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20 Dining Chairs to Suit Your Style

Whether for dinner parties or festive occasions, gatherings happen more around the dining table than in the living hall. With guests pouring time and again, you want to make sure they are comfortable and aren’t fatigued while sitting through those long driven conversations. Be it classic or contemporary, high back or low back, upholstered or plain, armchair or armless, here are 20 dining chair styles to pick from, for those every day repast or soirĂ©es. Blend of Classic and Contemporary chairs by Calligaris Sami: This upholstered chair by Calligaris is a fun and modern alternative to the typical chair. It is characterised by a hexagonal pattern, contrasting cross-stitches along the edges, and supported by a solid wood base. The fresh design of the chair is one that cannot be matched. Whether placed in the dining room, the kitchen, or anywhere else in your home, the chair will enhance any situation through its bold and stylish design. Venus: This leather chair by Calligaris i