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10 Dining Tables That Double Up For More People

"There's no space", "We'll adjust", "I'll sit in the living room", "I'll wait till the guests finish dinner so that I can sit and eat". These are the things you will hear people saying when they have last moment guests for dinner. If that's the sitch, here are 10 extendable dining tables that will solve your low space issues. 1. Butterfly  Solid yet light, the Butterfly table from Tonin Casa in canaletto walnut curved wood base with a black ceramic top. The sides of the top extend, like a butterfly spreading its wings, to accommodate more people. The base is inspired by the butterfly. Just like a butterfly is colourful, the top in available in varied finishes - tempered glass, porcelain, marble, and wood. Designed by Angelo Tomaiuolo. 2. Roma Extendable table by Tonin Casa comes with a wooden top and base in marble or wood. The combination of two valuable and refined materials gives a unique style to the table

10 Recliners You'll Love Welcoming To Your Home

Not just 10, we have a smorgasbord of recliners in our collection, but we have picked a few because they happen to be our customer’s favourite and deserve a worthy mention. Here are the 10 recliners you'll love because you deserve to put your feet up in style. 1. Reno Before you sit you'll get a sixth sense that this recliner is soft, plush, and will turn out to be everyone's favourite seat in the house. Thanks to the soft contours and plush cushioning, the Reno collection from Stressless is truly opulent. This recliner responds to your body's slightest movement with the aid of the patented Glide and Plus systems. Coupled with a full 360 swivel feature and adjustable headrest, this collection delivers unprecedented comfort. 2. Ruby A gem among the Stressless collection, Ruby motorised recliner glides, swivels, and offers plush seating for any room. The softly rounded contours work with the body to provide irresistible comfort. Other features include a f