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The Four Hottest Colour Trends Emerging at Milan Design Week 2019

Milan Design Week 2019 saw a riot of colour emerge as designers went out of their way to experiment with hues and patterns to excite and inspire. Hues that are soulful. Patterns that trigger emotion. Colours that perfectly encapsulate the mood of a space. We bring you the four hottest emerging colour trends for the year ahead, straight from Milan! So that you know what’s in, what’s out, and what was dead decades ago. 1. Pastels paint a pretty picture Guess what’s not white but prettier and more soothing to the eye? Pastels are back. And designers are using them extensively to deck up interiors in a fresh, calming feel. Pastels like millenial pink, burly wood, rose brown, and nude blush. Fading hues of peach, apricot, salmon, and cantaloupe. Very soft crepe, latte, and sepia tones. Mauve. Frost and wheat hues. Blue of the morning mist and lighter tints of lilac. Orchid, lavender, and light steel. Pistachio and neo mint. Banana, maize and old gold. Pastels in different shades

Sustainability Meets Design At Milan Design Week 2019

Milan Design Week 2019 saw many designers making sustainable design the primary focus of their innovations. Brands turned environmentally-conscious and embraced sustainability by either minimising, or eliminating, or rather reusing plastic waste to create furniture. New eco-friendly materials replaced old ones in a bid to take a step towards a future that looks more reliable than the one we are seeing right now. Here are some designs and innovations that we found really futuristic in their approach towards an eco-friendly lifestyle! Paving the way forward Green Smart Living. A sustainable and circular architecture that comprises of a design unit and a garden. Advocating a new, healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. Putting the philosophy of ‘living green’ into practice. Where architecture, design, and technology meet. So that humans finally live in harmony with the environment. New material like bioplastic becomes popular with designers at Milan Design Week 2019. Material

Young Design At Its Ingenuous Best At SaloneSatellite 2019

New young talent emerged at SaloneSatellite 2019 in Milan during the world’s biggest design fair.  The international event has been scouting fresh talent from designers under 35 from all around the world  since 1998 and this year’s exhibitions elicited no lesser wonder. Innovation and creativity peaked as young designers showcased how design can be used intelligently and responsibly. By recycling materials for creation. To make objects embodying the perfect balance of beauty and function. Here are some of the most ingenious designs we came across at the fair! Off The Beaten Path A low-profile car volume extension, called NEST, designed by Sebastian Maluska. Acts as both a tent and a storage space. With inspiration rooted in the sailing world and its technology, the NEST has consciously been made with waterproof sailing fabric. Aimed primarily at a nomadic lifestyle, it offers quite a spacious shelter for two people. Alternatively it can easily accommodate sport equipmen