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How to prevent cat from clawing your furniture

Our feline friends are lovely pets and are known for their independent nature. They love to play, cuddle, sit on cosy places, they like getting your attention and like to go pretty much wherever they want. Just as cats are adorable, they can be annoying at times when it comes to clawing your sofa or other furniture in the house. You may despise it but for a cat, it is a normal behaviour and a natural instinct.  Displace Cat's scratching behaviour to harmless material like scratching post Why do cats claw? Before we go into what ways you can keep your cat off the furniture, you first need to know why they claw. Cats need to scratch and climb because they are highly enjoyable feline activities and are part of the essence of being a cat.  Scratching conditions your cat’s claws by removing the old layers of the nails. It helps them to keep their claws sharp and healthy. A cat’s paw will have scent glands and scratching releases scents on the furniture or carpet to communic

How to Maintain your Sofa

You might have  spilt  some coffee or food on your sofa and are not sure how to remove the stains. This blog will give you a complete guide on how to maintain your sofa the right way. Remember that maintenance is not only necessary but it’s the basic precaution you need to take. Once you give proper care and attention to your sofa, you can be sure it stays in top notch condition and is able to look after you for a very long time.     Here are some basic tips to maintain your sofa whether you have a leather or fabric: • First and foremost maintaining the colour of your sofa is essential whether it is a fabric or leather. To meet this, it is best not to expose your sofa to direct sunlight or any heat source to avoid from fading or discolouration by all means. If it’s a leather sofa, too much sunlight can cause the leather to age and crack much faster by drying it out. Besides, direct sunlight is also the bitter enemy of your fabric sofa. Not maintaining it can result in fading, and

15 Glass Dining Tables that Work Wonders in Every Setting

Though glass tables have been around for a long time, some people are still reluctant to buy them because they believe that glass breaks easily and is hard to maintain. Yet, they know not about the fact that modern technologies in furniture manufacturing have developed so rapidly that all the above statements are now myths. Modern glass tables come in tempered and other types that are robust and resilient so much that they can withstand heat and scratches. One of the greatest benefits of glass tables is that they can be bent or moulded to any size and shape thus making them more flexible than other material tops. The advantage of a glass-top dining table:  Robust and tough Easy to maintain Withstands moisture and heat Protect against harmful UV rays The reflective surface works to make a space look a little lighter and brighter Creates an illusion of space and makes a room appear larger and more airy  If you have a really interesting-looking base, glass showcases it instead