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Naturdeco. The room of the living world. MDW 2018 Report: Day 6

Flora and fauna come indoors with soft decoration, some more permanent. The world’s most industry-defining furniture makers introduce their new products at Milan during Design Week as a critical focal point in their calendars, marking the beginning of global trade for the new collections. While core products demand innovation and newness, creating perfect ambiences for them to be seen in is most difficult, since architects, designers and buyers from all continents, and hence various influences, are present. Nature has always been inspirational to human creativity, right from the time when the sun was first worshipped for bringing life giving warmth and light. And so it is at Milan Design Week 2018. Inspiration from Nature mitigates risk while triggering the instinctive comfort that we humans possess within. Here are key observations on Naturdeco, a new stylistic language in interiors: Tall plants, shrubs and small trees in pots with unusual, fancy planters. Elements from

Interior Design Trend Analysis MDW 2018 Report: Day 4 and Day 5

Colours. Change and challenge. Colours and finishes matter greatly to the interior design and furniture industry, simply because of the large number of uniquely produced elements that come together to make a room beautiful and functional. When a sofa engages with a handmade carpet, the colour synergy pre-exists in the system. These tones are made to come together by an interior designer or architect on the notion that they present the right picture, for that room. And of course it depends on the skill and effectiveness of the designer creating the ensemble. We found some vividly established trends, across all segments. Perhaps the biggest trend is the use of gold, bronze and brass - a vague assimilation of symbiont metallics that is best described as alchemical, or surreal. Legs of chairs, vertical supports of shelving, Richness and class are direct results. Dark and light - the usage of similar colours in two deeply contrasting tones. A dark forest green and a

Milan Design Week 2018 Report: Day 2 and Day 3

There's so much happening at the Milan Design Week that we have covered both Day 2 and Day 3 in this article. We've been touring around different brands, exhibitions, and art installations and here are some trends and new designs that caught our attention. Day 2 Easily seen is the technology driving new innovation in furniture. Sofas with 360 degrees movement, seen in Koinor 's new design 360° sofa, it moves to whichever angle you want. Each seat can be adjusted to any angle and allows you to relax in a comfortable posture with adjustable headrest and footrest. The coffee tables are no longer fixed, they open out when you need them, with a single touch. From living, you will see new technology entering dining space. Inspired by the tech culture, the new Lab dining table by Calligaris extends with a touch of a button. It keeps the legs on the perimeter for maximum comfort. The table contains experience, craftsmanship, and the latest technologies of living.

The Design Manifesto - Milan Design Week, Day 1

Good design is the product of reason. This simplified notion is at the root of the attitude driving the spurt of new design at the Milan Furniture Fair this year. The design community seems to have come out in force to make a statement that new ideas are the way to go, despite the changing geopolitical landscape across the globe. For over 50 years, iSaloni Milano has always been the birthplace of design and innovation in interiors and furniture. This year, we see numerous new materials, colours and concepts coming into vogue. While some of these have gained momentum from previous years, fashion trends have also entered mainstream interiors. Most important though are the new design ideas that have risen from three things: The past, a retro idiom of reinterpretation Combination of pre-existing elements Alternative materials being used Manufacturers have integrated varied design philosophies and broken old rules. ‘Emotion’ is the core of the Milan manifesto this ye