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Furniture inspired by Art. Now in India.

In the medieval ages, paintings were often used as a means of communicating religious sentiments or dogma. But over the centuries, this form of art has come to be a reflection of people’s lives. Furniture too has its roots in art. In fact, the contemporary furniture designs of today are evaluated and judged just like higher forms of art. Leolux , the Dutch furniture maker, is synonymous with the concept of artistic furniture design. With their unique, multi-faceted collection, and art as their inspiration, Leolux furniture is one-of-a kind.  Design and art If you think of your home as a canvas, Leolux is the art that adds life to your decor. At Leolux , art, design and craftsmanship closely bind and work inseparably in every detail that goes into crafting their furniture. The Leolux way of collaborating between craftsman and artist drives creativity. The craftsman inspires the photographer, the artist influences the designer, and the interaction between the disciplines inspi

Come, Fall in Love with Bonaldo

Every brand at Simply Sofas has a story to tell and the newly launched Bonaldo , an Italian brand, has something that makes it unlike any other. Since its conception 8 decades ago, Bonaldo has evolved from a craft-based business specializing in metal work, to one of the foremost names in Italian design and production, as well as a leading producer of high-end contemporary furniture. Creativity, elegance, innovation and quality have always been values that defined the Bonaldo DNA. Each piece is unique and the final output reflects Italian design and flamboyance unique to Italy that cannot be reproduced elsewhere in the world. Distinguished for its versatility and eclecticism, Bonaldo products are designed to accommodate the demands of a dynamic and international market.Their high-tech approach, combined with hands-on craftsmanship, exemplifies the best of Italian design. Bonaldo has transformed ideas into designs that generate excitement and inspire love at first sight.

6 Reasons to Consider Before Buying a Sofa

For most people, furniture is the most considered purchase they make, after a house and a car. The fact that the furniture market has expanded dramatically in recent years, means that you have a lot more choice than ever before – and a lot of these options conceal poor quality beneath looks that are skin-deep. This makes the task of evaluating and choosing good furniture, even harder.  Worry not. With the help of this guide, you should confidently be able to choose a quality sofa. Know your size: Before short-listing the kind of sofa you want to buy, make sure you’ve measured the size of the room you need it for, as well as access doorways, stairways and elevators leading to that room. The last thing one wants to discover is that the beautiful sofa selected after hours of thought, can’t make it to one’s living room because it just won’t fit through the door! Once you have all the relevant dimensions, store personnel should be able to advise you on the feasibility of transporting t

Benefits of a Massage Chair

Recent research shows that massage regulates the well-being of body and mind, providing several benefits.  In fact, the benefits are abundant - it increases blood circulation, relieves stress or fatigue, helps improve posture, enhances sleep, improves concentration, and alleviates migraines, headaches, back pain, muscle tension, and sports injuries - to mention but a few. What if you could enjoy all these benefits just by sitting on a chair? Well, science and technology has worked together to create chairs that can deliver precisely this. Say hello to the massage chair . What’s more interesting is that you can enjoy all the health benefits in the privacy of your home, whenever you wish. Reading a book, watching TV, or even as doze off to blissful sleep. Surely, a more convenient way of enjoying a massage than having to book a spa appointment and drive through traffic. Some of the massage techniques used by masseurs include pressing, rubbing, and working on muscles to give you a

10 reasons why you should buy Fama

If you’re looking to re-arrange your home furniture or enhance your decor, Simply Sofa’s Fama is the best option to consider. Certainly, you wouldn’t be convinced with just this statement, hence we have pinpointed the reasons below so that you know why we recommend it. Colourful : Colour is a vital principle when it comes to foundation of any décor. If you have the right tone of colours distributed to your room then you can be sure your décor has succeeded in giving a pleasant feeling to your home. Fama for that matter is a colourful product with countless shades to choose from.  For instance, Arianne Love . This modular has extensive range of single units that can be joined to make it a sofa, along with table and footstool. Most striking feature of this sofa is that it’s colourful. This mean you can use it accordingly to whichever corner or space you think suits well along with the wall paint. For instance, if your wall paint is white then maybe you could choose an Arianne Love