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Here’s 10 Ways to be Stressless

You probably had a tedious day with meetings after meetings, mails after mails, frequent phone calls, and all the stressful chores a CEO or a Manager has to go through. At the end of it, you’re fatigued and prefer to go to your sanctum and relax. As much as you want a peaceful time, don’t you deserve better? Like having to unwind on the world’s best recliner? That’s when a Stressless recliner comes to the picture. This recliner is at its pinnacle to give you undeniable comfort and unparalleled support from head to toe ushering you a Stressless every day. Here are 10 recliners that give you endless comfort or let’s just say to make you Stressless. 1. For those who appreciate simple and minimal, Stressless Atlantic is an apt recliner. The adapting lumbar support and tilting ottoman will allow you to recline and lay back whilst still receiving that positive body support. It ensures consistent head, neck and back support and includes soft, understated cushioning. The horizontal crease

10 Sofas for Any Setting

We see it often. A customer wants to pick the perfect sofa, but end up thoroughly confused, and unsure on how to shortlist their favourites. Help is at hand. Here are 10 popular sofas that combine sophisticated style and comfort to suit just about any decor. 1. Newman: Simple and uncomplicated, this Koinor sofa looks charming at first glance and convincing at second.  The upholstered leather along with decorative seams that emphasize the contours makes it an exceptional piece.  Newman sofa      2. Azzurro: This two seater has a patterned design which makes it the most prominent furniture in your living. Azzurro is loaded with detail and comfort. For those who like armrests and distinct design, this Leolux sofa is definitely for you.  Azzurro sofa 3. Serena: This sofa is full of surprises and at the same time joyful to sit too. You can manually adjust the backrests and armrests to suit your body posture. All the more it is trendy and is available in fabric and leathe