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The Impact of World War II on Furniture Design in Europe

The aftermath of World War II brought about profound changes in Europe, not only in terms of politics and economics but also in the realm of design. The furniture industry was no exception, as the war had a significant impact on materials, aesthetics, functionality, and the sentiment of the people.  In Italy , the post-World-War-II era was marked by innovative design. By then, the slow development of the Italian economy in the twentieth century was overcome, and Italian designers began to experiment with new materials and forms. Soon, Italian furniture design gained international success.  In Scandinavia , the war sparked a design trend that emphasised simplicity, functionality, and natural materials – design that was democratic, minimal, intimate, and focused on the home and family, not the State. The term 'Scandinavian design' also reflected the solidarity between the Nordic countries, which, despite their dissimilar histories, cultures, and even geographical features, grew d