Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Seat For Every Day Of The Week

Just like action movies are best watched in theatres, there are some things that can be best enjoyed only on a particular #sofa or a #recliner. But, as always you can choose from our myriad range of sofas and recliners to match your lifestyle and taste. Here are a few mentions we feel go best with each day of the week.


There ain't a better way to start the week ahead than by getting yourself a cup of coffee and unwinding on a Stressless office recliner. The patented Glide and Plus systems respond to your every move, giving you unmatched support and superior comfort. Say adios to Monday morning blues.


After Monday, a peaceful Tuesday is what all of us look up to. Imagine yourself reading a book, lazing on a chair, and perhaps cozying under a blanket. Fama's MySoul lets you do whatever you wish in utmost comfort. This chair acts like a chaise longue with its footstool. A fabric chair that gives you a floating sitting sensation.


The mid day of the week, that's when you want to be calm and composed, look for inspiration and some wisdom for your soul. Koinor Edit Free Motion allows you to sit, relax, and move in any direction be it with your partner or individually so you can enjoy whatever you are doing in perfect comfort. The sofa comes with an adjustable headrest and automatically adjusting back and footrest.


That day of the week when you like to reminisce your childhood or good old days with friends and family, a sofa like Calista by Fama allows you to converse with each other face to face in perfect company and narrate fables or share secret stories with much laughter to spread around.


The day almost everybody in the world is waiting for. The weekend. It’s the end of a hectic week for some, it’s the start of a two-day pure fun regime for some, whatever the mood or mode, our sofas and recliners are what you need for a Stressless weekend. It’s also the day of the premier of a film release but maybe for you it could be a Friday movie night on your home theatre with family and friends. There's nothing better than a Stressless Wave home theatre seating to give you the best movie experience you need. The bonus being the drink holder and the ottoman to keep your remote control and popcorn.


Does that ring a bell? Of course, it’s that day when most of us would like to party, call over friends, dance to some great music or perhaps have dinner together. Well, MyLoft by Fama is the right pick for you, but as we always say you can choose from our wide range of sofa collection that matches your personality and lifestyle.


Time for some quality time with family. Some fun. Some banter. Some laughter over brunch. Avalon by Fama will make your Sunday a fun day. This three-seater can individually recline each seat, taking your comfort to the next level.

We have mentioned only a few products, but you can as always, choose recliners and sofas you like, which can be customised to suit your taste and needs.

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