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Pamper yourself with the luxurious Stressless Consul

You've worked so hard to be where you are today. You are now a CEO, a successful businessman, or a manager of a company. When you've moved up all the way of the ladder, isn't it time you gift yourself something? perhaps some rest, some comfort or still better, a recliner that gives you both. Pamper yourself with the luxurious Consul recliner by Stressless® . Stately and refined, this design has simple lines, effortless Scandinavian styling and ushers incomparable comfort. With a 360° swivel and patented Glide system, the Consul responds to and works with the motion of your body to give you unmatched support and superior comfort. When you buy a Stressless® recliner, you gain a lot more than just the price you pay. Here are 15 reasons why a Stressless® recliner is worth every penny. 1. Comfort Is Their #1 Priority  Nobody cares more about your personal comfort at home or in the office than Stressless®. The patented Glide system™ is the key to the renowned Stress

The So Good So Big Sale Is Here

Isn't it time to own the luxury you've earned? Spread across South India, Simply Sofas stores in total have 80,000 sq.ft of fine European furniture made in Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands, in short, Europe's finest furniture is on sale in India. Up to 30% off on the entire collection of living , dining , bedroom , home theatre , and more. This is your opportunity to own great design. If you still need reasons, here's why: These original designs are crafted in some of the most advanced facilities in the industry and are shipped straight to us, to you. While the product varies from brand to brand, our sofas are generally made of warp-proof European solid woods, high-resilience webbing, no-sag springs, patented shape-retaining foam, and goose feathers. Our table structures are built with specialised materials and reinforced stainless steel. Both technology and craftsmanship come together to deliver flawless functionality. Almost every type of