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8 Elegant Armchairs To Unwind On

Chairs not only need to make a statement, they also have to be able to support our bodies for hours and fit well with the home decor theme. Whatever your seating needs, we've got chairs for every room of the house from the mid-century look to the modern armchair upholstered in velvet. Spoil yourself with choices. 1. Marlene Designed to please the contemporary taste, Marlene high back armchair is inspired by the 19th century "bergère": an armchair that ensures comfort with its deep seat and wrap-around backrest. Designed by Paola Navone for Natuzzi, the Marlene armchair is crafted to be a warm and comfortable retreat, adding a retro touch to your contemporary living rooms. 2. Penelope Penelope is a highly versatile armchair designed by Mauro Lipparini for Natuzzi . A sculptural, comforting design featuring restrained proportions with hints of strong personality. Available in fabric or leather in a wide range of colours. 3. Corallo Organic in design, the

The Complete Homes - Avant Garde Furniture For Every Room

Finding the right furniture for every room in the house can be a daunting task as it involves multifaceted decisions on areas concerning aesthetics, functionality and availability of space. For those who seek to go bold and express their personality, taste and style, welcome to Simply Sofas, where we engineer stylish furniture to suit your home and every corner. Living Room - Rendezvous for Formal or Casual Setting, Family or Personal Relaxation For grandiose evenings with big gatherings, our large sofa sets can make evenings larger than life. Modular and symmetrical, sofas like Cava , Selva , Campus , Arianne Love will do the trick whatever the space and corner. For family and casual seating, sofas with chaise longue or reclining feature are good to unwind on, where everyone in the family gets their share of unprecedented comfort. Sofas like Sofextra , Serena , Herman , Omega , Avalon are a great option. If you're someone who likes to binge watch TV or read a book in