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Material Trends: Day 4 Highlights from Milan Design Week 2024

  The unparalleled creativity and ingenuity of Milan Design Week 2024 reaches new heights as we venture into Day 4. Today, the focus shifts towards groundbreaking material trends, innovative designs, new collection launches and mesmerising installations that redefine the boundaries of what's possible in the world of design. Here's a closer look at the highlights from the day. A ceramic marble top featuring a captivating finish that beautifully blends classic elegance and contemporary innovation. Simply Sofas team in the company of the legendary Mr Pasquale Natuzzi, Antonisa Perrone , and Karim Rashid at Natuzzi Italia's Flagship Store. Introducing the latest offerings from Natuzzi : the Snail Sofa featuring an electric sliding backrest and unique ribbed fabric, alongside a space-efficient armchair, and the Colle a sofa designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). A captivating new fabric design from Fama drawing inspiration from the depths of the jungle. Calligaris ' exqu

Emerging Trends: Day 3 Highlights from Milan Design Week 2024

  Milan Design Week 2024 continues to offer a compelling glimpse into the future of design. As we delve into Day 3, the spotlight shines on emerging trends, emerging designers, new designs and installations that are set to redefine the landscape of modern living. Here's a closer look at the highlights from the day. Patterns, fabrics, colours and materials for outdoor furniture from Molteni&C Digital Lavender emerges as the flavour of the time. This ethereal hue infuses spaces with a sense of tranquillity and sophistication. Pastels dominate the design scene. From subtle blush tones to soothing mint shades, pastel palettes infuse interiors with a sense of serenity and understated luxury. MIDJ's theme at Tortona Rocks 2024, an event known for investigating new design attitudes, with a focus on ecological responsibility and the valorisation of know-how. New designs at Salone: Inspired by the idea of purity and reduction of forms to the essential, the Globalove armchair, desi

Snapshots of Day 1 & 2: Simply Sofas LIVE at Milan Design Week

  Milan Design Week , the world's ultimate design event has kicked off, and we're here with live coverage straight from ground zero – from April 15th to 21st. Stay tuned for exclusive previews of new designs, innovations, installations, events, and emerging trends. Here are some highlights from Day 1 & 2! We covered brands like Molteni , Pianca , Reflex , Bonaldo who launched their new collections. Molteni&C Celebrates 90 years of the culture of quality living. A brand that has evolved since 1934. Along with the new collection launches, there were some re-interpretation pieces from the Heritage collection by Gio Ponti presented at the booth. Other highlights include Pianca's iconic Peonia sofa in new avatar. Reflex's extraordinary dining table in Venetian crystal style manipulated into art. Bonaldo's new dining table in wood and travertine finish. At Tortona District, some of the major highlights include the Lexus exhibition - 'Beyond the Horizon' by

What to Expect at Milan Design Week 2024

The world's premier design event, Milan Design Week, is poised to captivate the global design community and transform the city into a vibrant epicentre of creativity and innovation. The 62nd edition of the event will take place from April 15th to 21st, bringing beautiful and fascinating creations back onto a uniquely important international stage, and in doing so, set the stage for unparalleled experiences and shape the trajectory of design for years to come. This celebrated gathering is subdivided into two distinct yet harmonious contexts. 1. Salone del Mobile.Milano At the heart of the extraordinary Milan Design Week lies the Salone del Mobile, a global platform where design enthusiasts, architects, and visionaries converge at the Rho fairgrounds to unveil their latest masterpieces. This hallowed ground serves as a canvas for the future of design, showcasing cutting-edge furniture, lighting, and interior solutions that push the boundaries of form, function, and aesthetics. This y

The World’s Finest, Now On Sale. Up To 50% OFF for the First Time Ever!

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Six Simple and Effortless Ways to Extend the Life of Your Fabric Sofa

  A sofa is not just a piece of furniture; it's the emotional centre piece of your living room – a comforting refuge where you can leave the worries of the day behind. This is especially true for your fabric sofa, a tactile haven that enhances the warmth and charm of your home. Ensuring that this beloved fabric piece ages gracefully and retains its allure over the years is essential. Here are six simple ways to achieve it. Regular Cleaning Over a period of time, dirt, dust, and spills can accumulate and cause unwanted odours and allergen concerns. Maintaining a clean sofa not only elevates its appearance but also promotes a healthier home, minimising allergen exposure. In case of spills and accidents, the Textile Master and the SOS Stain Remover address stains ranging from food to lipstick, and more. To know more, please explore our Product Care section. Thoughtful Placement It isn’t about where the sofa looks best, but about where it thrives. A fabric sofa thrives when it is shi