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It’s That Time of The Year When People Come Closer

 Come holidays, our homes have an excited air about them, eagerly anticipating the arrival of loved ones. It’s a time when houses become homes with the laughter of children and adults, the warm greetings exchanged between family and friends, and the feeling of love and peace that comes from seeing familiar faces. The various facets of the house, too, come alive. The living room transforms into an area for exchanging stories and catching up with the goings-on in peoples’ lives. The dining area becomes a hotspot for people to relish the seasonal and festive delicacies to celebrate the spirit of the holiday. What role does furniture then play during festivities? Here is many a familiar exploration. Where stories are enacted With features such as a full 360° swivel, adjustable headrests, soft cushions and plush upholstery, Stressless Reno creates a comfortable seating experience. There’s always a special space for stories in the house. It’s where all the grandchildren gather around grandp