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Workplace 4.0 at Milan Design Week 2019

Workspaces have evolved. They are more flexible, more permeable, and more dynamic, vouching for interaction more than ever now. The Workplace 4.0 exhibit at Milan Design Week 2019 showcased just that; how workplaces are reorienting themselves to the well-being and the privacy of people, even amidst open plans and shared spaces. Versatility and modularity take over as comfort gets more personalized. Office becomes as much a space for self development as for work. Personal well-being is not really a secondary goal anymore as reset places engage community and strive to beat down stress and the subsequent loss of productivity. Workspaces evolve as more collaborative and inclusive places of learning. Here are a few trends that we came across at Salone 2019 that are redefining the modern workspace! 1. A slice of privacy in a shared space. Acoustic partition panels. Acoustic chairs. Acoustic lounges. Acoustic tabletops. Technology changes the norm as filtering out all that noise