow
How can one think of summer and not think of yellow? The bright, happy colour can revamp any room with a splash of sunshine. There's something very positive about this colour that makes you feel lively and energetic the moment you lay your eyes on it. Yellow gives off energy and warmth. Plus, science suggests that this colour is bound to make you feel happy. A very light, soft pastel yellow can stir feelings of calmness. It doesn’t get much more relaxing than that! So if you want to jump start your day on an energetic note, keep a significant 'yellow thing' in a prominent place at home. A recent research found out that people in the yellow room appeared to be more active and conscious than people in other rooms. It exudes warmth, inspiration and joy. Besides sunlight and spirituality, yellow is also associated with wealth, as it is the colour of gold. Play up the colour in your living room by introducing yellow sofa or a vase filled with marigold and daffodils or any other accessory.  And since yellow pairs great with both lighter and darker tones, the colour balances a room, making it look cheerful and energetic.

3. Soft Green
The cosiness of a soft green is unparalleled. Paired with neutral bedding and decor, it's the epitome of stress relief. It makes perfect sense since this is the colour we associate with nature and the outdoors and it instantly makes us feel relaxed. Pretty much any shade of green will leave you feeling calm, but the lighter shades will have you feeling more chilled out than brighter ones. Green is a restful and a quiet colour. Because it symbolises nature, green attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety and help us stay calm and refreshed. Being surrounded by them while inside your home, can elicit feelings of serenity and contentment. Green is a great hue for your bedroom, as it has both warm and cool elements to it. As the colour of the natural world, green represents freshness and abundance. It has soothing and comforting characteristics. The colour is proven to have a therapeutic effect and is suitable for rooms that focus on well-being and rest.

4. Soft Grey
The right shade of grey can actually be very calming and relaxing. It’s a perfect neutral colour, which means it works well with pretty much any colour or palette. It’s a great option for any room in your home as it makes it feel larger and airier. Many of us think of grey as a dull, boring and a bit depressing colour. But the truth is grey has a very soothing and cooling presence. Grey, when paired with blue or white elements, can create a relaxing atmosphere. For a lighter option, consider soft grey. Just a touch of grey, whether a sofa or an accent can bring about a very calming presence. Keep it soft and subtle. The best part? As a neutral shade, it works well with all of your furnishings you currently own. Its gracefulness and subtlety is perfect even for a dining room. In general, greys and neutrals with a hint of colour makes us feel welcome and comfortable in any given space.

5. Pastel Pink
A blush-painted room filled with plants and natural decor screams relaxation. It's the perfect space to sit back and get lost in a good book. However, a soft pastel pink can definitely bring an element of peace and calm to a space. When choosing the right shade of pink, think soft and light, since a brighter shade could leave you feeling overstimulated. Pastel pink is another colour that promotes tranquillity and peace. In fact, Feng Shui believes pink soothes various energies in a room and keeps them understated. Its peacefulness promotes balance of your energies. It's time to flush the stereotype down the drain that pink is a feminine colour. Use the right shade of pink and at the end of it, we're sure your rooms will look beautiful. Pink is an emotional colour and connotes sensitivity and a caring nature. Hence, it is ideal for bedrooms, as it gives a peaceful touch and makes it look lively.

6. Lilac
Choosing a lighter shade of purple, a soft tone like lilac can bring balance and inner peace. Choosing to imbibe this hue in your interiors can create a peaceful environment. In case you don't want to opt for all-lilac look, try placing a lilac cushion or add curtains in the living room. A muted lilac wall colour is a sophisticated option for a master bedroom. Lilac is thought to be stress-reducing, so this super soft one is sure to lend a calming aura.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, shades they consider beautiful, and shades they do not. While you may be tempted to paint your home in the hues you deem most attractive, you may go ahead, but understanding the psychological effects of a tone can help you achieve a specific mood, energy, and ambience in your interior spaces. 

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

8 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Space

In the interior design world, the colour green induces calmness, relaxation, freshness and elevates one's mood levels making them happy. Being humans, we have a bond with nature which is innate. The great outdoors are breathtaking that we want to bring them inside even if it means to add a bed of pebbles in our gardens or a terrarium to set the mind at ease after a hectic day. Here are a few tips if you wish to carry nature straight into your home.

1. Indoor Plants
There’s no better way to bring the outdoors in than with indoor plants. Get some easy maintenance plants like Split Leaf Philodendrons, Peace Lilies, Snake Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Asparagus Fern, Cacti, Aloe Vera. Plants like rubber trees are easy to grow and maintain and get as tall as eight feet, adding significant style to your space. You don't need lots of shelf or floor space to start an indoor garden. Coffee tables, side tables, and room corners are all great places for putting plants. An important aspect to consider: Make sure your indoor plants have good drainage by providing them with a pot that has a hole in the bottom.

2. Deck the Balcony and Windows
If you have plenty of space on your balcony, you can introduce plants like Areca Palm, English Ivy, Dracaena, Spider Plant, Weeping Fig. The kind of plant you want to grow also depends on the amount of light the space gets. Plants that require low light are Philodendron, Devil’s Ivy, Dracaena and Peace Lily. Also, if you don't have huge terrace or balcony it is totally fine. All you need is a little space right inside your home for these beautiful and useful plants.
When it comes to windows, you can add small herbs and flower pots on your windowsill. Keep the windows open so that the fresh air keeps your room ventilated proficiently. It is also important that your plants receive an adequate amount of natural light. The perfect indoor/outdoor fusion comes to life with floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors and retractable doors that allow for a seamless fresh air living experience.

3. Grow Your Own Herb Garden
Growing your own fruits and vegetables in your kitchen is a great way to get fresh herbs for easy cooking. Plant low-maintenance herbs like lemongrass, cherry tomatoes, coriander, fennel, onion chives, mint, and parsley in a pot. A sunny windowsill is all you need for a mini herb garden in the kitchen or dining room. Before planting herbs, take into account what herbs you will need to most in cooking your daily meals or new recipes.

4. Hanging Plants
Hanging planters become a statement piece on their own. Think of these floating air purifiers as another chic way to add texture and height to a room. If you want a more permanent option, a wall-mounted planter is also a great use of wasted space and can easily be incorporated into wall art and decor.

5. Terrarium Plants, Cacti and Succulents
Terrarium are just like an aquarium for plants, but without water. The see-through glass container is instead filled with soil, small rocks and plants. These quirky pieces can be kept on centre tables, on a console table, sideboard, on the kitchen counter and so on. Caring for cacti is much easier than other houseplants. You can add the cacti on your home office table, dining table, study table or even on centre tables. Using cacti and succulents enhance the aesthetic value of a space.

6. Introduce Vertical Garden
Imagine a wall filled with lush creepers or money plants. Don't you think the wall will display an excellent art by nature? You can craft your own living wall by hanging up a variety of ceramic pots filled with your favourite plants. Whether you select moss, succulents, or herbs, it’s a fresh take on bringing greenery under your roof, and turning your living room into a refreshing paradise.

7. Use Colour Inspired By Nature
If you're not so keen on getting indoor plants, you can still bring the outdoors in by using outdoor inspired colours like earthly tones for soil, green tones for nature, blue tones for sky and yellow for the sun. Try adding murals, wallpapers, soft furnishings like a bedspread or curtains, fabric prints, throw pillows, bamboo plants, bonsai, cane swing chair and so on to enliven a room with a touch of nature.

Fabric Prints

8. Natural Elements
From dining to flooring, choose materials that have a natural look, like wooden flooring, wooden or marble dining table and chairs. All these materials are reminiscent of nature. And of course, there are brands that use Eco-friendly materials, opt for those.

We hope that these 8 creative ways to bring the outdoors in inspires you to accentuate your home with lots of greenery. Nature is a miracle in itself. There are a lot of psychological and physiological benefits of using plants indoors. All you have to do is take a leap of faith and decide for yourself. After all, nature has only good things for us.