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The Simply Sofas Guide to Buying Dining Chairs

Studies show that people spend more than half of their life span sitting. This is why sitting comfortably, and in a posture that’s good for your body, is important, whether you are at a dining table or on a sofa. Previously, in our guide on dining tables , we covered the importance of choosing the right dining table for a space, and how to do so. We didn’t touch up on the subject of dining chairs in any detail, simply because it’s a subject that deserves its own guide. Generally, most people relegate dining furniture to the bottom of their furniture shopping list – after they’ve attended to things for their living room. But the truth is, a lot of memories and connections are built around the dining table, when family and friends gather over good food and great conversation. This makes choosing the right dining furniture just as important, and the right dining chair , critical to the entire experience. Here are some insights that will be helpful while buying a dining chair .

Di Milano to India

The designs that took the limelight at this year’s iSalone del Mobile, also known as the Milan Furniture Fair, make their debut at SimplySofas showrooms across India. Being the benchmark event for furniture design in the world, iSalone defines and shapes the future of how we live. The Fair unveiled new materials, colour trends, pioneering designs, and innovation, presenting a host of creatively and exceptionally crafted models. These are now collectively available at our stores, representing the most awaited designs and trends in the world. The new collection is available to you at a same time as the global launch, meaning that when a stylish, handcrafted leather sofa makes its home in a living room in Milan, it could make its home in yours as well.  The key participants at the Fair include NicolettiHome , Koinor , Fama , Calligaris , ALF , Tonin Casa , Leolux , and Bonaldo , through their latest creations that were showcased during the Fair. The 2016 Milan Collection comprises