Monday, December 31, 2018

8 Velvety Things That Make A Style Statement

A touch so soft, so silky, so warm, Velvet is what makes us all happy at the very sight and feel of it. Here are 8 velvet sofas and chairs you'll love.

1. Icon
Designed by Michele Menescardi, Icon by Natuzzi is inspired by the 80s and 90s. This modular sofa is upholstered in innovative, water repellent Climalight padding, over a wooden structure and a gilded metal base. Its soft, voluminous design and rounded appearance evoke the visual comfort. Available in a wide choices of colours.

2. Jill
Inspired by 19th century luxury hotel and home interiors, Edward van Vliet designed Jill for Leolux in a particular manner that combines a touch of nostalgia with contemporary comfort, charming curves, and elegant details. This armchair and chaise longue with outswept metal legs makes it more appealing. Available in a wide choice of colours and upholsteries.

3. Cristine
Outwardly curved, leather-clad metal armrests, velvet upholstery on deep cushions and a returning swivel base make up the wonderful Cristine by NicolettiHome.

4. Penelope
A universal, highly versatile armchair designed by Mauro Lipparini. A sculptural, comforting design featuring restrained proportions with hints of strong personality. Available in fabric or leather in a wide range of colours.

5. Margaret
The Margaret padded lounge chair with a visible wing-like wooden frame, in leather or fabric, including velvet; also comes as a classic rocking chair. Designed by Mauro Lipparini.

6. Cassia
Cassia’s design is characterized by vertical lines combined with enveloping curves. The chair features pulled out armrests in wood, a wingtip headrest and plush cushioned seating. Designed by Mauro Lipparini. Available in fabric or leather in a wide range of colours.

7. Benedetta
Benedetta adds a touch of classic elegance to any space. The thick border around the backrest can be customised in the same colour or in a different colour from that of the backrest. Rounded silhouettes and an enveloping shape characterise the Benedetta padded chair.

8. Bikini Wood Chair
Designed by Angelo Tomaiuolo, Bikini wood chair is available in natural wooden body options like light or dark, canaletto walnut. The upholstery is available in a wide range of colours and materials.

Friday, November 30, 2018

5 Reasons Why Molteni&C Wardrobe Systems Are Unlike Any Other

If you're looking for a king-sized wardrobe or lets just say a celebrity sized wardrobe styled by architects, Simply Sofas is the right place to be.

Gliss Master Vincent Van Duysen

Molteni&C Gliss Master Wardrobes and Walk-in Closets - designed by Architects, made in Italy. Molteni&C is at the cutting edge of cabinet making - designing, crafting and innovating with materials and structures all the time. Gliss Master is an ecosystem of wardrobe solutions that are unlike any other, and can be found in some of the world's finest residences and projects. Now in India, to enable your project to be all that you want it to be.

1. Designed by Architects, built with history

Molteni&C is a confluence of exemplary design, cutting-edge craft and great tradition, founded in 1934 in Italy. Over the years, Molteni has designed and built prototypes that have become mainstream, introduced new ways of crafting furniture systems that are architectural in every sense, and enlivened the homes of people who appreciate technique, detail and beauty. The options in the GLISS MASTER system are designed by renowned architect Vincent Van Duysen, Patricia Urquiola and the Molteni team.

2. To build the wardrobe, we create the technology

To bring novel ideas to life, we often have to build the machinery first. From the patented sliding system to extraordinary 180 degree hinges, Molteni&C wardrobes deliver innovative ideas in daily practice. Technologically advanced solutions such as the flush sliding mechanisms, which feature a magnetic, noise-cancelling shock absorbers, requiring less force to open or close the door. Recessed hinges with no visible mechanisms. Aluminium frames. And so much more. So when you experience a Molteni&C wardrobe, you’re experiencing an invention.

Extra-clear glass Window hinged doors, pewter colour frame and handles

3. A range for every need

A range of Wardrobe systems for rooms of any size and scale, using hinged and sliding doors. With glass, wood and eco skin, loaded with features and options, designed for the most specific of needs. The Walk-in Closets are a vast, multifaceted ecosystem of wardrobes, islands, chests of drawers and day or night containers, customisable to the last centimetre.

4. Flexibility of a different breed

Flexibility is a design expectation at Molteni&C. For example, not just space-saving inward corners but also space-creating outward corners. Pewter, glass, metal, wood and special finishes. Sizes and independent units that account for the unforeseen. Combine sliding doors with hinged ones, and glass fronts with skin fronts. New internal accessories, from sophisticated pull-outs and shoe racks to smart lighting systems. Practical, sophisticated solutions with high level of customisation and flexibility, including combinations of closed wardrobes and walk-in systems.

Pull-out shirt holder

5. The Internet of Things for a healthier life

The Internet Of Things comes to the wardrobe. Aircub® – a Molteni&C exclusive – is an IOT device managed from your smartphone through an app. The air purification and perfuming system works by ionizing and ozonizing wardrobe interiors, removing up to 95% of agents harmful to health, while releasing delicate fragrances. With Refresh-Butler®, the smart wardrobe is finally here. An innovative solution that freshens, sanitizes, dries and irons all garments, the device can be fitted into the wardrobe or installed as a free-standing version in a walk-in wardrobe.

Extractable drawers and trays

Gray and ruby red ecoskin trinket tray

Molteni&C wardrobe systems, living and dining furniture are exclusively on display only at Simply Sofas showrooms in Bangalore and Chennai.

Click here to discover Molteni&C
Click here to discover the Wardrobe collection.

To get in touch with a showroom, contact Deepak on 95910 54444 (Bangalore) and Akshaya on 90948 66666 (Chennai).

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Latest Milan Collection Is Here

The latest in furniture design, launched in Milan is now available in India at Simply Sofas. The largest collection of the latest in trendsetting furniture is here. Over 360 designs at any given time. New designs in living, dining, bedroom, and home theatre from the finest names in European furniture. The collection comprises of sofas, armchairs, recliners, sofa recliners, sofa beds, dining tables, dining chairs, beds, mattresses, wardrobes, home theatre seating, coffee tables, bookshelves, accessories and outdoor furniture. From the defining names in furniture industry - Molteni&C, Leolux, Koinor, Fama, Natuzzi, NicolettiHome, W.Schillig, Bonaldo, Tonin Casa, Alf Italia, Calligaris, Stressless, and Bordbar, all in one place.

The trends we saw at the Milan Design Week this year are seen in our latest collection.

Trending colours: dark forest green, pastel green, warm grey, wine red, royal blue.

Milan Collection in trending colours: The trending colour dark forest green is seen in Natuzzi's Icon sofa, Koinor's Colambo sofa. The lighter colour hues of green such as pastel green is seen in Elias sofa by Leolux and Bubble sofa by NicolettiHome. Grey is a secondary trending colour seen in Cape high back sofa by Natuzzi, Avalon by Fama, Fame by Koinor, Leolux's Elias is also available in grey; Lloyd by Leolux and Romeo by W.Schillig. Wine red is seen in Natuzzi's Cassia, Koinor's Monroe and Marilyn, Fama's Kangou. Shades of blue from royal to pastel, you will find in NicolettiHome's Belair and Moma, as well as in Jill by Leolux.

Trending materials:

Velvets stand out this year and are seen in deep forest, wine red, blue and rust.

Milan Collection in trending material: Velvets were big this year, some of the chairs and sofas are seen in velvets, to name a few - Cristine by NicolettiHome, Margaret, Cassia and Icon by Natuzzi.

Biggest trend: gold. bronze, brass. Also marble tops in brown, black and white.

Milan Collection in trending material: The latest Milan Collection has dining table and side tables in marble in variant marble colour combinations. For instance the Icaro table and Emperador by Calligaris, Art table by Bonaldo, Calliope by Tonin Casa. Metal with gold coating is also trending. Stellar, Atollo, Magazine from Calligaris, Tangle by Bonaldo are in seen in these finishes.

Trending in Technology: Furniture with motion

Living Furniture is moving from static to dynamic along with ergonomics and functionality. The latest sofas come with reclining seats that unfold at the touch of a button. At least one powered recliner finds a place in sofas of any configuration.

Milan Collection with latest technology: Avalon by Fama has reclining seats with hidden touch-activated sensors. NicolettiHome’s Galaxy comes with movable backrest that shifts from a normal seat to deep feet up position. Koinor’s Marilyn, Monroe and Manson  come with three individual sofa that makes a sofa complete. They can be combined, moved sideways, rotated 360 degrees with adjustable back and headrest.

Showcased and mentioned here are only a part of the collection, for an extensive peek into the latest Milan Collection in trending colours, latest patterns, and technology-based designs. Visit Simply Sofas store located in four cities, delivered anywhere. Check out the latest Milan Collection here: Choose off the floor or order to suit your unique style and decor, visit:

A Breed of New Furniture is here. Watch now:

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Seat For Every Day Of The Week

Just like action movies are best watched in theatres, there are some things that can be best enjoyed only on a particular #sofa or a #recliner. But, as always you can choose from our myriad range of sofas and recliners to match your lifestyle and taste. Here are a few mentions we feel go best with each day of the week.


There ain't a better way to start the week ahead than by getting yourself a cup of coffee and unwinding on a Stressless office recliner. The patented Glide and Plus systems respond to your every move, giving you unmatched support and superior comfort. Say adios to Monday morning blues.


After Monday, a peaceful Tuesday is what all of us look up to. Imagine yourself reading a book, lazing on a chair, and perhaps cozying under a blanket. Fama's MySoul lets you do whatever you wish in utmost comfort. This chair acts like a chaise longue with its footstool. A fabric chair that gives you a floating sitting sensation.


The mid day of the week, that's when you want to be calm and composed, look for inspiration and some wisdom for your soul. Koinor Edit Free Motion allows you to sit, relax, and move in any direction be it with your partner or individually so you can enjoy whatever you are doing in perfect comfort. The sofa comes with an adjustable headrest and automatically adjusting back and footrest.


That day of the week when you like to reminisce your childhood or good old days with friends and family, a sofa like Calista by Fama allows you to converse with each other face to face in perfect company and narrate fables or share secret stories with much laughter to spread around.


The day almost everybody in the world is waiting for. The weekend. It’s the end of a hectic week for some, it’s the start of a two-day pure fun regime for some, whatever the mood or mode, our sofas and recliners are what you need for a Stressless weekend. It’s also the day of the premier of a film release but maybe for you it could be a Friday movie night on your home theatre with family and friends. There's nothing better than a Stressless Wave home theatre seating to give you the best movie experience you need. The bonus being the drink holder and the ottoman to keep your remote control and popcorn.


Does that ring a bell? Of course, it’s that day when most of us would like to party, call over friends, dance to some great music or perhaps have dinner together. Well, MyLoft by Fama is the right pick for you, but as we always say you can choose from our wide range of sofa collection that matches your personality and lifestyle.


Time for some quality time with family. Some fun. Some banter. Some laughter over brunch. Avalon by Fama will make your Sunday a fun day. This three-seater can individually recline each seat, taking your comfort to the next level.

We have mentioned only a few products, but you can as always, choose recliners and sofas you like, which can be customised to suit your taste and needs.

Have a look at our extensive collection of sofas and recliners here:

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

10 Dining Tables That Double Up For More People

"There's no space", "We'll adjust", "I'll sit in the living room", "I'll wait till the guests finish dinner so that I can sit and eat". These are the things you will hear people saying when they have last moment guests for dinner. If that's the sitch, here are 10 extendable dining tables that will solve your low space issues.

1. Butterfly 

Solid yet light, the Butterfly table from Tonin Casa in canaletto walnut curved wood base with a black ceramic top. The sides of the top extend, like a butterfly spreading its wings, to accommodate more people. The base is inspired by the butterfly. Just like a butterfly is colourful, the top in available in varied finishes - tempered glass, porcelain, marble, and wood. Designed by Angelo Tomaiuolo.

2. Roma

Extendable table by Tonin Casa comes with a wooden top and base in marble or wood. The combination of two valuable and refined materials gives a unique style to the table. Made in Italy, Roma is available in different dimensions and finishes.

3. Tokyo

Tokyo is an eye-catching design from Tonin Casa. Two curved overlapping elements create an 'X' shaped base that is both striking and sturdy. The extensible version makes it beautiful, functional, and inviting.

4. Sigma 

From the Italian brand Calligaris, Sigma extensible table can accommodate up to 8 people or more. The large top is available in wood or in tempered glass which appears visibly raised off the wooden frame with the legs at the corners, giving the table its beauty.

5. Echo

The distinctive Echo table from Calligaris can be extended on both sides, thanks to two lateral extension leaves that can be pulled individually, just pull towards you and slide them from underneath the top and align them with a simple movement. The pedestal base provides maximum comfort to all the guests and the metal base offers high stability. This functional extending table can accommodate up to 10 people.

6. Park 

Park by Calligaris is an extra-long extendable table which features a wide ceramic rectangular top that rests on a solid wooden pedestal base or metal base with a chrome-plated metal support plate. Under the top are two side extension leaves that can be pulled out individually through a hand sliding mechanism. making it possible to comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests. Perfect for elegantly furnishing a large dining area.

7. Eva

The Eva dining table from Alf Italia features a solitary wide column that doubles as a storage for the centre extension leaf. Made in Italy, this table accommodates up to 10 people.

8. Heritage

The stately Heritage extensible dining table from Alf Italia in the dark velvet finish is unique to the Heritage collection. Pairs best with matching upholstered chairs. The extendable table can easily accommodate 10 chairs.

9. Big Table 

From the brand Bonaldo, the extensible Big Table is a game of balances, an optical path that leads from one element to the next, from one colour to the next. While the angular base suggests dynamism, the linearity of the top adds stability. The laser-cut steel legs are available in a range of colourful combinations. The top offers fixed and extendable versions, in an array of finishes. Designed by Alain Gilles, this table has won the Good Design Award.

10. TL 

The TL table designed for Bonaldo by Giuseppe ViganĂ² gets its name from the singular shape of the central leg, comprising two inclined elements with which the table top form the two letters T and L. The table top and base ensemble is distinguished by clean-cut shapes and extra thickness, creating a strong visual impact. The top is available in wood, glass, or ceramic. The base is available in painted metal and with copper, brass or pickled effect.

Add these extendable tables to your wish list. Explore our fine dining collection here: Visit our showroom today:

Friday, August 24, 2018

10 Recliners You'll Love Welcoming To Your Home

Not just 10, we have a smorgasbord of recliners in our collection, but we have picked a few because they happen to be our customer’s favourite and deserve a worthy mention. Here are the 10 recliners you'll love because you deserve to put your feet up in style.

1. Reno

Before you sit you'll get a sixth sense that this recliner is soft, plush, and will turn out to be everyone's favourite seat in the house. Thanks to the soft contours and plush cushioning, the Reno collection from Stressless is truly opulent. This recliner responds to your body's slightest movement with the aid of the patented Glide and Plus systems. Coupled with a full 360 swivel feature and adjustable headrest, this collection delivers unprecedented comfort.

2. Ruby

A gem among the Stressless collection, Ruby motorised recliner glides, swivels, and offers plush seating for any room. The softly rounded contours work with the body to provide irresistible comfort. Other features include a full 360° swivel feature, the patented Glide® and Plus® systems, and a button controlled adjustable footrest. Ruby is available in three sizes.

Ruby seen here in paloma henna and oak.

3. Consul

Stressless Consul is everyone’s favourite. The recliner has a traditional design with luxury and refined looks. It epitomizes the very essence of Stressless with simple lines, effortless Scandinavian styling and incomparable comfort. It has a full 360° swivel feature with the patented Glide system, the Consul responds to, and works with the motion of your body to give unmatched support and superior comfort.

4. Urban

If you're a fabric lover, consider that Urban recliner is your lucky charm. From the Spanish brand Fama, Urban is all about added style style and function. Featuring adjustable footrests and a flexible soft-backrest. Also available as a motorised recliner.

5. MoonriseXL

The MoonriseXL recliner from Fama is for couples who like to enjoy their relax moments together. The reclining system works with a remote control and can be stopped in different positions. This model has two independent adjustable headrests. If you don’t want to fall into temptation, you’d better not try it. Moreover, you will be left puzzled with, is it a small sofa? Or a big chair?

6. Kim

Kim is a recliner with a soft and stylish design and amazing comfort. Available as manual or electric recliner, but always swivels. Made in Spain from Fama.

7. Signo

Looks like a chair but acts like a recliner. Signo from the German brand Koinor, this functional armchair follows on the comfort promise: Thanks to the modern design and variegated comfort functions. Especially the filigree functional armrests that neatly extend while adjusting into the lying position. The armchair is enriched by a fancy seam, optionally produced tone on tone or with contrast colour.

8. Shelly

Lean back, put your feet up and be transported to a different world. Adjustable headrest and footrest blend comfort with Shelly's beautiful form and leather. Intense charisma joined to a conclusive unit by straight, geometric curves. Now just relax, thanks to the organically feminine lines and diverse and comfortable functions. Shelly motorised recliner by Koinor has a fancy seam which sets manual course tone on tone or with contrast thread.

9. Safira

Light footed, elegant, functional, you'll love to unwind on Safira recliner, made in Germany. Modern with balanced proportions and a compact neatness. It is the sweeping, organically feminine lines that lend the chair its unique character. The fine selvedge seam ensures additional individuality. A feeling good chair that supports the user like a hug. From the brand Koinor.

10. Salzburg

Salzburg recliner by Becker is made from genuine Italian leather with a German technology. The seat is so wide that you can curl up in comfort and watch your favourite movie or series. Adjustable backrest for lumbar support.

Select your favourite recliner and make it yours today. Explore our recliner collection here: Visit our showroom today:

Monday, July 30, 2018

Pamper yourself with the luxurious Stressless Consul

You've worked so hard to be where you are today. You are now a CEO, a successful businessman, or a manager of a company. When you've moved up all the way of the ladder, isn't it time you gift yourself something? perhaps some rest, some comfort or still better, a recliner that gives you both.

Pamper yourself with the luxurious Consul recliner by Stressless®. Stately and refined, this design has simple lines, effortless Scandinavian styling and ushers incomparable comfort. With a 360° swivel and patented Glide system, the Consul responds to and works with the motion of your body to give you unmatched support and superior comfort.

When you buy a Stressless® recliner, you gain a lot more than just the price you pay. Here are 15 reasons why a Stressless® recliner is worth every penny.

1. Comfort Is Their #1 Priority 

Nobody cares more about your personal comfort at home or in the office than Stressless®. The patented Glide system™ is the key to the renowned Stressless® comfort. Even when seated, your body still moves, shifting position hundreds of times. The idea is to design furniture that effortlessly supports your every movement - this is the essence of Stressless®. The Glide system™ ushers perfect balance, letting the chair automatically move in harmony with your body, adjusting to your body weight - no need to push buttons or levers! Each recliner contains internal technology to support your body’s position and plush cushioning that allows you to completely relax.

2. Supports Head and Lumbar

Stressless® has the technology and ergonomic support many other furniture makers don’t offer. As you sit upright or glide into position, the chair stays focused on offering the proper support for your back. And we all know when your back is happy, so are you. The Stressless® Plus™ provides continuous support for your head and lower back. Upright or reclined, you’re always perfectly supported. Double-sided mechanism ensures maximum stability and functionality. When you recline, the headrest automatically moves up the optimum angle, so you can read a book, watch TV, or browse your iPad, perfectly relaxed.

3. All parts and pieces from start to finish are made from high-quality materials and sturdy steel. Scientifically engineered flexo springs on a steel frame for precise ergonomics, durability, and strength. Stressless® stands by their work by guaranteeing their products and materials against failing from regular wear and tear. The durable steel frame and flexo springs offer superior resilience and continuous support.

4. Whether you’re sitting all day at the office or relaxing in your easy chair, Stressless® offers support at all angles. You should be protected any way you choose to relax, which is why Stressless® technology reads your body position and automatically adjusts for the best fit.

5. The perforated foam is moulded directly over the frame allowing it to take up the proper contour for your body; giving good ventilation and long-lasting, superior comfort. The indentations in the new Comfort-Zones™ technology lets your body sink deeper into the seat, giving you an overall embraced feeling for even more enhanced personal comfort. A higher layer of polyurethane foam padding ensures optimum softness and comfort.

6. Super-soft polyester fibre covers the soft foam, cushions your body for that relaxing cushy feel and ensures an attractive look.

7. Customisable Options

With Stressless®, you can customize the leather, upholstery, and wood tone to match your style and preference for a luxurious look and feel.
There's nothing better than the option to pick high-quality genuine top-grain leather upholstery for the perfect touch of luxurious comfort. The look, smell, touch, and feel of Stressless® genuine leather is a sight to behold and something you must experience for yourself.

8. Robust Base

Two-stem base adds for smoother turning and superior stability.

9. Mobility 

Concealed swivel ring designed for great strength, durability, and an effortless 360 degree swivel for maximum mobility.

10. Free-Standing Ottoman 

An ottoman that can be positioned at the right leg length for you, with its built-in Glide function that adjusts to your body movement ensuring it moves effortlessly with your legs for ultimate comfort.

11. Furniture Shouldn’t Be One-Size-Fits-All. 

Stressless understands your personal needs and individual comfort and hence is available in three sizes. So that everyone can enjoy a movie or a good conversation in comfort.

12. Stressless Stands the Test of Time. 

These aren’t recliners you’ll get rid of anytime soon. They’re built to last and so comfortable that you may hold on to them for decades. Stressless® offers 10 years guarantee on internal mechanism. Besides, the products are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

13.  Just the Right Style

No matter what your style, Stressless® has you covered. As a forward, innovative company, they have gorgeous, modern styles to choose from. More of a fan of traditional styles? You can find just what you need with Stressless®.

14. Norwegian-Inspired Designs

Crafted in Norway, Stressless® designs are inspired by Norwegian styles with a simplistic, minimalist flair. Reclining chairs have an open, airy feeling with a swivel base and the fine lines of their sofas inspire sophistication and relaxation at its finest.

15. Recliner Accessories

If you're tall, give your Stressless® a boost with the Elevator Ring. Gain nearly 1 ¼" of height and enhance your comfort.
Personal table - you can attach one to a Stressless® recliner with a classic base which provides a firm, stable working space right over your lap.
Swing table - is a practical and innovative accessory. Attaches to recliners with a classic base.

Stressless® offers superlative comfort that none can match. If you’re looking for a wow-factor piece that delivers on its promises, you’ll discover Stressless® furniture does not disappoint. You'll love coming back to home or office everyday.

So it's time you pamper yourself with the luxurious Stressless® Consul, because you deserve the world's best. The Consul recliner (₹1,87,000), now at ₹1,35,000. Only till stocks last. Also, you can check out our entire collection of Stressless recliners and sofas. Visit our store today.