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Since 2011, we’ve kept track of and postulated the shift in the trend colours for furniture. The fashion and furniture industries call the flavour of the times ‘trend colours’ simply because these are the tones that will harmonise the aesthetics for the year. Generally, trend colours emerge out of a study of the human condition at that point in time. Sentiment, the various things people buy, use and wear, the cycle of contrast, the influence of weather, and more. Manufacturers oft influence changes as well, and the case with furniture is a bit of both. Trend colours are more often temporal than culture changers, and they can affect furniture production as a whole, since adopting them calls for more varied inventory, sourcing and alterations in production routines. The year saw a progression of the colours of the last 2 years. Last year, white was a base and the new colours existed merely to add life. The accent trend colours now have bceome much more. From accessories and sma


It is said that the sign of pure, restless delight is doing more with less. That’s Calligaris , as it has been for decades. For 90 years, the iconic Italian brand has invigorated the global furniture industry through products that have struck home with resounding frequency, creating enduring trends and business success that is oft spoken of and admired by many a furniture maker. And that was evident, in its own measure, at Milano this year as well. Calligaris Tables & Chairs   Calligaris produces dining tables , chairs, coffee tables, storage solutions like cabinets and shelving, lamps, a range of accents and accessories, and much more. Apart from new furniture concepts, there are also new designs and fabrics. Vintage style meets contemporary shapes and bold colours, engendering the sensations of familiarity and freshness simultaneously. The new collection is a combination of qualities that Calligaris was originally founded on, mixed with new ideas that work for the


As usual, Leather Editions by Natuzzi struck a chord with the range of new designs and innovations. With high-quality craftsmanship at the core of its ethos, Editions does much more than just make a statement. As the name suggests, the brand, is all about leather, and no wonder, given its lineage.     Entering the Editions booth is always a pleasure, especially if you are fond of books. The booth is designed around the theme of - well - ‘editions’, with a seamless graphic that depicts a gargantuan library holding volumes and volumes of books that work as walls. Sectional Sofas                                                     Reflecting the colour trend of the times, the compact blue-grey leather upholstered sofa that sits as you enter the booth is one of the new models. Although without any motion features, the design reinforces the fact that perfection is really all about ratios and simplicity. The white contra stitch defines and refines the form of the sofa, includin


Koinor, the upholstered furniture manufacturer of Upper Franconia, has been at the forefront of German sofa design for 50 years now. Crafted by hand, and completely made in Germany, the Koinor sofa is always ‘unexpected’. While some models challenge the norm through design, many breach the boundaries of innovation through structure and build.     What’s even more significant is the consistent ability to use leather to enhance design and build, ensuring lasting comfort and timeless proportions. Koinor’s incessant push for progress is marked through its dedication to development. Amongst the new introductions is a highly superior 5 mm thick leather. Koinor is also credited with having invented the dining sofa in the 1980s - a combination of dining-appropriate sofas and a table, bringing lounge style into the home.   The Vogue sofa, seen at the top, is a Tamara Haerty design. While the sleek, contemporary style embraces curves and proportions to balanced perfectio


For the last 15 years, the Milan Furniture Fair has hosted the SaloneSatellite - a grand expose of young design and creativity. Designers are chosen from all over the world to present their innovations , not necessarily related to interiors or furniture. While some are design students still in university, others are designers who’ve already begun their professional journeys. From thousands of applications just a few are picked.                               The year’s theme was “ design and craftsmanship: together for industry ”, with a clear attempt to stimulate the passion for deeper involvement in the development of concepts. At the end of the week, a dozen or so go back with a SaloneSatellite Award, and a lucky handful would have bagged a contract from a major manufacturer.                         ROHIT KUMAR AND THE JOY OF FORM Delhi-based Rohit Kumar is one of two Indians at SaloneSatellite. A NIFT graduate, Rohit had two pieces on display at his booth. One was a st


The Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, SaloneSatellite, the biennial Euroluce Lighting Exhibition and SaloneUfficio are collectively called ‘iSaloni’. This, the 52nd edition, had over 2,500 Italian and foreign exhibitors, occupying an area of nearly 230,000 square metres at the new Milan Fairgrounds in Rho. It is a big leap from what it used to be back in 1961, when Cosmit, the company that organises Fair, was launched by a small coalition of furniture manufacturers to promote the export of Italian furniture .                                Back then, in 1961, the Fair covered just 12,000 sqm and had 12,000 visitors. The Salone quickly proved itself to be an excellent marketing vehicle for a highly fragmented industry, first becoming an international event in 1967. To mark its 30th anniversary, it was rescheduled from September to April. Over time, it has become the world’s most significant furniture design event , with ma