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Ancestree: an art installation at Designuru 3.5

  Between the 5th and 7th of December 2022, Simply Sofas showcased an art installation titled ANCESTREE at Bangalore International Centre – the venue for the 7th edition of Designuru, the annual design festival of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers and part of the month-long Bengaluru Design Festival. The theme for this year was ‘ Local , Social , Sustainable,’ based on which the installation was conceived and made in collaboration with leading architectural firm PRAXIS and brand design firm OpusCDM . THE CONCEPT ANCESTREE presents the future as an opportunity, originating from a deep-seated regard for Mother Nature – to revive, rebuild, and regrow this legacy. It is an affirmation of hopeful action, not just for those present, but for those yet to come. A responsibility, a moment of judgement of the species. As in the words of Luisah Teish, "We are the ancestors of the future and what we do now will have an impact."   THE MAKING From concept to execut

Welcoming Winter with the Must-Haves in Comfort, Warmth, and Style

This winter the interiors focus on comfort and healing through soft furnishings, ambient lighting, ergonomic design, and warm cosy colour palettes. From elements inspired by nature and understated neutrals to opulent hues of russet, the spectrum is wide and delightfully vivid.    Neutral nuances   An elaborate dining space such as the Belpasso by ALF indulges guests and encourages relaxed conversations. A touch of warmth with candles and ambient lighting, enhanced with strategically positioned mirrors and reflective surfaces, elevate the overall elegant appeal. An aura of warmth   Warm shades of mustard are here to stay this season. The colour bathes the interiors in a tender mellowness and conjures memories of summer’s bounty. Featured here is the Piedroo by W.Schillig . With adjustable headrests and a motion seat option. Available in fabric and leather. Peppermint candy   Green when juxtaposed with silver-white induces a refreshing aura of sophistication. Calming to the senses, it